Validated USPS league opening it's doors

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Chosen One, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Chosen One New Player

    Hello all, we are a small growing hero league (15 members at the moment). Most of us have been around since either launch or the FTP launch and we are looking for new members to join us.

    ·We are accepting all cr's and roles
    ·Mic preferred, but not required
    ·Mature individuals and drama free

    If interested in joining contact myself (Chosen One) The Kent, or Liquor Box in game.
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  2. TheKent Well-Known Player

    My name's The Kent....and I approve this message.....

  3. Chosen One New Player

    When life gives you lemons be thankful they aren't balls in nexus.
    Contact chosen one, the Kent, or Liquor Box for an invite.
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  4. Supremacy New Player

    Hey guys. I raided with you over the weekend it was an awesome experience. Fun, professional, and effective. You guys are awesome!
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  5. Chosen One New Player

    Thanks for the kind words! Was definitely a ton of fun.
  6. TheKent Well-Known Player

    No sir! You are AWESOME. Thanks for sticking to it, even though Superman DNA was bouncing all in our face for a good 45 minutes...

    Looking for a great group of dudes and dudettes who are willing to work with each other.....then join Validated today!

    Message: Chosen One, Liquor Box, or myself (The Kent)

    Thanks all!
  7. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    If getting hit in the face by superman DNA's balls make you feel sad, angry or depressed

    ... then join Validated, where were looking for some more decent people to run with and kick supermans balls back where they belong.

    If you want to join, contact Chosen One, The Kent, or Liquor Box and if they are not on then contact myself (BroadSt Bully) and I will get you in contact with them.
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  8. Chosen One New Player

    Looking for a league with no drama and no stress? Then join Validated. We have no cr requirements although the majority of our members are 96+ cr and 100+ skill points. If interested contact Chosen One, Liquor Box, or The Kent.
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  9. Nop3 New Player

    Do you all pvp?
  10. Chosen One New Player

    Hi, thanks for the interest. We are more pve oriented, but we do pvp as well.
  11. Chosen One New Player

    I would like to say welcome to all who have joined and thanks to all who have expressed interest. Our only requirements are to respect your fellow gamers, have a positive attitude, and be level 30. If interested in joining contact Chosen One, Liquor Box, or The Kent.
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  12. TheKent Well-Known Player

    I'd like to repeat what Chosen said. Our new members are awesome and we are always looking for more!

    If your interested in joining contact Chosen One, Liquor Box or myself (The Kent)
  13. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    Also want to reiterate for anyone thinking about joining that we are not a league that runs only top tier content, but a lot of us like to run everything, so if you are a lower tier player then feel free to join and we will help you with what ever it is you want to or need to run.
  14. Nop3 New Player

    I mainly do pvp for fun, scrimmages etc. But I dont mind pve either, need to raise my cr and sp anyway. Thank you for responding. I'd like to join, 65cr Ice dps.
  15. SomeRandomGuy New Player

    I would like to join. I'm young so please understand that I'm cautious of online pedophiles and predators. I don't have a mic or a keyboard (typing with the PS3 keyboard currently) but I will cooperate with whatever ya'll say. I play on a low-res tv so I can only sometimes make out what is being said on the chat box. I occasionally play on weekdays, but I generally play on weekends.

    Now to pitch myself. I am a 66CR Nature Healer with 65SP, I know my role fairly well. I like both pvp and pve, and I am looking for a league.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and considering my membership
    -Ambient green
  16. Chosen One New Player

    What's your in game name and I'll send you an invite in game.
  17. BruteEnergy New Player

    I would like to join the league my old one disbanded and I am 21 years old I have a Fire dps and trying to make myself better I would be honored to join the league
  18. Chosen One New Player

    Thanks for the interest. What's your in game name?
  19. BruteEnergy New Player

  20. Nop3 New Player

    Nop3 is my in game name.

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