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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Original Cryo boy, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Reinheld Devoted Player

    What skull?;) I'm just saying those who complain about things being too easy, but then insist on only experienced top tier maxed players are a bit self-defeating. I'm not saying go looking to fail so that it's 'tough' again, but don't stack the deck against the run and it won't be as easy.
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  2. Kuno Loyal Player

    I hope duos are making their return with next episode... they've been missing from the last 3 episodes.
    Duos are quick content to play with friends, personally my fave content to run. Dont forget about duos.
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  3. zNot Committed Player

    I did coue with many low players even 6 players without even noticing it the only difference is that it takes longer theres no big secret,if you do it with 4 or 8 players you will always do solo support which means the only thing missing are the damage dealers thats it and the longer a fight takes the more likely someone will die from a mechanic but outside of that its not that different.
  4. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I guess you are the exception to the rule then. 99% of the time LFG for COUE or SFFE includes the 'pst with artis/augs/sp' or 'EXP roles' bits. I'd guess that if most found it too easy, you'd see more 'need 1 body for .... TGTG' requests.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Why not? Do you see the people that solo content come on here and demand buffs to content simply because they managed to solo it...

    Equally so you can't come on here demanding buffs to 8 man content just because some players managed to 4 man raid content.

    You also can't build content so rigidly with the forethought of "we must make this raid impossible to complete with 4, 5, 6, 7 people etc.

    The idea that every raid in the game be basically hard coded to fail should you not have a full group of 8 is just asinine to put it politely.
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  6. zNot Committed Player

    Its clear to me that they cant 100% controll that but thats why i said earlier to design elite raids so that 2 tanks are a must and in general elite raids that are more focused on support rolls are more longterm difficult see false idols elite or monsters of metal elite these two elite raids were x times better then cou e.

    Also Darksides war factory elite was 2 Tanks on all 3 boss fights and that was actually hard and x times more fun such a elite raid design would keep people much more entertained and busy then the typicall curent meta with 5 dps 1 support roll aka 15 minute speedrun.
  7. zNot Committed Player

    And charon looking at the current last 4 episodes that have come this far and won so far in the episode bracket list they have a few things in common such as they contain 2 raids per episode,2 difficult Elite raids per episode and i think its pretty clear that the community wants this on each episode i know you listen to feedback etc i just wanted to point this out incase you didnt notice it.

    Also origin crisis is gonna win as number 1 i say,it will win against age of justice like we can currently see and as i said in the past and because Paradox and nexus were such amazing raids a surprising fact is that both of those raids contain 5 real boss fights per Raid i hope we can see this in the next episode too charon :) and the adjustable sub boss difficulty like we did in the Paradox. And also if you would look at the design of those elite raids maybe it would help with the current episode.
  8. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Well-Known Player

    Yep, it's gets tiresome watching content getting overtuned due to a vocal minority that insists on having it their way.
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  9. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Really want a duo as well
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  10. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    I havent been able to get through it with my league, so if ya wanna pick me up so I can get through it, I'd be grateful haha
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  11. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I'm fine with people wanting hard runs, it's boring when things are too easy, BUT it should never be a requirement that things would be so tough that you HAVE to have 200 artis, 23 head mods and 500 SP. Yes, all those thing should make things easier, but when they DO make it easier, don't then request an even further tuning.

    If a majority of people were truly breezing through COUE, people would be queing in vs building groups and those groups would be open to everyone...just saying that's apparently not the case in the real world outside of some 1-5% of the population that seem to have that stance.
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  12. zNot Committed Player

    That makes no sense first of all freshly released current highest cr Elite content must be challenging theres no discussion needed for this if you would use your eyes and look at games like elder scrolls online you would see that they also have 2 different difficult versions of trials aka raids (12 players) and the difficult version is really hard no solo support or 4 man runs and they are a very succesfull game at endgame content why should dc not aim to do the same?

