The Official "I'm looking for a league" thread.

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  1. Riec New Player

    *In-game name: Nasty Brat
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: EUPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 64cr 51sp
    -Power: Electro
    -Role: Heal / Dps
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: newbe
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Teamplay, and if its possible a german one.
  2. Reecepo New Player

    n game name: Amelia22
    Faction: Hero
    Server: NL Switch
    Combat Rating/SP: 40
    Power: Sorcery
    Role: Healer
    Do you have a mic? Yes
    Legendary/Premium/Free: Legendary
    About yourself: I enjoy submerging myself in the world of DC and taking on my veiw of my own personal super.
    What are you looking for in a league and why? Like minded people I can share the joy of the super role play. A team that I can build a connection with and become more skilled in DCUO. Relatively new to the game but looking from friends to share with, someone who can teach me some new things and enjoy the story of the super world. :) Just another big kid.
    PS: ill be on today at 12pm or 1-2pm Central Time
  3. MentalsMistress01 New Player

    *In-game name: MsMiniMe
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: usps4
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 282 dps 279 troll (no pvp) 285 sp
    -Power: quantum
    -Role: dps/troll
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: legendary
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: work 2nd shift so I try to be on n after my shift
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Something that is active. Tired of being invited to dead, toxic leagues.
  4. Warbunny New Player

    Lifetime membership player seeking league.

    -In-game name: Sentinel Spartan

    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 47/97
    -Power: Celestial
    -Role: Healer
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Lifetime
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Longtime player with 18 toons, one for each build stat.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?
    A family. taking the toon through the questing cycle. Attempting to complete each level.
  5. BSEison Well-Known Player

    -In-game name: PyreTechnis
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 110cr / 103sp
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: Tank / Dps
    -Do you have a mic?: No
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: I've been playing for years on PS4 and PC. I mainly play on the villain side with several characters and my own league. I run mostly solo stuff or event stuff that is easy to get groups for.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I mostly play villain side, but want to level my hero up. It'd be nice to be able to use the prestige tokens and non-sellable items with prestige for something productive. And I don't feel like making a hero league like I did for my villain toons. So if any friendly drama free league is looking for a part time player then I'd be interested in signing up.
  6. thirty six Loyal Player

    I'm a longstanding villain, and I've got my hero, and a few of my leaguemates do, as well, in Pure Illusion. The league founder is a great person, and although they're small, everyone I've played with is super nice.

    They could definitely use your help with prestige. They've got a thread on here, or I can invite you if that's easier.
  7. thirty six Loyal Player

    Check out the Felonious thread, and let us know if you are interested.
  8. thirty six Loyal Player

    Check out the Pure Illusion thread on here. Great people.
  9. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    In-game name: Lantern AdamKast
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 230-Skill Points 275
    -Power: Hard Light (Surprise!)
    -Role: DPS, though I'm currently working on learning to Troll as well.
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: This is my alt currently, which I'm trying to get on par with my main. My main is currently End Game Level, and my league has kind of fizzled into nothing, so I've decided to put my focus on my Hard Light Character. I'm really enjoying taking it slow and really trying to get all of an episodes feats, styles, etc. Before I move on too far ahead. This can be problematic, because without a league, not too many people are wanting to run Earth 3 content. I've been playing for a long time, and I've put a lot of focus into my Ice Character, so I really need to catch up with Hard light, so I'm a veteran, but I'm also Re-Learning this power.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for a league that's fun and laid back. I'd love to connect with a league who loves the comics that inspire this game as much as I do. I'd also love to find a league that is very Feat Oriented, or at least VERY willing to help me feat hunt. I'm a completest, and I hate finishing content and leaving too many feats behind. I'm also looking for a group that's knowledgeable and willing to help a player grow. I've had a couple Hiatuses, and while I get the jist of exobytes and augments, I feel like there's probably a few nuances that I'm missing out on. I take a lot of pride in my roles and working towards being the best I can be. So I'm very eager to be someone that is reliable and helpful. As for why I'm looking for a league? This particular character has been a lone wolf for a while now, and I feel like it's time to find a league, because I can't grow to my full potential without a solid league to be a part of.
  10. BSEison Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the response. I will check-out their thread but if you see me on this weekend, feel free just to throw me an invite. I'll definitely be playing nights this weekend as either PyreTechnis or my BSEison character.
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  11. jutty New Player

