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    LQ YouTube channel here -
    DCUO LQ Space Base Tour - Enter LQ Spacestation

    LordQuantum (LQ) - EU Villain - Quantum DPS/Troll - The 'big bad' of the universe, an evil demon lord who controls time and space.
    Alienna - EU Villain - Celestial DPS/Heal - LQ's loyal daughter and supreme sorceress of dark and powerful magic.
    Emperor Tidal - EU Villain - Water DPS/Heal - LQ's aquatic general, an aquamancer of an extraordinary level. Can also manipulate water temperature, so can use ice to his advantage also, both in combat and as armor. Has an incredible defence.
    Tracksy - EU Villain - Ice DPS/Tank - An ice cold assassin who uses the forces of winter to enhance her abilities in combat.
    Furious Fever - EU Hero - Rage DPS/Tank - A rogue yet very experienced Red Lantern. Very skilled with close combat.


    US NS
    Villain on EU PS. Quantum DPS/Troll PVE CR159 PVP CR100 SP224.

    Also alt Celestial DPS/Heal PVE CR141/138 PVP CR96 SP191

    And alt Atomic DPS PVE CR145 SP168