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  1. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I'm not sure when autogrant starts working on TLP servers, but the whole point of my idea is to remove the grind from previous expansions so that players can jump right into the fun with everybody else on the server who are doing the latest expansion. And you still need to "earn" your current AAs & levels (for the current expansion).

    And with quicker unlocks and exp, which is so much more appealing to some of us, it will help to focus on the real content (raids and tasks and quests and such) of each expansion and minimize the "grind" that many of us just aren't interested in repeating again and again.
  2. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I don't mind FV loot rules as long as content is instanced adequately. Private picks for the win!

    Without adequate instancing, loot camps are dominated and the game loses appeal very quickly if you aren't willing to be a dominator.
  3. Raveno Puppykicker New Member

    I would really just like to see a server with decent xp, no raid flagging before PoP, and a solution to the harder epics. But since we are wishing (or at least I am) I want two servers.

    Easy Mode (named after some easy mob with a cool name. I would pick Crush myself for Emperer Crush.)
    No raid flagging before PoP
    Agnarr XP
    All epic non-raid mobs have a mob that spawns nearby that is non-aggro, same difficulty, always up. It only drops the epic item, or an item that is useable without having other uses, like if it was a useful weapon or something. We wouldn't want people farming the epic piece and using them in other way. Also has to be made no drop.

    20% bonus xp if you are soloing, cause it sucks.
    It would also have some volunteers that have powers on the server. They would enforce the rules and go by the rule 'If you do something that makes the server worse.' they take action, which is a pretty grey rule, but I would rather see a team try then how things currently go. I don't think it could be worse. People would feel mistreated, but they would be reminded it is the ruleset and there is a lot of other servers. Our current GMs would have no power on the server to enforce 'making server worse rules'.

    Hard-Some annoying mob with a cool name. I pick Nevederia. Lady Nevederia is the spin dragon in North ToV.
    For the peeps who complain about how easy everything is.
    20% Agnarr XP
    All lockouts reset as much as possible to original timers
    No AoCs
    3-Day suspension for all /petitions with a copypasta about how you need to bring more people and fight for things. Probably ends with 'Git Good Newb'
    Corpse runs
    200% more xp loss on death
    No corpse summons till PoP. It ruins the fun
    Permanent ban on this server only for suspicion of using third party programs. This definitely includes autoclickers while waiting for the VP key.
    Boats at normal speed. No translocators unless boats are broken. Maybe even an encoded 5% chance of crashing while zoning, or being zoned after the boat passes, but we died with old stamina system, so I am sure we can think of something.

    I just would like to see them both because we obviously have two types of players by reading the forums. But I would really like the epics changed and the raid flagging changed prepop. If they are super easy and are basically going through the steps, I think they help give/relive the experience without taking away too much. I think waiting on a spawn is one of the worse things that could he done in a video game, because it makes people want to multitask. This substitute is really anything...watching tv, another game, mowing the lawn, and sometimes after we are done waiting and can resume Everquest back to normal, these substitutes have already taken an effect on our lives and are more likely to permanently replace Everquest in the future, if you know what I mean.
  4. Machentoo Augur

    That's basically what autogrant does. Once you are past Kunark/level 60, the actual levels become pretty irrelevant. Autogrant gives you aa's from 4 expansions back, so there are still several expansions to work on. But like in the case of Phinigel at TSS, if anyone showed up with just autogranted AA's, max level, they'd be considered raid ready by almost every guild on the server. And 20-30 hours of xping would get you the vast majority of the important aa's that aren't already autogranted.
  5. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    4 expansions back might be fine for Live (but I don't know if autogrant was updated for RoS...do we get CotF AAs for free on live? Live autogrant might be 5 expacs back? I know they didn't unlock TBM when RoS was released).

    But 4 expansions back is far too late for a TLP. New players start shying away from TLPs with Kunark and definitely Velious. We want something fast and fun, not the same old thing except slower!
  6. Raveno Puppykicker New Member

    I have a 106 Cleric on Bertox that is kinda neglected and she had all of her CoTf AAs and is missing a lot of TDS AAs. I doubt I capped them since she was/is an alt, but I could be wrong. I think the CoTF ones are autogranted now.

