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    Very true. They will lose the new x-box players as fast as they hemorrhaged PC and PS players unless they make drastic changes and mark my words they will wait until it is too late to merge Xbox players with PC and PS players when they should incorporate xbox at the onset but they don't seem to learn from their mistakes.

    Your dev resource allocation ideas are great. You should be part of the team.
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  2. marvelousman Well-Known Player

    I agree, you are right.
    We need more changes in most aspect of the game.
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  3. marvelousman Well-Known Player

    I have awesome ideas to make this game More beautiful aesthetically.
    If I had the chance to be part of the team responsible for the graphic art, I would make many cool changes.
    one of them, the possibility of putting the symbol in 4 parts of the chest .in the middle, left, right or back.
    The possibility of it mixing all styles without having bugs.
    More expressive faces with eyes that blink.
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  5. Injustice Lord New Player

    Hi I wanna report a bug on the winged fury Style specifically on the shoulders, they look like if had a part under the shoulder of my character, id like if u could confirm and fix it. Thanks.
  6. Injustice Lord New Player

    That bug is with the powerful personality
  7. Wastrel New Player

    The Amazon Soldier head style seems to override the Emissive Eyes face style. This head style also appears to not respect regular eye color either, as changing eye color is not reflected while the Amazon Soldier head style is active.

    This is inconsistent with other head styles which do respect Emissive Eyes, or at least regular eye color (e.g. Greco-Roman, New Genesis, Paramilitary, etc.)