    *In-game name: Misstery Maiden
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villian
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: Almost level 30
    -Power: Nature
    -Role: Healer
    -Do you have a mic?: Y
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Husband/Father/Gamer looking to join a group of like minded folks to hang out with and have fun with. I currently work a rotating shift job so I cannot commit to a set schedule of times to be on, but I would say I am on more than most people with a full time job due to my schedule. Just not able to commit to a set schedule, unless that schedule also rotates.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Like mentioned above, I am on my way to Endgame. I don't want my hand held to higher tiers, but to be shown how to excel at my role. Am also looking to create more characters to learn the entirety of the game. And so in the ideal League, it would be comprised of mature gamers that don't mind helping a quick study out. Thank you for reading this far, I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day, happy holidays!
  12. PyroBarbarian New Player

    -Faction Villain
    -Server/Game System USXB
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 67
    -Power: Rage
    -Role: tank
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary I think
    -About yourself: been out looking to start again and stream enjoy role playing my characters a bit had a league but Black desert stole them lol
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Teamwork someone to play this with I feel it’s mite fun that way preferably more adults than kids
  13. Experimental 2149 New Player

    *In-game name: 2149
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]:
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 192 CR, 104 Stat Points
    -Power: Rage
    -Role: Tank, Damage
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes.
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Premium
    -18+?: Nah, 16.
    -About yourself: I'm just a geek lol.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?: Interested in roleplay or any lantern leagues, especially if related to RLC, I'm currently in one but I want to look for a more active lantern league. That's really about it. If you want to contact me just whisper me in-game, or use find my discord tag here: Mr. Oguro#4231.
  14. Nememiah Bridge New Player

    *In-game name: Nememiah Bridge
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 18
    -Power: Celestial
    -Role: Healer/DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: My boyfriend and I (he's higher rated) have started playing together. He is a former PS4 player, and I'm new to the game. I used to play a lot of City of Heroes, before the fall.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? We're looking for friends and company (virtually) while we play. I'm fairly casual, he's a bit more driven. We're hoping to find a community to be a part of here. We'd definitely like a queer-friendly league.
  15. Amsgar New Player

    *In-game name: Mittnacht or Kaspah
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Both have 2 Characters
    -Server/Game System: USPC but i can come back to EUPC c:
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: Not much i am just lvl 12
    -Power: Devices
    -Role: Controll. But realy bad...
    -Do you have a mic?: No.
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P
    -18+?: 18+
    -About yourself: I am still relatively new to the game and am looking for something to add. I'm a fan of role playing, but of course it's not a must. But maybe you can find someone to play with? :D My English is not good, because I am from Germany and I never really learned the language. But if you have some patience with me? Unfortunately I doubt that there are many German-speaking players here xD And learning by doing, has something, doesn't it? :D
  16. KabutoRyder New Player

    *In-game name: Kidd Kosmika
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: low at the moment
    -Power: atomic, may change it
    -Role: dps
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P tho may bump to premium at least if I find people to run with regularly
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: been away from the game for literal years. Trying to find a good active group where folks often run missions of all types as a group, otherwise the game just bores me
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? See above
  17. Leon931 New Player

    *In-game name: Starsparker
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 55/41
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: Tank or DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary I think. Whatever daybreak all access gets me.
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Pretty new to the game. Dabbled awhile back and felt like trying my hand again. Been having fun with it.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking specifically for a group who wants to run through old content up to the current stuff. It seems like getting into the old raids can be trying these days and I just want to see the story beats and fight guys like Doomsday and Darkseid. Friendly company would be fun, too. I've been running through with my brother, but there is only so much two people can accomplish.
  18. iNuvar New Player

    291 471 101
    interested in a league small or large that runs tier ten
  19. TheKize New Player

    *In-game name: RobinIII
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System: US Switch
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 100
    -Power: Gadgets
    -Role: Controller
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P right now, but using the anniversary month to explore episode content to determine if I want to subscribe.
    -18+?: Yes

    -About yourself:
    I'm fairly new to MMO's, but I've been playing around with this one and am drawn to it as a big DC Comics fan. I've made a 90's Tim Drake Robin, since I didn't expect that version of the character to be featured heavily as an NPC (or at least with that costume). I'm most likely available to hop on 1-2 times a week.

    -What are you looking for in a league and why?
    It would be great to find some others to team up with, especially those who've patterned their characters after actual comics (or come up with interesting takes on DC/Marvel stuff). I'm interesting in playing through all the episode content somewhat sequentially, so I'd need some players who were new like me or at least willing to go back and play some of the older stuff.
  20. Darksilver319 New Player

    If you have not found a league yet, Legacy Reborn is recruiting and we are like you and your bf. Some of us are casual but we have members who are driven and want to see just how far we can go. Message Darksilver in game I am on quite a bit.