    Personally, I think it is good for the gamr to get new players up to the current expansion as soon as possible. Older players may not like that some of their hard work was just given to a new player, but when a new expansion hits, the new player is missing whatever AAs that aren't given freely, levels, needed achievement rewards, are usually behind on gear/augs/plat, and usually have a worse friend network than the older player. On top of that, the newer player won't be as experienced, so they are likely less skilled. It is a lot to overcome when older players get to 'hit the ground running' when an expansion hits. I would be up for autogrant to be 2 expansions behind, possibly even one, especially on TLPs with the shortened expansion unlocks.
  7. TLP Addict Augur

    I also like the idea of two servers, with different rulesets. One for casuals (+ RI types that would want to dominate the kiddie pool instead of trying to compete with the big boys) and one for the more hardcore players that want to race for stuff (Faceless etc)
  8. Fumi-chan Augur

    Two servers with different rulesets is the way to do the TLP anniversary event. There will 100% be enough population on both to sustain whatever DBG is hoping for. A non-FV ruleset with faster instances on one (3 days instance lockout), and then a FV ruleset on the other.
  9. GeauxTigers Elder

    Can we fix stuff on the current ones? Like why doesn't the Casino in Shadow Haven work on Agnarr?
  10. Machentoo Augur

    Fixing AA's that never should have been introduced to the TLP's IS fixing stuff on the current ones.
  11. Ninarob New Member

    Uhhh.. pretty sure Faceless noped out of Ragefire to avoid TL
  12. Vedette Journeyman

    This shows 124 souls for a AoW kill.


    123 souls for your first Emp kill.


    That's a lot higher then 90ish. It sounds like you just made a second point to get rid of OW. Stop the bandwagon server first addons.
  13. Bankheadd New Member

    2mo auto unlocks, AoC's, no truebox (include anti-cheat stuff tho), Agnarr exp rate, no god d*** LDoN released as a standalone, curse whoever decided to make that a thing.


    The 51/50 race server template works for every expansion up to like UF. One's I'd personally really like to play on: PoR, TBS, SoF, SoD. No free trade this time please? And can we announce ahead of time that after the conclusion of the season it'll be merged into a known, healthy server, instead of a useless dump?

    Heroic server. Starts with Call of the Forsaken unlocked and everyone gets one free heroic character, standard Phinny ruleset thereafter.

    Could also try a heroic race server. Arx #5 would be a server endboss I guess? Kind of a puke expansion but most ppl will never leave the f'n gribble HAs anyway.

    HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THIS: Plane of War = heroic race server endboss.
  14. Boze Augur

    FV ruleset is probably the only thing that would make me want to play TLP pre-TSS from scratch again.

    Wow I never thought of that. Crazy.
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  15. Machentoo Augur

    On the other hand, it is pretty remarkable how far you have to go down the list in any category on magelo to find a player from FV. The pass around clickie thing, while nice, doesn't seem to help them any competing against the best players from other servers at least stat wise.
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  16. Lantherion Elder

    As far as i know only 1 guild is clearing top end content on FV and that's Valhalla, every other guild is either a: casual or b: bad
  17. RandomStrategy Augur

    They could always just do away with the raid function and go back to the real classic of having just groups...we just did it the classic way, sheer numbers.
  18. anonymoose New Member

    higher xp rate. the coirnav starting anniversary 50% bonus was solid. if they had kept it and then added another 50% for kunark, it would have kept attrition down. get levels down to 5 hours, 12 is ridiculous.
  19. The Hated One Augur

    No truebox.
    Yes instanced AoC content.
    Yes Agnar EXP
    3 month fast expansion releases.
    No keys. Zones restricted by level only.

    This would allow EVERYONE to experience the entire game. If you are of level you can see every zone in game. It would also be nice to not have to deal with the piles of toxic players thanks to instances and not having to key.

    Build it. Many of us will come!
  20. Wreakin New Member

    FV Loot Rules
    No Truebox
    All expansions open at the beginning, no keys
    All Classes available.
    Level cap increases 5-10 levels per every 3 months.
    Exp like Agnar the first 3 months, then 1.5 to 2.0 times the rate after.
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