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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Original Cryo boy, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Miike Fury Well-Known Player

    more than elite?
    very excited for that
    COUE is getting 4-man'd easily now
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  2. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Been trying to think what that could mean. Wondering if there's going to be a "Savage" tier or something.
  3. zNot Committed Player

    If this was „even more“ was supposed to be a difficulty thing i would guess that it would be something that others including me have requested a way to adjust the difficulty ourselfs with sub/sidebosses.
  4. zNot Committed Player

    Which shows how easy elite raids are these days and why people get bored of the endgame content so quickly i hope they will properly adjust and design the fights for elite content better from now on.
  5. Reinheld Devoted Player

    So you are the guy I see shouting in LFG "Need 7 INEXPERIENCED for COUE, must have 160 or LOWER Artis and <250 SP". Nice to finally meet you.
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  6. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Personally doubt it's getting easily 4 manned
  7. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    We haven't had a duo drop since metal part 2 I believe. That means no duo for BoP, Wonderverse, or Legion. I remember back when we would get atleast 1 of each, now we basically been getting just 1 solo (maybe), 1 alert and 1 raid with an elite version of same raid. Would be nice to have a solo, a duo, an alert with an elite version, and a raid or 2 with elite versions.
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  8. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    something more could just mean survival since thats the next content coming out.
  9. Miike Fury Well-Known Player

    you can search on youtube, there are a few.
    me with my league, so far, have got past second boss in about 20ish minutes. struggled through third boss a bit, and finished in a little over an hour.

    ive seen plenty of 8-man groups do much worse, sadly

    edit...here is our run actually. and i still feel we could do this much faster. i would say 40-45 min or so

  10. Charon Lead Content Designer

    It doesn't. I don't drop vague teasers on things already announced.
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  11. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    We are in the same league. We cleared it 3 times last night and one of the clears took 77 minutes bc we had a couple carries including myself whose a recently returned player. So while I was getting carried and if anything was a hindrance it still took 77 minutes with 5 regulars from our league. I happen to know our league has some of the best players so if we can't carry 3 people in a hour or less I doubt it's easily getting 4 manned like it's some alert by more than 1% of the games population
  12. Miike Fury Well-Known Player

    scroll up, i edited my post. our 4-man run is faster than that 77 min run youre refering to.
    but i suppose "easily" is not the right choice of words
  13. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    I'm gonna pm you
  14. zNot Committed Player

    Well ofcourse it is a challenge but it shouldnt even be possible thats my point.
  15. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    At the end of a DLC life cycle by players with full elite gear and max skill points and it took an hour of wipes. That's not an indictment on the content.
  16. zNot Committed Player

    Nice to meet you too did you learn how to block a skull attack yet?
  17. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    I dont really like elite because stats revamp doesn't let you close range alot of bosses or adds anymore sometimes even reg stuff like alerts. Anyways close range is a playstyle and that has been taken away from the dps side playstyle. I hope if your doing more elite stuff that elite gear has 10x better stats this time around. so we can enjoy close range dpsing again and not be scared with boring range attacks. maybe add a dodge stat to elite gear or leg mod plz and thank u or rings both of them 10% each ring or 20% for legs or 40% all in sounds nice. Atleast we might be able to stand up after a pick up. We will Atleast have a second chance to move when one shots happen. you know we deal with lag and am and channeling powers. so plz take a look at this option we deal with alot more then that at times and it's not like defense or health matters so throw us a bone here. We gear up and all we get is or main stats but the survivability isn't there at all with the gear system anymore. You can clearly see there is no survivability with the gear system. because you stand no chance one on one with some adds in the game. Unless you ko it before it koes u but you all know what im saying it just feels like some adds are so boss like. It feels like u have no gear or skill points with stats revamp
  18. zNot Committed Player

    Thats not fully true yes they do get easyier but other Elite raids cant even be done with only 4 players the design of the raid is what determines if this even possible not your gear,you could have to best gear possible but FGS e couldnt be done with 4 players because of its design.
  19. tukuan Devoted Player

    IMO Sidebosses are a good way to give something more to those that want them but they need a viable reason to hit them. I can't remember what the bonus was for the JLD alert (possibly something with the lantern) but I do remember that people stopped bothering after a pretty short period of time. Likewise an extra feat is ok right up until everyone who cares to have it, has it.

    I would suggest some sort of rare style, pet or orbital drop is the best way to go. Alternatively if you had a side boss that dropped some nth metal of worth it would likely garner some interest.
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  20. zNot Committed Player

    Yea and currently elite raids get boring so quickly because apart from renown there is no reason to run them or some feats i think the most difficult endgame content should be rewarded better and should keep players busy longterm.
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