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  1. Darksilver319 New Player

    If you are still looking for a league, My league (Legacy Reborn) is recruiting. Message me in game (Darksilver) and we can talk more.
  2. Darksilver319 New Player

    Misstery, look me up in game my name is Darksilver, I think you'd fit in with Legacy Reborn, we are new but building with solid players who are like yourself. Some new some vets.
  3. mynch457 Well-Known Player

    In-game name: xxxQuantumxxx1 as well as xxxTalon
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 295/292-Skill Points 461 on each
    -Power: Quantum is Quantum and Talon is Gadgets
    -Role: DPS and Troll on both
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Ive been playing for the last 5 years nd I have grown into a pretty decent player, who is striving to be the best that I can be. There is too much more I need to finish up. My current league is not able to beat elites (Metal 1 or Metal 2 contaent), and I want to be able ot find a league that is able to do so, and that we I can finish the feats I need in those two episode. Going forward I want to be in a league that isn't scared to tackle the new episodes and attempt feats as well. I should ention that I am a feat hunter. I want every feat that I can earn in the game, so if the league isn't geared towards feats, we will not get along.

    On my gadgets toon, I currently have 1 artifact at 200, an the other 2 at 160. My troll artifacts are at 140 and 150. I also have all of my orgin augments matxed at 257, as well as my head augments at 23.

    On my quantum toon, I have one artifact at 183, another at 160, and a third at 161. All of my orgin augments are maxed out and ALL of my head augments are at 23 ( Titans - Metal Part 2) I also have 4 pack mules full of exobytes just waiting t jump my tooms to the next level the day the new DLC drops. It pays to be ready.

    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I want ot find a league thats feat oriented, because if its not, it's not going to work out between us. I want to be able to find common ground with players and a league that tearts others fair and don't play favorites. I want to build friendships and have fun and lots of laughing. When it comes to the feats, I want us to put our head down and get the job done that we went in for. I want a leauge where I can grow and eventually hit 500 skill points and is willing to help out wih that goal. I hate drama, and try to avoid it at all cost.

    I play everyday and when I need to get things done, its go time for me. I want a like minded league who can appericate and understand I want to get my daily and weekly missions done and then it's on to what ever we have planned. I'm hoping to hear from some good leagues and see what is out there.
  4. Lost_robin New Player

    *In-game name: ininitenightwing
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]:USPS4
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 127
    -Power: Gadget
    -Role: dps
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: legendary
    -About yourself: just started playing again and getting into it and have never been in a league
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Just want people to play with and none of my friends really enjoy this game like I do
  5. jwadd412 New Player

    *DiaboIical (1st L is a capital i)
    *have mic
    *want to run dps and tank
    *I’m 18+
    *havent played in yrs, just returning. Have heroes and villains and play both sides. Tend to focus on villains since returning. 255 is highest cr I have. I’m out of touch with the game due to being away so long. Only been playing for 3 days. Would like helpful info on things that have changed and to run things regularly. I like to help others, so I’ll run any lvl content.
  6. alkyr88 New Player

    server:US PC
    CR:30 (just hit 30)
    Might based Electricity
    I have a mic, I haven't used it in awhile and I don't like to speak on the mic much.
    Legendary until march 31st still on the fence of whether or not I am staying.
    over 18? yes I am 32. (not sure why that is relevant)
    I just like to play the game and enjoy it I don't care about drama or who's dps is better or any of that I am in this game to have fun.

    Ideally I would like to find a league that is pretty laid back and not playing the game as if it's a career. I would like to be in a league that exists for people to have fun playing the game and socialize. Not worrying about what my CR rating is.
  7. ISupermanRedI New Player

    *In-game name: 9th DoctoRed
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR293 Troll / 255SP
    -Power: Mental
    -Role: Controller
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Casual player on weekends and nights.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?
    I’m looking for a league to help me catch up with feats. I am a returning player from 2014.
  8. Kazee Fullford New Player

