Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. LisaLoeb New Player

    Quoted for truth
  2. DjMantis New Player

    A JUKEBOX! Where I can play my mp3's from my playstation. Or some preset music if u can't do my mp3. That would be awesome.
    Speaker or speaker towers
    Guitar amp
  3. Minnion Devoted Player

    Sounds like you didn't read all of the suggestions then... Aside from stuff to make our bases look pretty, we also would like some more base items that serve some sort of function... Such as orange health barrels, full time minions that stay in the base, traps that damage any enemy we let in our base, more amenity slots, and otherwise making better quality content that directly relates to the lairs.
  4. ItsScottie New Player

    I would like a golden toilet seat!
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  5. Brit Dedicated Player

    #1. "A section of wall". Make a very simple vertical square in the style of various Lair types (Cave Wall, Bunker Wall, Eastern Wall, etc). Make it placeable as a floor item, so it can go anywhere. This will allow us, by collecting them in bulk, to repartition our base into smaller rooms, with the ability to smash through these furniture-placed fake walls for that superhero-esque feel during a fight. Having these would allow us the control to break up our Lair into a unique place, instead of everyone using the exact same format.

    #2. "Cell Door". I use a prison motiff for the Britcave. Right now, I use Vault Circuitry to represent cell doors on the wall. I would love to see a simple barred gate look with black shadow masking what is behind the gate, placable on the walls to simulate jail cells. Additionally, a full blown "Prison" Lair Style would be something I would buy in a heartbeat.
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  6. Dametria Loyal Player

    In order of importance (@ least for me):
    1. Zatanna poster to hang over my heart-shaped bed.
    2. desk (my back hurts from using occult coffee table to do paperwork)
    3. At least one more amenity node.

    Thanks for asking Mepps!!
  7. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    I don't really care about base-styles. Decorating bores me to death, I just can't do it.

    What I'd rather see are new fun weapon styles, like dual pistol Bananas, a broom as staff for my Snowman-themed tank of wich-themed characters, pan and spatula dual wield etc.
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  8. Dametria Loyal Player

    Then you should open a thread about weapon styles you want & not go off topic here.
    Thanx :)
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  9. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Player

    I think you guys have already forgotten a necessity that should have been here at launch of HT, TOILETS!!!!!
  10. Ace1 Dedicated Player

    I didn't read through all the pages but how about when PS4 launches we get a table with a PS4 sitting on it, along with the dualshock 4? You know you want to Devs :)
  11. Dametria Loyal Player

    bumping back the top so it doesn't get lost in a storm of QQ threads.

    Thanx :)
  12. enkels New Player

    The Wardrope┬┤s u promised SOE Live 2012 ..We wanna Save our Loadouts and Style-setups..If I remember right u told us about 3 Wardrope┬┤s u can Save your Styles, Setup and Loadouts ..3 Trunks (PVE, PVP, 2. Role).....Cant find the Video anymore :( PLS, any Infos about that and sry my weird english
  13. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    I did, and so did others; on the old forums, on the new forums.
    Never ever saw a green name response, and that although weapon-styles are around in this game since the beginning, while base-items are only since DLC6. o_O
  14. GrimMalbogia New Player

    The trigonic throne from the lv 28 titans mission where you have to take out the titans right before the end teleporter. Its on a mountain of bones...I need one...just sayin.
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  15. jarusa New Player

    Blackest Night. enough said.
  16. Hirollr New Player

    1. the holograms & mini scale cities inlex tower when you leave alt metro in bia
    2. being able to put things on top of rugs and things on tables and interactive things
    3. little table statues for all the bosses you beat like a bottled brainiac in sub construct & able to inspect
    4. more tv feeds from different cities and and update old with more pics in them
    5 .a very nice pool table to match the cue racks i have
    6. more than 4 amenities
    7. a vendor to buy interfaces & inhancers or add it to the soda amenity
    8. maybe a option in the mainframe where you can add ppl an ability to allow them to look in your base to see if your there & what your doing would also be good for league halls when we get them
    9. FLEUR DE LIS whole bunch of different styles (ima cajun what u expect) wanna big one on my wall like the armor one
    10. power based items especially all the lantern corps ima gl i want more lantern stuff
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  17. WintryKnight New Player

    Why not add pets for the bases that different based off character s powers like a white wolf for ice users, a hell hound for fire users, a snake for nature users, a demon for sorcery powers, a cheetah for lighting powers, lanterns would get some sort of alien species, owls for telekinesis, bears for earth users and a turtle for quantam users and a robot for gadgets and they stay at the base and you can use them kind of like the sidekicks but they all have different skills and buffs that they do for you. And you get different items to put on them kind of like we got different styles and you can name them.
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  18. Alan Scott New Player

    I'd love to see :

    1. The lamps at either side of the character. Can also be found in Gates of Tartarus' corridors and in the room where you fight Circe in Chinatown Cafe.

    2. The curtain on the left of the picture. Can also be found in the Watchtower's Magic Wing.


    Thanks !
  19. phreakout New Player

    Not one. Not one single base item. Don't want any more of the base items. Can I make that any more clear?
  20. Deathtrap New Player

    to be honest.....

    the really first thing to get done is go back to alphabetic order . . .

    its the pain in the a... to search 400+ items to find out that you already have that item.

    so please once and for all times...


    that would help everybody


    (for all of you that agree with me write the same maybe it helps)
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