Stop warping me, I'm not stuck!!

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Scarlet, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Angus Krozz New Player

    i have these issues to and times to when i get done with a loading screen ill get warped the worst part its going to be a long time before it gets fixed dc should give players an emergency warp option they can use anytime even in combat and have zero wait time to use it again
  2. BigBadRon Well-Known Player

    Happened to me twice yesterday, on EUPC. First was while I was looking at stuff in the broker in the WT - system detected I was "stuck" and dumped me on the Midtown teleporter. Second time, just a few minutes later, it detected I was "stuck" while checking my mail (again in the WT) but I finished doing that before it warped me, so I just got the "Hey, you're stuck!" - "Oh, no, you're not." messages.

    Edit: and no, I didn't alt-tab away from the game or anything... the first time I was browsing through the base items that the broker had in stock, the second time I was checking in-game emails.
  3. GreenDrakkon Well-Known Player

    This has also happened to me. The first couple times it happened were when I was not looking at the screen. I was in my mail and when I closed my mail down, I was at the teleporter. I was never given an option to choose "warp". I looked over at the chat box and it said I had been warped to rally because it detected I was stuck. I wasn't stuck. I know what being stuck is like since it happens often in certain places for me.
  4. Akusai New Player

    Or the fact that when it warps me I'm falling through space...come on with this!!! Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons "Worst fix ever"
  5. akaivy Dedicated Player

    This "fail" is closely related to "Please warp me. I am stuck!" fail. Please fix this. I warp when I'm not stuck and stay stuck when I am stuck. Either fix it or turn it off altogether. This was a great idea that would have been awesome if it worked. SInce it doesn't work it's just annoying. And I still have to waste a warp option if I do get stuck. Or switch characters if I have no warp option left when it happens.
  6. ARI ATARI New Player

    this system does not work at all.
    it detects im stuck when i am not.
    it does not detect im stuck when i am stuck.
    it just made things worse.
  7. Newtech Bat New Player

    as i like to say...

  8. pouncake372 New Player

    dont forget the que to hold L2/R2 so you can collect nearby loot and when entering a solo that message that says when everyone is ready your instance will begin o_O
  9. BigBadRon Well-Known Player

    And it's still doing it. I'm still getting the "you are stuck" message every time I stand still for a few seconds to deal with inventory, buy something from a vendor, read email, or anything.

    Well, anything except actually getting stuck in one of those blood well things dotted around Robinson Park a couple of days ago. Was running along and the well appeared around me. Couldn't move, but the game didn't spot that I was stuck at all.
  10. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    good solution is give players an emergency warp option that lets players warp them selves when they are stuck but, I really don't think soe is in a rush to fix it.
  11. DevDirt Developer

    Adjustments were made to stuck detection at the time of the DLC7 update (5-7-2013). Are you'll still experiencing odd stuck detection? I see that the number of people detected as stuck as reduced drastically. Please respond if you happen to trip the logic often when you felt it should not have detected you.


  12. Senshirou Committed Player

    This has happened to me since DLC 7 came out. One time I stood on a building (random building) it said I was stuck when I wasn't. When I got stuck in the watchtower after returning from an alert it wasn't detected and for 3 mins I waited laughing till I warped to my base. I really wish I took a picture because it was seriously funny.
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  13. Millbarge Developer

    The stuck detection will only fire when it notices that you are clipping into a rigid body - which could be anything from doors, heal barrels, broker/crafting terminals etc.

    Looking through the logs, it appears a lot of the stuck detections are occurring at the broker and crafting stations. If you zone out/log out on top of these objects, when you return you will most likely fall through these objects and trigger the stuck detection.

    Senshirou - Were you standing on top of an object when you zoned out of the Watchtower and into the Alert? If you weren't inside of an object then it may have been something else causing your specific issue in the Watchtower.

  14. Potent New Player

    It's not just when zoning in/out.

    I have walked over to the broker, opened it up and been searching through it for things to buy, when suddenly I am warped to the rally point because it says I was stuck.

    How do I get stuck, when I was standing still, and not stuck before opening the broker?
  15. Senshirou Committed Player

    Where I'm standing is where I got stuck. I was literally in the barricade. Prior to going to the instance I was about 2 maybe 4 steps away from it.

    EDIT: Maybe someone was in front of me, that shifted me, when I came back but I didn't see anyone.
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  16. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I saw the stuck message in the fight when Ras al Guhl stunned me by trapping me on the floor. I broke out before it did. Was before GU 25 though.
  17. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    You should give players an emergency warp option they use anytime that has a zero wait time to use again make the warp to rally that way allow players to warp themselves get rid of the automatic warp that is a great solution. The automatic warp is still not right and, i have not noticed a difference. When I'm really stuck it takes to long to detect me stuck when I'm not stuck it can say I'm stuck right away and, warp me. It's more annoying when i get past a loading screen then I get warped.
  18. DevDirt Developer

    More improvements to stuck detection went live with GU26 today. Looking from our end so far today, the number of people being warped has been reduced by more than 95%. This means stuck people are pushed out of objects instead of warped. To reproduce the issue, stand on a crafting station and log out and back in. Upon logging back in, when the crafting station loads on your client, it may be on top of you and make it so you are stuck in it and can't move. The server detects this and pushes you out of the crafting station. In cases where people still warp, we are looking at each incident individually so we can improve our logic and never warp players except in the most extreme cases. If you feel you are "stuck" but do not receive a system message from the server telling you that you are stuck, then you are stuck from some other issue but not overlapping a game object.

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  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please make sure to post if you still experience getting warped when you are not stuck, since the 28th.
  20. Abyssinal Prime New Player

    yea I experienced the same issue as the OP, I actually changed movement to avoid this issue, the issues is for ppl with flight really, I'm now acrobatics and even if I were to be stuck with acrobatics active I can climb the wall and vola no more stuck or unstuck issues, but yes this needs to be fix ASAP.
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