    -In-game name: Kineta Rilen. Might make another character at some point. I go by Kazee (Kah-Zee) and am more likely to respond to it than the name of my characters.
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC. I also have a PS4 but I'm not sure how possible it would be to operate cross platform.
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 30. I just reached level 30 and am starting to explore the game a bit more.
    -Power: Gagets
    -Role: Not sure. Just been solo-ing stuff for a while. I guess Damage Per Second (DPS)?
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: I bought the Ultimate Edition and was planning on buying the other episodes. Other than that I usually stick to Free 2 Play.
    -18+?: I remember the cold war...
    -About yourself: Its kinda hard for me to describe myself without sounding like a shut in. I have two degrees. One in Theatre and one in Cyber Security and am considering getting a Masters in Information Technology and Cyber Security. (finishing that second one in two weeks) I'm an EMT in the town that I live in. I'm a landlord (not a slumlord) and when I'm not tending to either of those jobs I'm in charge of External Logistics at the world's largest small arms manufacture. (This is a job I am trying to transition out of as quickly as possible) I'm also in the process of putting together a TV-ish show focusing on explaining natural science phenomenon to a wide variety of age groups. -> WWW.FuzzyLogic.TV I also staff a LARP out in New England called Bastion LARP. If you're local it might be worth checking out. -> WWW.BastionLARP.COM
    Now that I'm winding down my academic career and starting to live a bit more comfortably I'm looking to indulge my fascination with comic books by dedicating weekends and evenings to playing games like DC Universe Online.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for some folks to play the game with honestly. Would be cool to find some friends too. I'm a total nerd and would legit roleplay my characters as well when given the opportunity. IF you're willing to teach me the ins and outs of the game and not get frustrated with me when I die for the 8 bazillionth time then we'll probably get along.
  9. Eve YouTuber

    *In-game name: ·Zoe·
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]:
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: Highest CR 293 and SP 422
    -Power: Mainly Nature, but I have couple of end game alts.
    -Role: Healer mainly
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: yes, 22
    -About yourself: I'm dedicated to the game and spend a good couple hours online each day, I love helping and run content with people and chat with people online, and if I feel comfortable I talk on mic as well. I'm the editor and creator of the Gotham Gazette and I make a lot of DCUO YouTube content. I really enjoy the game.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a friendly league, I really want to put my alts somewhere where I can level them and run content as much as possible. As for my main - Nature Healer\DPS end game, ran elite in the past and doing any kind of content, so hoping the league will do a mix of all.
  10. Tangent Line Level 30

    Hi Zoe,

    Are you still in search of a league? I would like to speak more if you are still looking for a league.

    Take Care,

    Crispy Oreo
  11. Electrothing Level 30

    In-game name: Electrothing (and stable of alts)
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 124/167
    -Power: Electricity
    -Role: Heal/DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Si
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Premium with plans to become legendary again
    -18+?: ya
    -About yourself: 30 year old working man looking to have some fun again. Played for a few years starting 2012 but took a hiatus in 2015. Life happened. Met a girl, got married, kid is due somewhat soon (our first, it's a girl!)
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Something laid back but will still run Alerts/Ops as often as I'm able. I work 9-5 M-F so I have a fairly stable schedule.
  12. Dunstorm New Player

    In-game name: Fyrpulse
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: EUPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 13/16
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: Tank
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: 20 year old off from uni. Play mmos on and off when I have time. Started watching justice league cartoon which inspired me to hop back on DCUO
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking mostly for a social league and some people to level with. Wanting to just meet some new peeps and chill while playing games
  13. Katastrophi New Player

    *In-game name: Special Relativity
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 94
    -Power: Light
    -Role: DPS (Controller when I get more comfortable)
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Former hard core gamer, turned father / casual.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a league to play consistently with and catch up on content I've missed. I haven't played since 2015. I'd like to do some end-game content, but if that requires scheduled raids I'm not sure I'll be able to make that happen, my RL family comes first.
  14. Stitch JDCM New Player

