Dev Discussion What foliage would you want for your bases?

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Revrec, Mar 24, 2023.

  1. Revrec Environment Artist

    We made some foliage for the St. Patrick's Day event, and want to make more. Send over suggestions of foliage you would like to see as base items!
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  2. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Fish in a pond or even jumping out of the water, where it would be visible to see them
    Not sure if its already a base item but I really like roses. All colors but red is my favorite
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    1. Autumn Trees Variants
    2. It would be really cool to have an actual garden where we can plant seeds, but It's probably alot of work.
    3. Green falling leaves from the celling
    4. Garden Maze
    5. Vases with flowers on tables or big vases
    6. Fruits and Vegetables on trees\bushes etc
    7. Variants of Wall, Celling and Floor vines with and without flowers
    8. Bushes with Flowers in different colors
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  4. El Ferchos Active Player

    - All the different seed pods we have to interact in the Spring seasonal, if possible with the thorny visual effect some get when actívated.
    - Those ponds of water with life forms on them: fishes, frogs, mosquitos swarming above.
    - Bigger versión of the rock water falla we already have with the water effect falling for a larger distancie.
    - Different treelines for each seasonal: Summer, Autumn and Winter.
    - The exact base ítems from this St. Patrick's but with snow on their surfaces and frozen ponds. The snow covered visual can also for gnarled wall dividers, grass patches and trees we already have.
    - Iron vine dividers (from Amazon Fury) with vines (blooming or not).
    - Some big rafflesias look alike from New Génesis but for ceiling.
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  5. El Ferchos Active Player

    Forgot to add Man-eater plant, Victreebell pokemon style, I don't know the exact name for that plant.
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  6. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    • More topiaries (any existing or new monster/animal variants would be cool)
    • Bonsai trees
    • Trimmed hedges (see Centennial Park)
    • Tree with birds
    • Greenhouse wall/ceiling panels, canopias
    • Large tree with treehouse/fort (league hall size)
    With any existing tree, you could always do variants based on the 4 seasons if they don't already exist. I'd like to have 4 versions of the "Full Oak" for example. The more simple models (ones without too many interior polygons) can also be hard light constructs.
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  7. Zoe· YouTuber

    Trees with snows on them!!!
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  8. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Is there anything that could resemble a grass fire? Like have burnt grass and a few spots of smoldering fire and some smoke. That way if we put this down our lair can look like a post apocalyptic fire has just came through. Maybe have a patch that’s the same but with a short tree trunk that’s charred and a half branch dangling off that would fall off if a gust of wind came through.
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  9. Achikah Committed Player

    Larger versions and League Hall sized versions of several greenery favorites, including:

    Ivy Clusters, Butterfly Greenery, Flower Patches, Knotted Oak Trees, Rock Waterfall, Stone Cascade, Vine Walls, Ceiling Vines, Ponds, Celtic rocks, Babbling River pieces, etc.

    Full versions (much like the Full Oak Trees already available) of the Cherry Blossom and Autumn Trees, as well as non-cut off versions of the Evil Trees as well.

    Bambooline: Just like a Treeline from Summer but with some larger bamboo trees on the side and a bamboo forest window

    Treeline- Cherry Blossom: Exactly like Treelines from Summer but with Cherry Blossom trees on the side and a cherry blossom forest window

    I'd also love a some Fallen Cherry Blossom Piles similar to the Fallen Leaves from The Witching Hour, as a Spring Seasonal item.
    • Fallen Pile of Cherry Blossom
    • Fallen Pile of Cherry Blossom -Large
    • Fallen Pile of Cherry Blossom - Small
    Hedge:a well maintained, average hedge design to match the other Topiaries.
    Hedge Cluster: same as above just in a set of 2 or 3.

    Wild Brush: a unkept bush or shrub without a base.
    Wild Brush- Medium: same as above just medium sized.
    Wild Brush- Large: same as above just large sized.

    Fallen Oak Tree: if a tree falls in a base and no one's around we might not be able to hear it, but I'd definitely love to see it.
    Fallen Oak Branch: Matching above but just a large branch on the ground that's fallen off.

    Willow Tree: Large tree with ivy/willow branches/vines
    Raised Rooted Tree: Similar to trees in the Amazon Rainforest
    Wilted/Uprooted Trees: Pretty much the ones used in Death Metal's Open World DC

    Various water/swamp related items:
    • Cattails
    • Lilypads
    • Water Lotus
    • Pond scum/moss
    A variety of cacti: Could include the following:
    • Cacti-Small
    • Cacti-Small with Flower
    • Cacti
    • Cacti with Flowers
    • Cacti-Large
    • Cacti-Large With Flowers
    Also wouldn't mind some crop items either for spring, specifically some from Limbo Town in the Fellowship of the Arcane raid.

    Plowed Plot: rectangular plot of tilled soil
    Plowed Plot with Crops: rectangular plot of tilled soil with sprouted crops
    Garden Plot: Rectangular plot of tilled soil with various grown crops/flowers.
    Sprouted Crops: one of the above, just free from the plot.
    Sprouted Crops- Grown: fully grown crop, could have several variants for different items grown. I know the one in Fellowship seems to be some sort of grain, and I'd be just fine with that.

    I'd also love several different varieties of Hay as well. Some in single bricks, stacked bricks, large spools, and mounds even would be awesome.

    Also, some smaller, ankles-to-knee height vines for pumpkin patches and other growing crops would be fantastic too.

    Oceanline- Sunrise: Much like Treelines but instead of Oak Trees have Palms and the view would be a sunny beach.
    Oceanline- Sunset: Same as the aforementioned, but with a sunset in the sky.

