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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. krytine Loyal Player

    With how so many trolls are normally in the back if an add is in a location where the tank can not pull the troll can then use the pull to position the add so the tank can then reach the add and continue to cc
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  2. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    on this i have to agree. thought bubble should have a root effect.
  3. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i love doing this with cryokinesis to encase an ad then tossing it towards the tank with telekinesis. the problem is is this can go easily go south if the encased ad flies off in a different direction. would be nice if effects like this could be made more possible.
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  4. Graviton Well-Known Player

    Every troll should have a pull available. Doesn't mean you have to use it. It is handy when helping the tank with a runaway add. Great for tankless alerts. Besides, who doesn't love pulling adds over a cliff or into the water like on the start of Intergang crime wave. Glad too see the only troll power without a pull get one.
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  5. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    While the DPS side of Mental seems sloppy to operate; I like the changes to the Controller side.
    I like the auto-POT; as it was a desired feature to get in Elite Gear Mods.
    I would like to see Equal Debuff abilities in Dazing (Telekinetic) and in Terror Powers.
    So there would be two powers of each set available to do debuffs of healing, defense and Damage out.
    That would give the Troll options to use a variety of powers. That would be awesome!
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  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Yes you need to Spec into Power to play from the tray.

    The more Power you have, the faster your power bar will regenerate.

    My test character has about 3082 power; and I'm able to do at least 2 rotations of this:
    Mass Terror, Phantom flames, Psychic shock, and either or: Pyrokinesis/Terrorize.

    There will be times where you'll run out of power with this build, but considering the Developers want 2 controllers back in this game it makes sense.

    I could probably manage power better with a different loadout, after all: Avair said "Pay Attention to your loadouts and think about power consumption"

    I think on Live you'll be good to go with a 1-2-3-4 playstyle, as you'll probably have way more SP to spec into power versus what we got on test atm.
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  7. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    Same here. I've saved many players with a timed stun/levitate/pull.

    Another thing is that some players tend to believe when they see the word "PULL" it automatically means "AGGRO".

    There are ZERO powers in Controller Role that pulls AGGRO. TANKS pull aggro...not Controllers. Controllers have DETAUNTS. That's the complete opposite of AGGRO.

    As long as a TANK POWER hits the add first, the add will never DIRECTLY hit you even if you do pull an add as a Controller. There can be FREAK ACCIDENTS when you pull an add directly to you if you pull an add at the wrong time as a Controller. It's just knowing when it is safe to do so.

    EDIT: Same can be said for DPS that attract aggro from adds because of the mass damage they do when there's no Tank present. When you PULL an add away from a DPS, the DPS will still have AGGRO because when there's no TANK, the adds are attracted to the next HIGHEST THREAT, which is the player doing the MOST DAMAGE. As long as the DPS is doing sufficient damage, the Controller will never have to worry about an add attacking them DIRECTLY. Keyword is DIRECTLY...AoEs don't count. LOL! ;)

    I welcome the new Mental pull! It's been a long time coming!! YAY!!! (^_^)
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  8. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    The removal of PoT has me excited for a few reasons.

    It makes me believe that they want to shift focus to the Crowd Control side of the Role in the near future. I'm all for giving Controllers more CC options, like giving Mental a PULL. I really want to believe that's what's about to happen soon in Tests.

    I think they want to eventually CHANGE how groups approach adds in instances. In my opinion, hallways in alerts and raids are TERRIBLY BORING.

    1. Tank approaches adds.
    2. Tank aggros adds.
    3. Tank puts adds in a pile.
    4. DPS burns everything.
    5. Repeat...


    Think how the arena fight is inside God of Monsters/GOM Elite. You can't kill anything unless you separate the adds a certain way. ALSO, if you can think WAY back to the Batcave raids, that's how regular mob groups kinda were in the hallways. You had to separate adds in a specific way, so they could all be killed. I would love something like this to be the NORM during hallways in alerts and raids.

    Maybe they plan to overhaul add groups in the near future, so that the boring turn and burn will no longer work. I'd love it if all mob groups had certain adds that absolutely MUST be separated before anything could be killed.

    Maybe in normal content difficulty, there could be 2 mob groups that serve as gatekeepers in every hallway before the group could advance in the dungeon.

