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  1. Dreadwolf New Player

    There are SEVERAL styles that needs fixing.
    I'm glad you fixed the Oolong back for female characters, now you need to fix the hands as well (only know about the look for Large Mesa).
    *Dev Dirt had a look at the styles when he came to visit Odyssey, and made sure the Oolong back was fixed, but the Oolong gloves still look a mess (-_-,)

    *Change the hawk wings back to the way they used to look

    *Alter positioning on the Dark Specter backpiece so that it's horizontal during flight, and not tilting to the left (Just like you did with the flapping wings)...

    *A few updates ago the devs made it so that the Batman inspired mask no longer could be used in combination to a face style.. which ofcourse is quite silly, since there are helmets that fully covers the face and still allows combining with face styles...
    I say, make it easy on yourselves Devs, and allow ALL head styles to be combined with ALL face styles, and let it be up to the player which styles it would like to wear and combine.

    Strength of the Ram head CAN be combined with any face style
    Last of the Aurochs can't
    Heart of the Lion can't.
    New Genesis head CAN
    Batman Inspired Mask can't
    Jah Kir can't
    Insectoid can't
    All of the slimline masks CAN
    Future Cop can't
    Amazon Panarchos CAN
    Amazonian can't
    Gallant Centurion CAN
    Knight can't (Even though it almost looks the same as Gallant Centurion)
    Logistics Officer CAN
    Aeronaut can't
    Sharpshooter can't
    Necromancer can't

    I could go on with all 28 pages of head styles that I have, but I think the point has been made.

    Moving on

    *Triface and Spacefarer are the same head styles. Not only similar, they are identical.

    *Neither Trigon and Winged Fury show any facial hair, even though they both are open faced head styles.

    *Twohanded - There are TWO Arcane Axes.. the old one and the new runic wapon. Why isn't the new one called Rune Axe or Runic Axe?

    *Dual Wield - There are TWO styles simply called Khadga.. One simplified and one with a little bit more detail. Change the name on one of them... either one to Simple Khadga, or the other one to Engraved Khadga or something like that.

    If anyone has any other style bugs they'd like to report, please post them here.

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  2. Darkstar Ember New Player

    Couldn't belive it when they ninja fixed the barman mask. I used to love some of those combos. Just like the devs, really.
  3. Dreadwolf New Player

    Batman Inspired Mask + Revited Ventilator was my favourite
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  4. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

  5. ThunderGunExpress Well-Known Player

    My shipmate Feenicks would like you to fix his wings.
  6. Old Gravyleg New Player

    1h style Dao Tech Sword and Futuristic Cutlass are the same exact same style with different names.
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  7. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    There are 2 League of Assassins feet styles that share that name, also Ive created 2 topics about weapon and back styles that looks the same but got different names for some reason.
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  8. Shadow Vlad New Player

    Deathstrokes bandolier cuts through the kick me sign

    *edit many of the chest styles cut into the kick me sign
  9. Star Lad Active Player

    Splendid wings clips into left leg when standing. It also clips into shield stance.
  10. Seralpha83 New Player

    As a female toon, the Lexcorp Salvation belt is being swallowed (sorry, couldn't find a better word) by the Lexcorp chest. Besides, wearing both chest and legs of the Lexcorp Salvation makes every other belt invisible, it's like there's no belt equipped.
  11. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    weapon styles are now changing with whatever style the weapon is on..when before you used to be able to lock the style into the one you wanted and switch weapons freely and the style would go back to the one you like... example.....

    i choose 131 runic brawlers but choose to not see the style and go with bare hands.... then i switch to a diff weapon and go back to brawlers.... the style on my hands is now showing as runic when before it would go back to the style i chose before as bare hands.... can we get a fix to this?
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  12. Dreadwolf New Player

    I'm going to ask what the tech support or gms would ask.. Did you click the lock button on the weapon style? Coz I've never heard of this bug..
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  13. Dreadwolf New Player

    I would like to remind everyone posting here to put click the "like" button of the Original Post for it to climb the chart.
    The more votes it get the higher chance that the devs will notice it.
  14. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    +1 for the topic.

    And and addition, which I would like to see fixed:
    The iconic backpiece from Punchline, ACE-alert, the "kick me"-sign, clips with almost EVERY chest-style, which is not a flex-suit. :(

    I farmed it for months to get it with a specific toon and would be glad, if it could be fixed, so I could wear it with any style I want to.
  15. Dreadwolf New Player

    Keep the likes and repors coming!
    Hopefully we'll see some changes!
  16. Dreadwolf New Player

    I also made a thread regarding the Vengeance Head Style that's on the test server right now.
    Same issue as with alot of the head styles we have today. Can't be combined with any face styles even though almost the entire face is revealed. And through some magic that is unknown to us, removes the characters beard, if he has one.

    Click the <LINK> and show some love
  17. vonstroke1989 New Player

    Hate that they did that to the batman inspired mask lost a lot of league members
  18. Lashback New Player

    I was really upset that I couldn't wear my v domino mask with the Bat-man inspired mask anymore. :(
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  19. Dreadwolf New Player

    I'll remind again to like the OP for it to climp the pages.
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  20. vonstroke1989 New Player

    +1 for topic
    I want to see this pass. The batman inspired mask is a must