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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ZenAku, May 17, 2013.

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  1. KidFly New Player

    no, im not even a controller...but ive seen other people get kicked because of their numbers and i have also participated in the act of kicking players whose numbers were terrible...but id feel bad if i saw someone get kicked because of their numbers compared to another players number but come to find out the other player numbers were fake
  2. KidFly New Player

    1. im not blaming the person using the power because it a move that most troller should put on their loadout cuz its a defense debuff
    2,3. It is not as if the power is Overpowered rather it just being a minor coding error when it goes on the scoreboard, so i wouldnt think that it would be a huge bug to "fix"
    4. if you cant trust the scoreboard what else can you rely on to determine which people you want to group with
  3. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    You KNOW it's bad when a healer gets more damage out than an actual DPS LOL.
  4. KidFly New Player

    also i know the scoreboard isnt a 100% perfect way to judge a player but something like 5k fake dmg each time the power is done is a big deal
  5. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Points taken, I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree.
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  6. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    Why is it a big deal? I never understood why DCUO had a scorecard anyways. Isn't getting the job done with minimal stress more important than numbers?
  7. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    Its competitive nature. Problem is instead of using the board as a marker to get better they cry nerf, because well getting better is hard lol.
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  8. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I know I havent, nor have I ever seen anyone that has, kicked anyone other than a dps for poor damage.

    I rarely kick anyone myself. When I do, its usually its more for personal resons (they are being a jerk for example) more than them not being able to do their assigned role.

    If everyone has no power, ever... then that may be a reason to kick a troll.

    If everyone is wiping, and not being healed.... then that may be a valid reason to kick a heal.

    If you have a tank that is using his weapon attacks constantly, failing to grab agro...then that may be a reson to part ways.

    Damage output has no bearing on those decisions, IMO.
  9. KidFly New Player

    its a big deal because like me some players only like to run with other players that they know and feel are good players...Why you ask? for a few reasons:
    1. Good players make instances go by faster and without fail
    2. When you group up with other good players it inspires you to get better
    3. When your in a good group you dont have to stress yourself about picking up another players slack
    4. It is easier to achieve feats in instances when your playing with good players

    Now with "fake" scoreboard numbers it puts all of the above reasons out of balance
  10. KidFly New Player

    ok i understand you and thats your "Opinion". It is also not just about kicking because like you said if someone is still providing for their main role they usually wont get kicked... but me on the other hand like to run with players that put out high dps numbers as well as high numbers for their role whether it be power out or healing out....When i rund with those groups i get feats done without even having to try....so i like to keep track of these players so i can group with them in the future...But "fake" damage numbers interfere with that
  11. TheRealDeathern New Player

    So now I run with inferior players? Sorry bub. Your wrong there, all the way around. We like to complete the content with as few issues as possible and as quickly as possible, just like most groups. You may sit and veiw the scorecard before, during, and after a raid to see who did what, but I dont have to. I know the people I run with, and they are going to do their job and do it well, no matter what the scoreboard says at the end, I guess that is the true difference between us. I dont pug. I dont have to scoreboard watch. I have faith in my league and its members to complete whatever content we set out to complete. Good luck to you sir.
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  12. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    If you only want to run with "good players" then join a league. I don't worry about numbers because I have confidence in the people I play with. Even if a new player is bad we help and teach. Seems like you are an elitist to me.
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  13. FrostyMagma New Player

    Kid fly is in the best league on the usps3 server, in my opinion, We are competitive within the league thats how we guage our best 8 plaayer. PvP or PvE. With this fake damage and a dps exploiting it will show us a league mate is better than he actully is and if he is.. to me this is a problem, we would like to guage our top 8 accuratley
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  14. KidFly New Player

    i never said that you run with inferior players...i dont even know who you are in game....and i have a league with some great players myself and some that i feel arent that great...so i personally like to keep the best players in my league and on my friends list in mind
  15. KidFly New Player

    i am in a league (with some great players actually) and i dont worry about it when i run with most people in the league but just like most leagues there are a few players that are not as good and i just prefer to not run with them most of time
  16. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    Wow. So you avoid fellow league mates because they aren't good. What an elitist. It's a poisoned mindset like yours that brings the community down.
  17. TheRealDeathern New Player

    In my league, we try and build up our players in game. Not tear them down in public forums.

    To each their own I guess.
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  18. KidFly New Player

    yes thats what i tend to do...that or when i do group with them i tell them what they should do to make themselves better...if they dont want to listen or just want to play how they want to play (which is cool)... i avoid them
  19. KidFly New Player

    i didnt "tear them down in public forums"....i didnt even mention their names...all i said is that their are players in my league that arent up to par with the other players in my league...plz dont crucify me for being honest
  20. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    In my league nobody tears anybody down. Even if I wasn't in a league I would try to help people that need it. I would refuse if said person is a jerk to me. I find it wrong to avoid fellow league mates because of skill. It's better to have an elitist league that doesn't accept "bad players" than avoid people that share your tag.
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