Validated USPS league opening it's doors

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Chosen One, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Shadowbomber New Player

    bump!!! come join us!!!
  2. Juxes Committed Player

    Join Validated, Looking for more decent people to run with, if you like
    Have to be 18+
    Drama free
    Have some sweet dance moves yo
    Know at least one Macho Man Randy Savage quote by heart....Im just joshing ya..or am I ?
    Drama free
    Love to wreck!
    Did I mention Drama Free?
    If interested contact The Kent, ShadowBomber, Roman Candel, Battle Angel or Juxes and we can get ya in.
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  3. EP Ice Loyal Player

    If you can groove like this guy.....
    Then Validated is the place for you. Join Validated today!!
    Must be 18+
    Drama Free
    If interested contact The Kent, ShadowBomber, Roman Candel, Battle Angel, or Juxes and they can get ya in.
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  4. LunarCage Active Player

    Can i run with you guys this weekend. Im looking for a league to take me to the top. But slso mature cool and runs anything
  5. Lacedog Loyal Player

    want to watch me jackhammer for 10 minutes straight!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    i know, silly question. of course you do! join validated today!

    -must have a way to easily communicate
    -no drama! we try our best to keep it civil, unless we are blaming kent for something he wasnt even there for. #blamekent2015
    -very much prefer you are capable of playing either of your roles. whether its having gear for both roles or an alt that is geared up as much as your main.

    this isnt a requirement, but we definitely need more healers and tanks. im not turning down a controller but daaaaaaaang, did everyone have to switch to quantum and munitions!?

    please contact any of the above mentioned people in game, including myself Lacedog, to talk about joining! a tell works if you have patience or in game mail.
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  6. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    Basically how I felt when we kicked the poop out of Uncle Wolfy the other night. [IMG]
    Our Plan:
    Join Validated now and face the tyranny of evil alien creatures and always know
  7. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    2 Months away and gif game still on point... Also, if interested contact either myself, Akiko Tsunami, The Kent, Lacedog, Sterilite or Juxes in game.
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  8. TheKent Well-Known Player

    HAHA nice Lace.

    Get Validated today!
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  9. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    Hola Mi amigos, Join Validated where mi casa is su casa. (Full disclaimer) I speak not a lick of spanish, hard to tell right?

    But anyway, getting down to business, Validated is one of the best leagues on Playstation with a smaller core group of players (around 10-20) and we are looking for more people to join la familigia (Full disclaimer: I am actually half italian so i can say that and not look like an idiot even though I still probably do).

    What we are looking for:
    Any USPS hero who is:
    --ready for end game content.
    --Has the ability to/Or is willing to play both roles (Dps/Support)
    --Is drama free and has someway to communicate. (Mic/Keyboard)
    --Wants to Wreck

    If this sounds like you, then feel free to send me a message on here or in game. My name is BroadSt Bully, and you can also talk to Lacedog, Akiko Tsunami, Sterilite, Juxes, Pipster or The Kent.
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  10. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    -Taco Bell serving Alcohol!
    -Is a hot dog a sandwich?
    -Is Smashly more of an I-Smashly or a Y-Smashly?

    We discuss all this and more on next weeks Validating with Validated! So join now!

    Disclaimer: "Validating with Validated" is not a real show and if you believe that a hot dog is a sandwich you are not allowed in this league and should go join a buddhist temple somewhere and evaluate your life choices.
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  11. hex_offender New Player

    Your league sounds great. I'm interested in joining. I'm legendary and have a mic though I do have to keep it down after the wife and kids are asleep. Actually mostly the wife. Anyhow would I be able to bring my whole set of characters? I have one for each role, dedicated to their roles and I'd like to keep them all in the same league. I mainly play the healer with my tank coming in second.

    Fu Chomei - Nature Healer
    Level: 30
    PvE CR: 71
    PvP CR: 2
    Skill Points: 65
    Novastar Flame - Fire Tank
    Level: 30
    PvE CR: 89
    PvP CR: 0
    Skill Points: 57
    Ruby Gloom - Mental Controller
    Level: 30
    PvE CR: 62
    PvP CR: 0

    Skill Points: 55
    Atomic Jim - Quantum DPS
    Level: 30
    PvE CR: 87
    PvP CR: 4
    Skill Points: 63

    PSN: hex_offender
  12. The_Flame New Player

    Hey guys, good to see some vets around! I've been playing since beta but I haven't played DCUO in about a year. I'm looking for a group to play with, I'm a fire tank, would you like for me to post all of my stats? (I think they might've changed those around since I last played haha)
  13. Lacedog Loyal Player

    sounds great guys. if you guys wouldnt mind, send myself, lacedog , or any of the above mentioned players an in game tell or mail and we will gladly talk to you then. as long as you have fun, bust a sweet dance move, and dont try to cause drama, there is no reason all of your characters cant be in our league. thanks for the interest.
  14. hex_offender New Player

    Thanks, I'll do that. No worries about drama. I got all that out in college and when I was in the Navy.
  15. Lacedog Loyal Player

    A sailor! Me toooooooo.
  16. The_Flame New Player

    I was accepted but I wasn't forced to dance o_O
    Anywho are there any certain days y'all run raids or operations?
  17. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    Hey Flame thanks for joining. As of right now we don't have set days that we run raids, we just normally run them whenever we have enough people on and somebody needs them, so if you ever need anything, just ask. We have a bunch of members who won't mind helping.
  18. Red Jenni Loyal Player

  19. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    Been on a long break from the game, but I’m back and was thinking of starting up this league again. Just curious if anyone is still on playing or if anyone would like to join?
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  20. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    Hey Bully,

    I was around when liquor Box, Chosen, etc were here. After Chosen left, the league sort of fell apart. I might be interested, if we can get some of the band back together. Hit me up!

    Doctor Improbable

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