Stop warping me, I'm not stuck!!

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Scarlet, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. BumblingB I got better.

    So... I got the warning when I was in a cutscene and I was praying that it wouldn't boot me out of the boss battle. I think this feature was a good idea, but it doesn't work and should be removed until it is fixed.

    A good fix was mentioned, instead of warping us automatically, maybe prompt us if we want to warp. A popup window like the new trade feature. Which I like very much, btw. :)
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  2. Jambersome New Player

    I get stuck all the time. Especailly when flying in the watchtower. I have only had it tell me I was stuck one time and I wasn't even stuck. I have never had it warp me when I was stuck. Wasted a lot of my own warps doing this. What's worse is, you are still underground when logging out and logging back in.
  3. Midnight Strike New Player

    Happens to me all the time at the broker, the mailbox, and if I stop in the vault to check my inventory (to see if something that dropped is still needed on the room, or if I have enough space). I do, however, get stuck when people trap me into an area of the broker and THEN it doesn't seen to register me as stuck.
  4. ARI ATARI New Player

    it warps me when im not stuck.

    when i am stuck it doesnt warp me.

    its the opposite of what it should be.
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  5. Moxinine Voshin New Player

    Didn't read the whole thing.
  6. hugstar1208 New Player

    Experienced this for first time yesterday; new lvl 30 went to speak to Zatanna (i think) and after speaking to her found myself back at the midtown teleporter?

    Curiously though same character has been stuck in floor of watchtower, crusing along underneath the respec chamber and alts have been stuck in the floor/walls of the hall of doom and when this happens im not warped? Infact have never been warped when needing it, even as a speedster stuck in a bridge or rock in robinson park!
  7. Apostate Rising Dedicated Player

    if these kinds of glitches can remain active in their system, tell it that one is stuck and repeatedly teleporting them. it makes one wonder what other things the system can read that aren't true.
  8. xTyroneBiggumsx New Player

    Yea this happens to me too. I get warped when I dont want to, but when i'm actually stuck under a map in pvp it takes half of the match of staying still to get warped.
  9. Density Prime New Player

    Just a thought, mostly to the Devs, but wouldn't it be easier to put in a /command like /stuck, to allow the player to control when they are actually stuck and need to be ported to a Rally point?

    Rather than having the system autodetect anything like that, why not just leave that up to the players? Manual intervention tends to be a lot more reliable than having the game try to auto sense anything and act on your behalf.
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  10. Scarlet Level 30

    Yeah I have played other games that have had an option in the menu to "unstuck" with no cooldown attached. I can't see why the cooldown can't be removed from warp rally and call it "Warp Rally/Unstuck" , it doesn't move you far enough to be exploited or used as a mode of transport, surely.
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  11. Azure Heals New Player

    I was in prime, at the cut scene, and it detected me stuck. It warped me to the repair bot and I could not heal the end fight. STOP WARPING ME I'M NOT STUCK.
  12. T20thoughts New Player

    Make it a prompt instead of an automatic thing, and it'll be fine. Like, we detect you are stuck - hit the Up button on the D-pad and select "Warp to Rally" if you are having a problem.
  13. hudapak Well-Known Player

    This has happened to me too on several occasions where the message appeared saying I was stuck but in reality I was just checking my inventory or using the mail. And on the few times I was stuck on the floor or the wall or something, the message didn't even show up. It definitely is annoying - a great idea but poorly executed. I hope they fix this soon.
  14. Amarsir Well-Known Player

    A little ealier, when warping back to metropolis I landed next to a spawn, which instantly attacked me. (Because instant-aggro is a thing here, despite CoH, SWToR, and other games that found better ways). I needed it anyway, so I fought and was one hit from winning when I got warped away by a system that figured I was "stuck".

    Right after that, my arena queue fired and I was in the batcave. At some point (while winning) I got shifted down into the floor, stuck so I couldn't go up, down, or interact with anything. Pretty much the definition of stuck. Not that the game had a clue, it just sat there staring at me until I quit the match.

    So your "stuck" system has provided a false positive, a false negative, and 0% accuracy all in the span of 5 minutes. That's no mere bug, it's an impressive level of screwup.
  15. Bloodartist New Player

    I have been having "we detect you are stuck" reports for no real reason as well. So far I havent been teleported against my will though.

    (pc side)
  16. Epic Wins New Player

    I was taking a poop and got teleported onto my neighbors lawn, this is unacceptable.
  17. DCUO Anon New Player

    This function has never once got me resolved from being cast into the Cement leaving a completed wayward instance, never once resolved me from falling into the bottomless pit of the 'Under Map Teleportal', or glued to a Rally Point Floor, yet has always found its use when returning to last location to find myself not by the Soder Vendor Amenity where I Q'ed the instance, but at my front door.
  18. PlatypusMessiah New Player

    So in the span of 1 hour yesterday, I got warped twice when I wasn't stuck. Once in my lair and once in Robinson Park. And I wasn't warped when I got stuck outside the watchtower. I really don't understand the warp code.
  19. Goony New Player

    ya know its really annoying when you are in the broker at like page 70 and it says you are stuck then warps you and you have to go back to the broker and back to page 70
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  20. twist New Player

    Got warped out of the last fight in LOA. PLEASE NOTE! I AM NOT STUCK!!!
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