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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Shin-O-B Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback on Mental powers in version 1.1 of the revamp. For general combat feedback (not specific to Mental), please use this updated overview thread instead.

    When posting feedback, please include your character name, level/CR, and skill points.

    Updated changes:
    • Thought Bubble has been changed from an encase to a pull (and will be renamed Telekinetic Pull).
    • Psychic Resonance has been replaced with Psychic Prison, a damage-over-time field (area of effect) that stuns when in controller role
    • Pyrokinesis now deals damage-over-time
    • Mass Terror now deals damage-over-time
    • The levels at which Powers are unlocked have been adjusted
    • Various Power Interaction adjustments
    • Controller Role Debuff adjustments, as some Debuffs have been shifted to other abilities
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    I see that Pyrokinesis and Cyro-kinesis now do additional damage to Frostbitten and Burning enemies.

    So does that mean all other powers will benefit from other dps using PI's or am I wrong about that?
    Glad to see the dots return :)

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  3. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I don't know what you are doing but controllers DO NOT want to pull NPC's.

    You took the best stun that controllers had by nerfing (removing the stun) terror tendrils and you added this.

    Controllers do not want NPC's in their face.
    DPS really do not want NPC's in their face either.

    I can see what you might be trying to do here with animations. Gadgets has a pull and that power is worthless unless he wants to go down like a two dollar street walker. Pulls are awesome for tanks but not much good for anything else unless you are using melee as a DPS. Even then you get knocked around like a red headed step child.

    I had to edit
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  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Hate to break it to you, but Munitions is a troller power that can pull NPC's.

    Psychic Prison seems to be placed only around the position of your character(0 meters) Is there any chance we can get this changed to be a long ranged aoe dot, incase we need to back off?
  5. Kid tercel New Player

    I like that you have the option of a pull. I use the pull with munitions in certain circumstances, if you don't want it, don't use it. You don't speak for all trolls when you say that.
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  6. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Any controller that is worth his weight does not pull. A controller pulling NPC's is on par with a DPS camping out in a tanks back pocket. Its more trouble than its worth. Now if it was a stun and hold that would be different.
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  7. KobeEl Active Player

    In AnB we had to, SM Oan too if you didn't want to have a third tank just to pull the starlings away from Evil Star and stun them all together. But only HardLights Gadgets, and Quantum trolls were able to pull. So imo it's a good thing to add to mental and probably align all the troller powersets with it. Who knows if it's not gonna be needed in a near future

    Yes TT was the best Mental stun, too bad it's gone but there are other options left. And since we don't have PoT in the loadout anymore, we got options for stuns. Most likely the new AoE stun Psychic Prison, which has an amazing visual effect btw !!

    Removing the supercharge generator from TB and putting it on Horrific visage is a good idea, it's a def debuff now and can also CC (damn I love this ghost transformation) plus regen SC. Awesome ! (CD still feels a bit long tho, but seeing how OP this power now is ..., can live with it).

    About TB, being a pull and a debuff, good move too and since most people (including me) asked for the encase effect to be removed from it, we have what we asked for.

    And one bug I just noticed, Bastion is the only SC where it's not displayed [Supercharge] in the description.

    Also the cooldown on Psychic Empowerment seems reasonnable.

    So from the first look of this new Mental version, troll is attractive ! (Which is the complete opposite of my statement on V1.0)

    Good job Devs !
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  8. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Sometimes a pull is good. Like in GOM to pull the Phoenix and avoid having a 2nd Tank.
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  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Playing around with the powerset.
    I love the encasement removal. Having a pull is good too. I know quite a number of times having a pull as a controller was beneficial, but mental never had it. Thank you for this change.
    Psychic Prison is AMAZING. I do think it being placed at your feet not where you want it placed seems restricting, but it definitely a great combination with other powers. Having DoTs back makes this feel very comfortable.

    I haven't had a chance to get controller gear to try out controlling. I want to test stuns and tank pulls, but this week will be busy for me.

