synthetic mods and how no one is using them

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. RSL New Player

    as i suspected, the same players seem to still be playing the game with no mods. the amount of people completely unmodded in raids has not changed as far as i can see. the few people i have seen over the past week who did use them seemed to consistently ignore affinities as well. what's you guys take on this?
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  2. cloud3 New Player

    Well either way people will get kicked. Seen it happen Idk why but our tank had them on we wipe once he gets kicked. Me I'm all for it but I can't speak for everyone
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  3. Zhire'El New Player

    I used them, I follow my role's stat bonuses and affinities and I got from CR 68 to CR 74 in about 20 mins, their really great.
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  4. RSL New Player

    you'd be surprised how many groups don't kick unmodded players.
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  5. RSL New Player

    yeah they're a good tool. i am all for them. i just suspected the players who were too lazy to farm are too lazy to spend marks as well. and it seems i was right. next time you're in a gotham wasteland duo... check yr partner real quick. i'd say 60-70 percent of the time they will be missing at least half if not all of their mods. and relying on your skill and gear to get them through it.
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  6. Zhire'El New Player

    They'd probably be wearing Beta mods, since most of the people in T4/T5 raids do anyway.
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  7. RSL New Player

    i completely disagree. they're just foregoing them. had a guy in paradox last night explain his gear was "temporary" so it was okay to miss mods and be wearing off-role gear.
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  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I can't speak for the masses ... I don't inspect often unless there are 2 trollers or healer (myself included) to see if I need to POT or not ect.

    But as for myself. I like em! My Quantum Troller slotted some T5 Vits to replace some Vit/Doms I had in there before and is now at CR 98.. My vit is higher and Dom is still well over 1000. In addition both that character and my CR 97 Ice/dual pistol DPS have complete sets of armor for both roles and thanks to synthetics by the time armories are available next week ... both sets of armor on each character will be totally modded . I can set up my skill points and be ready to Troll or DPS / DPS or Tank and be effective.

    So.. to anyone running around out there with nothing modded ... if you hate hunting exobits you have no excuse. Spend some marks and become more effective.
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  9. RSL New Player

    i don't really inspect in raids [oddly]. i just get curious in duos how badly things are gonna go. alerts i don't that much either if you don't give me a reason. duos i do pretty much every time.
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  10. Vyltran Loyal Player

    That's your point of view, but you are a bit wrong.. You can't think in a 'all-players' range cause a low-mid percentage of them do not have enough time to farm marks for synt mods, besides that pvp got easier to farm MoV. You can't obligate them to use either, as well they just work like normal mods.. anyways, as soon they feel everyone is using them, they will look somehow to have their own mods too..

    It's all about time.. :cool:
  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    A lot of people probably don't even know about them. A very small portion of the playerbase actually uses these forums. An even smaller portion probably checks the update notes on a regular basis.
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  12. BerzerkerUnit New Player

    Modding for t1-3 is completely unnecessary. T4 is only necessary to push into t5, modding 83 greens with betas is advisable, swapping betas out for Vs when you upgrade to 86 gear is wise. Moving into WotL I think not synthmodding everything you get as it comes will probably be stupid.
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  13. AriusKilim Active Player

    Honestly, I wouldn't use synthetic mods on gear if the color didn't match my socket bonus.
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  14. RSL New Player

    i never said "no players are wearing them". i didn't assert anything about "all-players". i assert and stand by the idea that the same players who were not modding before... are not modding now. it's NOT a low percentage of players who aren't modding. unless you count 20-40 percent as low.
  15. BerzerkerUnit New Player

    Given the ease of completing veng and bd once you're in full t4, you can absolutely fill out rank 4 mods. You get 5k marks just from the monthly boxes. If you can't complete both of these twice a month I don't think you'd have made it past t3 so mods aren't necessary.
  16. RSL New Player

    VERY good point there.
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  17. RSL New Player

    i'm only gonna touch on this for a second but if you think the "i don't have to mod until t5" mentality doesn't become "i'm not gonna mod until i get my 88 gear"... it's the same "i don't need to try to be the best i can be" line of thought that pervades this game right now and makes the top content unplayable at times.
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  18. DaiKaiJu New Player

    Horses and Water my friend, Horses and Water.....

    Some people don't PVP/Legends to get the marks needed to get the mods that are now easily available.
    I don't like to think people are babies, but there are not to many tutorials on how to use the many aspects of DCUO and I know I'm still learning things on here. Hell this forum is not half the community, possibly just 1/4 if not 1/5.
    I Also know some people are not in leagues or are in bad ones that don't teach other players cause they don't know themselves and in the end, you can tell some people the best way to play and they will still spite themselves and others all because, "That's not How I want to play it"

    It's all relative I suppose to some people. Than again, What do I know?.
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  19. Zhire'El New Player

    Before the update, I had about 3000 MoT, I was T3 at the time, and I knew that if I had gotten the Sunstone Edge Chest, I'd have nothing left, as apposed to waiting for the update...which would just get me 2 pieces, which was stale, so I just farmed T3 Monthly boxes gear, some gear from the Courthouse, etc. and I got Dom, Prec, Might, Resto mods and that got me up to half of T4 already.
    Those mods really help if you just pay more attention to them, I can't speak for T5 yet, but I'm sure it'll be easy to get to the required CR to get into WotL.
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  20. RSL New Player

    yeah the forum users and users who visit sites about dcuo like prolly make up a pretty small fraction of players on the game.
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