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Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Shattered_Past Well-Known Player

    Movement Mode
    Perhaps in the wrong spot (my apologies) and possible already posted... but what about Earth/Nature/Natural (whatever you wish to title it).
    Super Speed: dust and stones (no lightning)
    Agility: again dust and stones, bust vine lash for grapple line
    Flight: just dust (not sure how it fits here)
    Skimming: two large stones, with dust (remember Terra?)
  2. Niteforce Active Player

    I would like to see some Material "Black Phoenix" or "Green Phoenix". We already have Gold, Red and Blue.... I think this would most definitely make a lot of peeps happy.... Especially if you could combine the Red and Black Phoenix Materials together...
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  3. Nyx· Loyal Player

    Can we get the aura Raven has? We have the white one(Pretty sure), so I would love to see the purple as well ... :)
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  4. R Reaper New Player

    Materials from other lanturn corps. I.e. Star Sapphrire. White lanturns, etc
  5. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    Video glitch material and matching aura that extends the effect.
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  6. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    why cant we just get a type of aura, an lets us color it instead of it being locked to 1 color
  7. The Dark Kryptonian Active Player

    A actual fire aura like hair :) We have Starfire's hair I'm think more of a aura like BrimStone's just as long down the back flowing up out like in this pic

  8. Wastrel New Player

    This isn't so much a specific aura or materials request as it is a mechanics request:

    1) the ability to apply materials to skins. I run around as a chrome-skin character (which I love) but it would be amazing to apply say a silver phoenix material (when it eventually comes out) to her entire skin, not just her clothing (she doesn't wear any). I imagine it would work similar to the Plaid or Vanguard of the Heavens (cosmic) skins.

    2) the ability to set auras to trigger only during specific activities. For example, set an aura to only be visible when in movement mode, or only visible when in combat. Or even better, the ability to set multiple auras this way, e.g. Aura A when in combat, but Aura B when in movement.

    I'd happily pay more $$ for these also. :)
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  9. spedog Active Player

    How about auras and materials you can actually GET instead of gambling for? I know I have perhaps griped a lot lately, but I think the majority of your player base would rather just pay for what they want instead of roulette and getting nothing they want for the amount of real money they may have spent.
  10. TheLorax Devoted Player

    They've been putting Auras and materials in episode vendors, and they gave away free materials occasionally. You could also use quarks to purchase Auras and materials from the quark vendor or Booster Gold.
  11. RunfromDanger Man Committed Player

    I know I’ve asked before but wanna ask again. Is it possible to create a program that will let us apply material to skin? I mean sure we have lava, gleaming, water, plant and bark. But what about the other materials? Anyone else wish they could apply scorching material to skin? That way your fire elemental can be wearing clothes? Not just that one. I would love to experiment with the whole thing. Wild Material skin and glowing material outfit. Chrome or Gold or Silver material skin and mechanical outfit.
  12. AlyceNefarios Well-Known Player

    I'd like more subtle auras.
    Since the very first hideous batch of auras were introduced, all of which engulfed toons entirely in garish blobs of color, auras have mainly catered to loud and abrasive styles. This sort of aura may appeal to the majority of players, but my toons would never wear 99% of current styles.
    Same goes for the accessories: I don't like any of them.
    There is no subtlety.
    I like the glimmering pink aura (although the color is more red than pink) because it is understated. The recent Pulse auras are a move in the right direction, for me. I like the Blossom aura, although it is a bit too busy, a bit too much. More auras in that style, please. The Butterfly aura sounded nice, but the reality was quite poor. A better version, with fewer, but more colorful butterflies.
    I'd like a Glimmering Heart aura, in soft red or pink, please.
    The majority of aura styles are loud, garish, abrasive, and 'dark'. They seem to me like styles aimed at teen speedsters.
    Please. :)
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  13. spedog Active Player

    They had a red metallic material that was tied to pre-pay memberships recently and that is nowhere to be earned or bought after; just gone-zo. Now you have these in the Booster Bundle and you have people getting one or two of the same auras over and over ad nauseum, or people killing themselves for the ridiculous in-game cash requests from the few that have gotten these materials-which is what most want out of the boxes. They hype and tease players and the devs work on these...for what? Here is the thing: I don't mind paying for things and I don't mind paying for a game that depends on my skill to stay in it, but skill is taken out of the equation here and you just get to spend, hope, and get taken for a ride by the con-people supplying these items in the loot boxes. Events like this and the distribution system of the items makes one thing clear: they want your money, but your loyalty? They don't even care-you can be replaced.
  14. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

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  15. Darth_Andrea Active Player

    Honestly I would like the Chroma Materials as well as the Temporal, Surging, Scorching and the like all added to the Marketplace as individual purchases. RNG boxes are great for introducing things like this. But when that lootbox goes away their impossible to get and the player prices are insane.

    As a Aura suggestion, well more of a movement effect suggestion, A lot of Speedsters myself included for my characters would love to keep the default lighting effect when we run but change the color, Red, Black, Blue, Green and Purple would be great starters. I have seen I don't know how many Light powered Speedsters so the colored lightning effect would be great.
  16. Jcal Well-Known Player

    I'd like to see a variant of the Sparking Material with blue lightning effects. Keep the light gold/light brown color it applies to the gear itself, just change the color of the lightning.
  17. MrSpiderDeath New Player

    add another aura style so u can equip 2 at once
  18. Anri Myst Level 30

    Instead of colours, I would like texture materials such as leather, velvet, denim, rubber. Of course being able to select where to apply these would be best.
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  19. infinitygauntlt Active Player

    Shadow material, Green flame aura/mat or tintable flaming material.
  20. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    ill throw a few ideas out there:
    ¤Green Ghost 3 tone material. (just like Chroma, but 3 shades of Translucent Green to give clothing a textured ghost appearance)
    ¤Daemonic Material (Random Eyeballs & Grotesque features like a Daemon Pod)
    ¤Lava Lamp Material (tintable)
    ¤Kaleidoscope Material
    ¤Steam Vent Material (2 tone tintable. 1 for rock color & 1 for steam color)
    ¤Cracked Porcelain Material
    ¤Glass Material
    ¤Rust Material
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