    Cooldown changes are really nice as well as the passive power back. Though power back definitely still makes you need to use your weapon, I think I could get a working loadout with higher skill points too.
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  10. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report:
    When Invisible, the following is displayed under "Invisibility" under Current Effects:
    [*GameEffect*] - Self

    For the Menace weapons buff, could something else besides "DPS" be used for the description under Current Effects? In the last thread, it was indicated that "DPS" did not apply to tray powers. "DPS" could be rather misleading.
  11. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    You mean because a DPS/tank power that refused to carry tank gear. :D LOL.
    I get what you are saying. I will have to admit that I have jumped in and used lasso because a tank was not pulling. Maybe it's a good thing. I always use lasso because it works better.
  12. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player


    - Psychic Empowerment still gives power back which I didn't have a problem with given how the "AM pot" system worked with damage/debuffs/cc being encouraged by its cooldown being 6 seconds. At 3 seconds for cooldown, it's free power dumps to maintain the group which goes back in the direction of allowing energy batteries to exist but makes their job easy.

    - Free PoT idea I disagree with. Now controllers who have no idea what they're doing will be giving PoT and power dumps for free and you allowed solo troll to come back.

    - Defense debuff on visage. I like it. However, with the previous mentioned two, there's too much power regen with not enough cost. I was in half dps gear on test and I was able to dump off cooldown and use my defense debuff of cooldown without even using my weapon. Pot, dumps, and a defense debuff are the main things pug look for and care about in the current difficulty of content and it's being handed out for free currently.

    - Telekenetic pull. Like the option of a second debuff for if I want to debuff at least 2 targets or miss the first debuff. However, I want this changed to be like munitions where it stuns the target and then IF I press a range tap it pulls the target toward me.

    - Phantom Flames needs cc added if there's to be a reason for it to be chosen as a damage debuff over Cryokinesis.

    Changes I'd like to see:
    - psychic empowerment power back gone
    - PoT changed to how it was before in terms of needing two trolls, and put on psychic empowerment instead of being passive. Aka two controllers dumping required to keep a good PoT on the group. Empowerment would give a tick of group pot to the group for every second of cd but the amount is half of what we have currently so you need two controllers to get the same power out amount
    - Pull changed to give an option to pull instead of being automatic
    -Phantom Flames stuns again

    Currently there's no such thing as a skill gap for controller now. The power management aspect of controlling is completely gone. Energy battery is back and basically given to players currently. At least under the old system, energy battery was dead and it forced you to troll in a different way and power management was there. Now there's no pressure to battle/cc troll, you can use throw power and that be it, and it requires no stats nor effort. As long as a controller hits psychic empowerment and one of the debuffs off cooldown, there's no such thing as being bad. I liked it when the system was:

    *paid attention and kept pot up for the group*
    *decent power out for free*
    *one occasional debuff*

    With Work/Mods:
    - maximum power out for the group
    - 2 debuffs
    - more cc

    Currently we have:

    *free pot*
    *free maximum power out*
    *free defense debuff constantly*
    *free secondary debuff periodically, prob constantly if troll gear and modded*

    With Work/Mods:
    - 2-3 debuffs
    - more cc
  13. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report:
    I'm currently experiencing some bugs related to the new power-over-time passive system if there are two controllers in the group and group members switch roles.

    First, here is the setup:
    DPS Vitalization : 917
    Controller Vitalization: 1237
    Power-over-Time Tick Range: 40 to 44

    Controller Vitalization: 1051
    Power-over-Time Tick Range: 34 to 37

    Demonstration Video:

    This starts off working properly. We're both in Controller role and we both see the +40 to +44 ticks.

    HOWEVER, I switch to DPS role at 23 seconds. At this point, I expect to start seeing Zachman's PoT ticks. None appear though. I'm not sure if Zachman was seeing his PoT ticks at this time period.

    I switch back to Controller role at 40 seconds and start seeing my Controller role ticks for the group.

    We did a couple other tests previous to this and Zachman reported seeing similar oddities where he'd stop seeing ticks when we started swapping roles.

    Passive power-over-time appears to break whenever the higher vitalization Controller swaps role.

    Another Bug:
    Zachman and I continued testing with both of us in Controller role. Somehow, we both only ended up seeing his PoT ticks of +34 to +37. We were expecting to see the +40 to +44 range since I had the higher Vitalizaiton. I don't know how to reproduce the "lower Vit Controller is the one producing PoT ticks" bug.