    In Elite instances, this could be changed to 4 mob groups that have 4 adds that must be separated in order for the hallway to be killed.

    For good measure, make special adds that can obliterate Tanks if not handled properly. Maybe these adds have to be controlled by...Controllers? LOL!

    I want every hallway to be this way. That way, stacking 4-5 DPS would NOT be a good idea because there wouldn't be enough Crowd Control to put a dent in anything. There would have to be strategic planning by the Controllers and Tanks. Groups would have to try new ways of approaching a regular group of adds in every single hallway.

    PLEASE!! NO MORE TANK & SPANK!!! NO MORE TURN & BURN!!!.....I can dream though, right? >.> LOL!
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  9. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    It is on test. Thought bubble got changed to Telekinetic pull I think it's called. Stuns and pulls an add and it's a defense debuff. I only want it changed to be like munitions and hl where I have the OPTION to pull. Since horrific visage is the other defense debuff and they changed it to be 12 seconds long on cooldown, I can't defense debuff several adds or bosses at the same time anymore without using the new pull ability, in which case I don't want to debuff an add and end up pulling them all over the place.
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  10. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    Good idea. Telekinetic Push is so bleh and always has been bleh in my opinion. Ever since they changed how Telekinetic Bolt works years ago, that has always been my main stun. It's so wonderful. (I look in one direction, Tele Bolt, everything in sight is stunned. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!)

    Give us the Bubble back with new ROOTED effect so they CANNOT bounce around the place, but still allow us to pick up the bubble if need be.

    Tele PUSH is just a weaker Tele BOLT. Get rid of Telekinetic PUSH and put Telekinetic PULL in it's place.

    I totally agree with this.
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  11. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    Oh, I was aware that it got a new pull, I guess I could've worded that better than I did. I'm typing so frantically because of my excitement about all the changes to my power. LOL!

    I like that one of our coolest moves got changed to a Defense Debuff. I haven't used Horrific Visage in ages. I used Pyro instead.
  12. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    yeh now its:
    psychic shock vs pyro for healing = pyro still wins cuz it has a stun still if i remember right
    phantom flames vs cryokinesis for damage = cryo since phantom flames still has no cc and cryo has a root at least
    telekinetic pull vs horrific visage for defense = horrific cc op
  13. sepiaskidmark Committed Player

    Yeah I'm not liking the pull as a debuff when your other defense debuff is 12 second cool down, I think they should add debuffing to more powers to give you a variety of playstyles.
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  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    finaly with telekinesis you can pull things, yay ^^
    if pyrokinesis adds a dot now, did you change phantom flames aswell to have a dot?
    i dont know, are you sure you want mass terror to have a dot? mistaken for phantom flames, maybe?
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  15. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i love the change... however, what happens to the elite affinity bonus that does basicly the same?
  16. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Mass terror used to be a Dot back in the Pre-Am era days, and plus: A lot of people including myself requested that.

    Phantom flames didn't get a dot, but it's a pretty good burst power imo.
  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    maybe you can clip with burst power regen psychic impoverment? please try it and tell us if it works
  18. stärnbock Devoted Player

    yeah, i know... im happy for you to get it back.
    thanks for the information on phantom flames.
    i just cant imagine FLAMES not having dots from BURNing...
  19. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    sure, when test gets back up
  20. Penryn Loyal Player

    Some Additional Feedback:
    1. Now that Max Damage mode is a 2% damage boost, that makes Improved Stealth a more appealing option for DPSing. I was having pretty good results using Invisibility for its additional loadout space. If you cast Bolt Barrage from Stealth, almost all of the hits will be crits. Bolt Barrage is still a terrible SC, but you can put other SCs like Bastion and the healing one on your Invisibility bar. The melee ambush skill was also doing decent damage.

    2. Reflect Pain seems useless. Roaming around Strykers Island at CR 70, the damage cap on Reflect Pain was right around 500 damage. That was good enough to block 2 or 3 hits from one of the Rioting Prisoners. Can something be done to improve Reflect Pain's usefulness?

    3. Psychic Prison is a must-have crowd-control power. You can easily keep a decent sized area locked down since the power duration is the same as the cooldown.
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