Stop warping me, I'm not stuck!!

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Scarlet, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Can you be specific about when you experienced these issues?
  2. Elysia Well-Known Player

    Atleast you get warped. lmao
  3. Abyssinal Prime New Player

    it was months ago for the broker issues, but recently I was in "The Chasm" and got stuck climbing a wall, was unable to get out and was there 15 minutes waiting to be "unstuck" and nothing, well I say recently but it was yesterday, I had to warp to base because everyone wiped and I was leaving I was last one out because I was waiting and had received a deserter timer.
  4. ScottSki New Player

    its still happening on the ps3 i get detecked stuck when entery an instance on ocasion or when i use my dispenser im tired of trying to get a mod out and being warped
  5. Notangie New Player

    In my base I get notified that I'm stuck, but it's stuff I could just break and be fine. What needs to be fixed is when you load under the world in a constant fall, then you warp to rally and you load under the ground again. Can't warp for another five minutes.
  6. Dirty Fred New Player

    I just noticed that you stuck Scarlet....
    I will now Warp you to a more desirable Loacation to my private Chambers where i be waiting in a tight leopard string & a rose under my right ear.
    For both our comort i have taken the Liberty & open a bottle of champagne aswell under the sparkeling sound of my fireplace....
  7. Toxiic Committed Player

    For the past week with my superspeed i've been falling through the hall of doom while running through the meta wing. After I warp to rally, I guess the rally spawn location didnt render properly and i'd fall right back down into nothing. I tried to log out before but I would just fall into nothing again so I decided to wait. After 13 minutes and 23 seconds it FINALLY detected I was stuck and warped me to the rally. I started to record the time after about 3 minutes of waiting. This warping thing needs to be fixed along with some rendering issues with the ps3.

    Edit: I'm superspeed, if that matters.
  8. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Now that you aren't automatically warped, you're pushed out of the floor or wall or object of some sort ... I'd like to see, somewhere in the process of warping to rally, "Check if I'm stuck" so I can be pushed out instead of warped.
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please let us know if you are still experiencing this problem.
  10. twist New Player

    Since the push out, it's been a lot better. For me at least.
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