    Its obvious that membership paying or episode buying players quitting the game each episode due to boring,easy,short raids and people like you that think elite raids should be easy might aswell just ask to remove elite versions (i know this wont happen but based on your logic you would be happy with this as a low skilled player)

    And as i said in the other post in the current last 4 remaining episode bracket list ALL 4 of those that are in the Top 4 episodes contain 2 difficult Elite raids so NO dont act like this is a 0.000001% minority if all the facts speak against your statements,how come origin crisis is doing so well currently on the episode bracket list? Because of difficult raids like paradox and nexus! Seems like a big portion of the community requests this. Deal with it
  13. Proxystar #Perception

    Because people vote for origin crisis because they think that's what they're supposed to do because it's the "hip thing"

    Origin crisis really wasn't that good, it wasn't that bad, but it certainly isn't as good as some people say it is/was

    There's a degree if blind nostalgia with regards to that DLC because it was a time when the game itself was very different and people are remembering other things they liked about the game during that time and attributing it entirely to Origin Crisis.

    Hell, half the people voting if not more probably weren't even playing when Origin Crisis was relevant they simply vote for it because they're told it's the cooler DLC by vets and people they respect in game.

    Again the DLC wasn't bad but it wasn't great either, that's my personal opinion and I was around during that time, equally so people will disagree with me and that's fine as well but remember not all of us agree.

    You also can't compare other games to DCUO, they're structured differently and entirely different progression models which flows through to their games, although we can take ideas from other games for inspiration DCUO shouldn't become an elder scrolls clone or a clone of any other game.

    You also have absolutely zero data in regards to why people quit but are somehow attributing that entirely to your view on difficulty because it suits your narrative, the reality is people quit for many reasons usually multiple reasons at once, of which yours might be one, to overstate that as being the primary driving force behind people quitting is on every level objectively incorrect.

    Not every raid in this game is going to be the same, sometimes they're going to be easier than other times, should they always be a challenge, sure, should this challenge only suit your ideals, absolutely not... not every raid should be a clone of one you've liked in the past nor should they force 2 tanks on every occasion because you think it's nice.

    Sometimes i enjoy the fun of tanking alone myself and the important thing this game needs to give is diverse content that suits what all people want at times, not just what you want.

    Which brings us full circle, not everyone likes Origin Crisis, not every one likes Teen Titans, we don't want cookie cutter DLCs that are just reskins, every time some times things need to be different.
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  14. zNot Committed Player

    I do think that you under estimate the popularity of Paradox and nexus even though many stopped playing that loved that episode it still gonna win the bracket list which doesnt line up with your statement that it is a mediocore/average episode because it simply is more then that and if old episodes aka nostalgia was such a big factor why did other older episodes not come this far in the bracket list?

    In general the 2 Tank in elite bossfights should be more common thats what my point was and if you say it should be different each episode and not a clone then how come the past x episodes were all fully solo tankable? So? Where is the difference there? 5 dps elite raids aka speedruns are making the endgame content boring and also elder scrolls was just a simple example they got 2 difficulty too just like dc but it is not like in dc thats what my point was i didnt really compare anything else since they are different games just the difficulty perspective was my example.

    Also i find it funny that you assume that people that vote for origin crisis do it because other people told them to do so thats probably the biggest excuse someone could come up with,and do you have any evidence to back this up ?

    Also since nerd of prey left we got the speedflux 10th anniversary raid which was a really good one to me and also the community loved it and it was very popular which tells me that the new person taking her spot maybe a very good one when it comes to this topic.
  15. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    I cant say "I've been around since" origin crisis because I come and go for months at a time and miss chunks. But I can that was here before and during origin crisis and completely disagree proxy. I think you may be applying your opinion to other on that dlc bc I would vote for it (haven't particated in the poll) bc it was my favorite dlc. I remember that being the first real challenge being introduced to the game. I remember spending lots of time in the alerts bc they were so much more challenging than alerts previous. I thought the story telling in that one was better. And as an aside I do think there's something to the fact that the remaining dlcs in the bracket have two hard elite raids in them. I think difficult instanced content is more desired than quick easy content.
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

    Were you playing when Origin Crisis was relevant? How many people are still playing this game when Origin Crisis was relevant do you think?

    How many players do you think actually bother to even log in to twitter and vote? How truly representative do you think those polls are?

    Those polls haven't even been landslides, which should indicate to you that origin crisis is good but isn't amazing either, if it were as truly amazing it would be just steamrolling everything but it isn't, a good chunk of people are still voting against it during polls.

    People talk up Origin Crisis a lot which is their prerogative but let's not exaggerate it's perfection there was still massive issues with that DLC.

    As someone who was there playing it, I did really enjoy it at the time, it was incredibly fun and even the alerts are fond in my memory, but that fondness wasn't just because of the DLC. The games combat system was different, the community was different, the games structure was different, balance was different (looking at you controller role even)

    When people vote for Origin Crisis they're really voting with all of that in their mind, the game was just in a much better, fresher place.