    *In-game name: Stitch JDCM
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USXB
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 59
    -Power: Electricity
    -Role: DPS (still getting used to healer role)
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: casual gamer, still new to mmo’s, big fan of the DC universe, not the best at naming characters lol
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I’ve been playing solo for most of my time on DCUO, was on a league for a little while but felt like the only contributor, plus no real communication. I guess I’m looking for a league I can contribute to and will help me level up so I can get into more parts of the game and have the opportunity for cooperative play. Gimme the chance and I’ll pull my weight
  15. D34DR34P New Player

    *In-game name: Gobtá
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: EUPC/PS4
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 290/210SP
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: 21
    -About yourself: Need friends on DCUO even though i'm after feat hunters i need friendly players to chill and talk with too.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a league that has more than enough people online that are willing to help with raids and alerts from tier 4 to tier 10 to get feats that i have skipped as i don't have a lot of SP. League has to be friendly and communication is essential i hate being in quiet leagues where no one talks. Hopefully there are some knowledgeable people who can help me make the jump from 200 to 300 sp quick and help me with certain feats i cant get on my own. A bonus would be a league that does stuff together for fun like t10 raids i mean i want to farm feats dont get me wrong but sometimes i just want to have fun too.
  16. Bigg H New Player

    *In-game name: Danmuntion
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villian
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USXB
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 104/71
    -Power: gadgets
    -Role: controller
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: legendary
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: I love video games, sports, and comics
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Don’t have to many people that play this game. I enjoy this game a lot and i am just looking for people that i could game with. Also I’m new to the game and looking for help navigation through the game.
  17. Zippity New Player

    In-game name: Zippity (Villain) - Doodahday (Hero)
    Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain and/or Hero
    Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    Combat Rating/Stat Points: Newish Characters
    Power: Varies (Altaholic)
    Role: DPS at first, perhaps Healing/Control later
    Do you have a mic?: Yes, but not a fan of in-game Voice Coms, prefer external VOIP (i.e. TeamSpeak/Mumble/Ventrilo/Discord/etc)
    Legendary/Premium/F2P: All Access
    18+?: Yes, mature adult
    About yourself: Been a PC gamer since the release of the Commodore-64 back in the 80's, been an MMORPG player since the release of City of Heroes... Played many various MMORPG's and other PC games over the years...
    What are you looking for in a league and why? Friendly, Established, Mature, Active both in-game and in Voice Communication (beyond just group nights like raids and so forth)… Not big on in-game text chat as I am horrible at paying attention to the chat box while battling and farming stuff... Would prefer the League members used an external voice communications system rather then the in-game comms… Please no blind league invites in-game... Point me to your website or web based league information site so I can check out your rules and activeness prior to any invite, so I can make a well informed decision prior to joining...

    Have fun out there, and be safe...

  18. cuboltbat New Player

    In-game name Cuboltbat
    xbox gamertag Apophaus
    Faction Hero:
    -Server/Game System USXB
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points:cr 178 sp 116
    -Do you have a mic?:i have a kinect which i can talk
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P:in between memberships right now
    -About yourself:coming back after a two year break
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? people to hang out with and no drama
  19. kage1822 New Player

    *In-game name: Xirys
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: didn't pay attention, only lvl 15 and have the gear from the Siezethethrone code
    -Power: Elec
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: coming back after a long hiatus, last played before water went live
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? noob friendly (only played a bout 1-2 months before my hiatus from game due to RL reasons), accepting of non PvPers, I'm going to be only a part-time casual player
  20. DoryanR New Player

    *In-game name: Doryan38
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Héros
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: EU PC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 140/76
    -Power: Mental
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Oui
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P
    -18+?: Oui, 18 ans
    -About yourself: Que dire sur moi ? Je suis Doryan et j'adore vraiment ce jeu, je suis quelqu'un de sérieux et de mature, et je voudrais bien rejoindre une ligue.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Je cherche une ligue car j'aimerais y apporter ma contribution, et comprendre leur utilité, car pour le moment je ne la connais pas.
    Concernant ma préférence pour en rejoindre une, je vais être franc : je préfère que la ligue soit mature, qu'il n'y aient pas de gamin, et que le nom de ligne soit pas ridicule non plus.