    Driftwood: Just a washed up piece of driftwood for any beach/ocean theme.
    Large Palm Trees: Just a size variation on the Palm Tree item from the past.
    Fallen Coconuts: A few scattered coconuts that could be placed on the ground, or on a sand mass.
    Leafy Island Shrubs/Bushes/etc: Just a variety of tropical/island based flora.

    Old/Tall/Sparse/Full Autumn Tree variants- Same as the current Autumn tree but just having different variations as the Cherry Blossoms and Oaks have from the Spring seasonal.

    Autumn Canopy variants- Just to complete the autumn foliage set for a cohesive base. A recoloring of the Cherry Blossom set would be perfect, especially with the fallen leaves coming down.

    Harvest Moon Skylight- This would be a reskin the Enchanted Forest Skylight. It'd have the same autumn leaf colors and the portal aspect could be replaced with a warmer-toned black night sky and a bright yellow harvest moon, or there could be a blood moon variant too with the gnarled Halloween branches and violet or black foliage.

    Treeline- Autumn: Exactly like the Treelines but with Autumn Trees and a fall-oriented window

    Dead Grass Patches (Large and Small variations): Again, just another thing to add to an autumn base to utilize the trunks and branches already in the game. A recolor of normal grass patches but just brown/browning for more of a fall ambiance.

    Flower Patch- Black- Recoloring of the Spring Flower but black.

    Regular Pine Trees
    Pine Trees with Snow
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  10. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Snow-Covered Pine Trees, preferably a thick layer of snow rather than just a dusting.

    Also maple trees. A red version of plants/trees. A red Treeline variant like the Treeline base item from Summer Seasonal.

    Red variants of Leafy Oak Canopy, Full Oak Tree, etc.
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  11. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    A winter variant of Treeline, with the trees covered in snow and a nighttime sky in the background with an aurora borealis.

    An alternate version of above with a pink sunset background instead with the snow-covered trees.
  12. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Red falling leaves from the ceiling, kinda like the Cherry Blossom ceiling base items but red instead of pink.
  13. beardrive Committed Player

    I'd love to see some large ground cover pieces, like moss, or big piles of fallen leaves that we can cover flooring with that will go with all of the grass and other items. Also, the snow and cherry blossoms is awesome, but would love to see some other ambient falling things as well. People are using the snow clouds a lot in everything, just to get some movement coming down from the ceiling.

    Also, the cherry blossom trees, the autumn fall tree trunk, and the other spring tree trunks completed, so they're foliage goes all the way up like the full oak tree.

    I really love the stuff that you guys do where you put foliage and trees and rocks as a single item. The St Patrick's Day babbling springs and Brooks did a really great job with that! I would personally say just reorientate all of themiscyran planters with the same trees, but maybe a mound of dirt underneath. They all seem to be stuck in some kind of a box or planter, which makes it more difficult to to conceal them.

    I really loved all the Soba stuff and I want to thank you for listening, because I brought up the Egyptian idea at the beginning of last spring, and by November there were so many cool Soba base items that looked very Egyptian themed, and look great in an ancient base! The last great DLC, for base items, was definitely Patchwork.

    Also I'd like to throw my hat in for ancient foliage, like prehistoric ferns coming out of rocks, mushroom ears growing up tree trunks etc. Things that look very prehistoric and dinosaur-like. Including all types of palm trees, Rafus palms etc.
  14. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    The Amazon Fury duos have some really great colorful planters I'd love as base items.

    Better coverage for ceilings and walls.

    The treeline is popular. I'd like a version thats flat so when you place it on a wall it gives the illusion of a larger space.

    I'd like a pool you can dive into.
  15. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I would like to see more variety of foliage for the ceilings of bases and maybe some surrounding a sunroof, so we can have sun shining into our base. Also maybe for Halloween, some dead trees with maybe crows sitting on branches and some with a view of a graveyard or other spooky backgrounds. I really do like those trees with a forest in the background and would like to have more versions of them with different backgrounds.
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  16. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Trees with birds on them! And the added background noise of Mother Nature like birds pecking and chirping. I suppose the pet would be more like a totem thing but who knows.

    We could get some baby ducklings waddling around our lair. That would be cool. But it could also be a pond patch of ducklings going it circles. Quack!
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  17. Gravedigger Level 30

    •Pitcher Plant

    •Venus Flytrap cluster wall/ground/ceiling

    •Giant Hanging Ivy (no collision) so it can be hung in front of doors & walked thru

    •Mossy Skeleton (isis skeleton reskin covered in moss & flowers)

    •Iconic Topiary’s (imagine having a batman symbol topiary, or the batman himself)

    •Grassy Geyser(like a grassy hill that has an animated geyser)

    •Trap Flower (like a large rug sized flytrap that briefly encases those who walk on it)

    •Wicked Tree (Dark, leaves decaying off, hole in the middle with an Owl peeking out)
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  18. Zoe· YouTuber

    I mean the parrot in the Summer event worked so why not this?
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  19. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Teekl, Isis, and Streaky asked about pots with catnip in... :D
  20. Halvard_ New Player

    Coming from someone who's easily spent 2+ billion in game on base items and has spent multiple hours upon hours decorating, in my experience there are nowhere near enough ceiling items that are plant related. The canopies are truly amazing but very space and rare as they only come around once a year and are ludicrously expensive otherwise. We need hanging vines, moss, sprawling tree limbs and more base items like those that contain ambient lighting (i.e the Full Moon Night Sky base item adorned with branches and leaves)

    We also need more wall items such as sprawling vines, more items like Vernal Planters, maybe even some natural light options that are plant based like Bioluminescent Cave Moss and Mushrooms (you already have one base item like this!)

    And certainly CERTAINLY more waterfall and water flow items now that you guys have truly nailed the water texture
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