    There's just so many things wrong or if not wrong but different with the game now that have turned it into a very different beast, which is a much broader topic.

    Forcing more support roles into content by the way doesn't necessarily make it more fun long term, if you're wanting content to be more fun or more fulfilling long term then you need to change a lot more in game than forcing support roles.

    I appreciate you like the idea of what Origin Crisis bought to the game but you can't just slap a raid like Paradox in the game as it's currently setup it won't change or be like Origin Crisis just because you do that, you also have to look at the bigger picture and what was going on in the game during Crisis, why it was successful, what else made the game enjoyable at that time, ironically by the way, there weren't 2 tanks in dox or nexus ;)
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    See my post above as well, again I'm not saying Origin Crisis was bad, in fact I'm not even saying it isn't the best of all DLCs.

    What I am saying is that I find it fascinating that people hold it with the extent of regard they do, like it was light years better than other DLCs, it was good, but not that good. Lol

    Also actually think about it too, i bet it's not just the difficulty that's drawn you in, as you've even admitted the richer storytelling in it was a drawcard in comparison to newer DLCs is way better.

    With respect to the DLCs recently half the time the stories are so weak , they don't even largely make sense when it's all said and done or were just so unengaging you never bother listening to the cutscenes in the first place, or they put cutscenes between fights you're more worried about making sure you're not hit with a cheap one shot the moment the cutscene ends.

    The alerts even in Origin Crisis were amazing i agree and a lot of that it's also due to things like 5 bosses, optional side bosses, story telling, all of that combined to form a more engaging player experience.

    If you then combine that with an arguably superior combat and progression system you have an experience players were more engaged with making then highly more likely to vote that DLC.

    But it still had its flaws i could list but won't for the sake of brevity.

    It's not just content difficulty that makes a DLC great
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  18. zNot Committed Player

    Ofcourse i played it why else would i praise paradox and nexus so much? And please dont say the twitter polls arent valid the fact that you do shows that you cant deal with facts and should show the devs that you are just making things up also the things you write come across as sugarcoating just to have reasons to discuss on the forums even if that goes against your own statements you did in the Past.

    See as you said yourself origin crisis had many issues and it still wins the list lol why? The Raids! And yes the combat system back then was better but surely most of the voting people do it due to the both raids its obvious at this point.

    Desiging Elite raids for more support rolls will make the game better and more balanced i dislike the 5 DPS meta and im not the only one its should be clear that the Elite raids should be designed differently a 10-15 minute elite raid i mean seriously? even some alerts take more time.
  19. Miike Fury Well-Known Player

    add me and send me a tell whenever youre online
  20. Proxystar #Perception

    I didnt say the twitter polls were invalid, what I'm saying is they're a snippet of the playerbases viewpoint.

    Do you or do you not agree that the forums are but a snippet of the playerbase and it's opinions or do you believe the forums are equally as authoritative of player opinion as you're placing upon twitter feedback?

    For the avoidance of doubt what I'm saying is the twitter poll is merely a way of collecting indicative feedback.

    It suggests Origin Crisis was the most enjoyed DLC, probably it is if we're using those terms, but I have to chuckle when you suggest it's because of solely the raids.

    That DLC also included 2 very solid alerts, amongst some other stuff, to suggest it's solely raids is because you're still trying to spin this natrative that raiding in this game is all that matters...

    We get it, you dislike DPS stacking, but why do you honestly think everyone here should agree with that, some people enjoy stacking DPS in raids to see how quickly they can smash through something, that's where their subjective fun is, but you're telling them, no, because you want to turn everything into a support fest.

    Also if you want to make tanking a challenge then you don't need to make it so the rooms overwhelmed with hard hitting adds so you need two tanks, all you need to do is start making the tanks play combat mechanics properly.

    Punish the tank if they don't block, lunge or block break, reward them properly when they do, get rid of the ridiculous add fests they think makes content difficult because it doesn't, I mean at the moment in a lot of instances you can't even properly tank.

    1. The bosses are so scripted sometimes they're borderline not even worth tanking or can't even be tanked anyway

    2. You spend all your time just pulling adds around the room while running like a wimp popping chronos and looking for your next shield.

    These are the sorts of things that need to improve not piling rooms up with adds.
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