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    LQ Twitch channel here -
    LQ YouTube channel here -
    DCUO LQ Summer Base Tour 2022 - Enter Seafloor Sanctuary (Hosted by Solanna I) -

    LordQuantum - EU Villain - Quantum DPS/Troll - The 'big bad' of the universe, an evil demon lord who controls time and space.
    Alienna - EU Villain - Celestial DPS/Heal - LQ's loyal daughter and supreme sorceress of dark and powerful magic. In her alternate holy form, her divine magic helps to keep her allies in prime condition when dealing with powerful foes.
    Emperor Tidal - EU Villain - Water DPS/Heal - LQ's aquatic general, an aquamancer of an extraordinary level. Can also manipulate water temperature, so can use ice to his advantage also, both in combat and as armor. Has an incredible defence.
    LQ (previously Project Darkflame) - EU Hero - Mental DPS/Troll - A young anti-hero who keeps the balance between the real worlds and the dream worlds intact. His study into the sleep dimension has made him one of the most powerful psychics in the multiverse. Has gone under various names due to his deity-like status.
    Solanna I - EU Hero - Fire DPS/Tank, Ice DPS/Tank, Electricity DPS/Heal - The estranged half-sister of Alienna. An extremely gifted sorceress with powers sourced from the Sun, and very skilled in combat as well. She can also source her powers from the Moon, giving her powerful ice abilities. She can also generate lightning through her fire abilities, making her a powerful wielder of electric abilities which can be used for healing purposes also.


    EU PC/PS
    Villain on EU PS. Sometimes YouTuber, sometimes base decorator, sometimes elite player.

    LordQuantum, Alienna, Emperor Tidal, Furious Fever, Tracksy, Malion, Florana Green, Shellina Crawford, Jaime Pluto, and many other alts.