    Switching roles a couple of times eventually caused my +40 to +44 PoT ticks to start appearing again.
  14. Penryn Loyal Player

    How is Psychic Empowerment supposed to work in an 8 man group? Does each member of the group receive power back? I'm wondering since the Controller is receiving power back from Psychic Empowerment in 1 to 4 player groups.
  15. Penryn Loyal Player

    There have been several situations where having a pulling power was useful. Here are a few:
    * Being able to pull the small spiders off the ledge on the Broodmother boss on FoS 1.
    * Pulling the Vexer away from the main group in the final fight of Love & War
    * Pulling Atlanteans directly into an Ankh in With a Vengeance.
    * Moving the Manhunters into position in Assault & Battery.
    * The bridge section of FoS 2.

    I can think of several other examples where having a pulling power in Controller role was useful.

    This all works best if you know how to jump pull to double your pull distance and keep the enemies away from you as you pull. As it turns out, you can also do this with Telekinetic Pull:

    You even get a nice stun that lasts for a few seconds.

    It would be nice if the cooldown was shorter.

    The icon on Telekinetic Pull needs to be replaced. The bubble doesn't match the pull action of the power.
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  16. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bolt Barrage doesn't feel very powerful for a Supercharge. Consider the following example:

    Bolt Barrage did 1977 damage.
    Terror Tendrils did 1646 damage. That'd be ~1500 if the first hit hadn't crit.
    Phantom Flames does 1157 damage. Note that damage was enhanced with the PI applied from Terror Tendrils.

    In order to get the best damage out of Bolt Barrage on a single target, you have to be at point blank range. Also, there is a 30 second cooldown between supercharge uses. You can't build your supercharge to 100% and dump two consecutive supercharges into an enemy.

    With just Terror Tendrils, I do about 75% of the damage of Bolt Barrage and can use the same power again within 5 seconds.
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  17. PSYL0CKE X8 Well-Known Player

    My take away so far is I like everything except the change around the debuffs, I would like to see everything that has been added here but keeping all the debuffs back to the the O.G powers that had/did them. I still fell like i'm being roped into having something i don't want in my loadout because debuffs got changed around, I like Phantom Flames being a dot power and being a defensive debuff, I'm alright swapping Horrific Visage being a heal debuff to physic shock but having Psychic Shock still being able to stun ie it stuns the enemies nlt allowing them to heal in the process. it makes since for mental to have a pull. Telekinesis can move things with their mind i.e for this by griping pushing and pulling things with their mind
  18. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Now that's a revamp, good work, Devs. I would like to throw something out there though. Someone mentioned group buffs in another thread and I kinda thought it was a good idea. Obviously groups shields are a great buff but it's generally a supercharge. Perhaps controllers could grant crit bonuses in healing, hit chance or damage. It would give controllers a little something more to do. Just a thought :)
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  19. TheDark Devoted Player

    The cool downs on the majority of the 8 target stun powers is still too long. Mass Terror & Mass Lev for example.

    While the stun/lev duration effect for Mass Lev, Mass Terr, Prison, TK Pull, is 6 seconds, the powers that were buffed in CC effects like Psychic Shock, PryoKinesis, and Terror Tendrils have 1 second duration for CC. Granted my dom is 92, for there to be an issue with 4 powers having 6 seconds and 3 having 1 second controlling signals a problem.

    I still recommend that after effects to added. Powers in the controller powersets that provide a knockdown/back should also deal a stun afterwards to benefit from the dominance increases duration mechanic. This is how you make controller control effects unique. Unfortunately i believe you moved this over to the tank class which has never registered stuns from it's powers in the past (only knockdowns/back, juggles). Evidence is on live under combat out tab.

    Mass controlling by controllers cannot be done if using one power. Even spammable powers in Mental can only control at most 2 targets depending on what you're using.

    Empowerment still cost power for both controller and damage role. It's just very cheap. Bastion still deals 12 PoT ticks.
    Innate PoT has a 2 second gap between ticks and has a distance of 1 east to west midtown metro police station block. Same with empowerment.

    The control effects across the powerset need to be adjusted so they all function the same. Currently some last longer than others. There needs to be more emphasis on the controller controlling mechanics to make it similar to what it is on live. The developers have to understand that NPCs and their breakout profiles dictate what Control effects are practical and effective. Some NPCs completely ignore the control effect duration when performing a weapon combo. These are NPCs that on live, are controllable even though they breakout after 3 seconds.

    Bugs to report, PoT innate is rewarded to the higher vit troll even though the higher vit troll switched to damage role leaving the lesser pot troll with no innate pot active of his own.
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  20. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    I've saved many a healer with my pull, it definitely comes in handy sometimes. If I'm the back up troll it's always on my loadout :)
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