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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ZenAku, May 17, 2013.

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  1. FrostyMagma New Player

    How does someone who doesnt play within the community tear it down. If you only run with league members then thats not really being apart of the commuity? is it?
  2. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    Who said I never offer help in the shout channel with bounties? Who said I don't answer people's question in game or on these forums?
  3. FrostyMagma New Player

    Who was refering to you? i quoted your post in second person form. I said someone who doesnt play within the community, could be me could be kidfly could be superman, no one said you, you do what you want. Some people like to surround them selves with players that they wanna play with and do not desire to play with anyone else. How is this wrong everyone is different in the way they wanna play. I been in this game since launch, I have done the build up players help others bid.
    I'm beyond that now i wanna play with players on my level as i dont got time to be a babysitter
  4. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I'm not crucifying anyone, you're doing it to yourself. I would be more willing to kick someone from my league for your particular attitude, I.E. I'm so good I cant run with "X" who's not as good as me, than I would the indivduals who may not be the best, but who steps in and is willing to help others. Again, it's just a difference between you and me. I try and be helpful to anyone as long as they are respectful and appreciate it. You on the other hand, think they have to top the scorecard to run with them.

    Now please just go back to your topic, I'm really not trying to hijack your thread here...
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  5. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    If you only want to play with players "on your level" then do your weaker league mates a favor and kick them out. There are leagues out there (mine included) that would be more than happy to accept and instruct those players. It's an insult to them by having them in your league and avoiding contact.
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  6. FrostyMagma New Player

    Ever heard of a stepping ladder. Or a pyramid. There is enough people to help the younglings mister negative, I dont care how your league works, Here you actully have to earn your top spot and if i choose not to run low level content its my choice, if i chose not to drag weaker toons through harder raids so they can get better gear they are not ready for thats on me. If my league mates didnt like my theoies and my preferences then they can kick me out. So find someone else who gives a shart
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  7. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    Every person that's ontop of the pyramid once started on the bottom. One can easily tell who wants to get carried and who wants to get better by the questions they ask. Perhaps if the King lets the peasants into the palace then maybe he can understand them?
  8. TheRealDeathern New Player

    It's nice to be important, but its more important to be nice. Nuff said.
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  9. FrostyMagma New Player

    Those peasants usually will earn their way in,
  10. FrostyMagma New Player

    Does the private go directly to the general with a problem. Their is a ranking system I'm sure you heard of the military. We have no problem helping if help is needed.
  11. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    Not according to human history.
  12. Senshirou Committed Player

    You seem to be one of those players who pride themselves on damage or this wouldn't matter. The damage itself is pitiful, 1200-1400ish on crits. Stop tryna make a big deal about it. Of all the fixes that need to be focused on this is a less than important issue.
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  13. TheRealDeathern New Player

    So how exactly does one "earn" their way in when you refuse to run with them? This assumes a lot of course, that you have leadership of the league, and make the choices of who runs and who doesn't... And does your league leader support you not helping others or looking down upon them from your perch from above? Is this a league wide attitude, I cant imagine a league surviving and being successful when and if everyone felt the way you do...
  14. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Depends. If I had a person above me that refused to help or run content with me becuse I failed to put up numbers he wanted to see, then yes, I would bypass that jerk in a heartbeat and ask for help.

    "We have no problem helping if help is needed."

    That sir, contradicts everything you have posted today.
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  15. KidFly New Player

    yes i do pride myself in damage in my role but like i said i also like to jusge other players on their numbers...and its not 1200-1400 its 3k-5k
  16. Senshirou Committed Player

    I'm talking about the actual damage that you see on the enemy, not what shows on the scoreboard. If you actually used it yourself you would see it that. I'm sorry they hurt your feelings though and that you couldn't beat someone who uses tbomb, which has like a 4-6 sec cooldown.
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  17. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    There's no use. It's like talking to a wall. Let them be.
  18. FrostyMagma New Player

    you people i never said i refused to help. i stated i would rather run with people on my level you must not of read everything
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  19. KidFly New Player

    well how much damage the move is supposed to do varies on the controller...and even if a quantum troller did beat me it would be because of the fake 3k-5k extra fake damage the move does everytime you do the move...i assume the reason you dont want it to get fixed is because your a quantum controller and you want to look better than you actually are...sad
  20. KidFly New Player

    you sound like someone id destroy in pvp...js lol
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