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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I would like to see Menace also give a Might % Bonus or Attack Crit Bonus (or Both); like other Powers have.
    Not just a weak weapon bonus that it has now. Once Mental loses its AM Bonus it will be a very weak power.
    That bonus should be on par with what Ice, Munitions, Fire, Nature, Earth, Electric, and other Powers get.
  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Menace is the attack buff right? All of them are being changed to be a weapon attack buff, so they'll all be identical in how they function.
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  3. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Did not know that, thanks!
  4. Chicken Well-Known Player

    Have they removed repair bot clipping?
  5. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    The removal ove PoT and recharge giving you power back practically costing nothing on top of the passive power back you get kills the troll role and makes it easier then ever. It removes any thinking of power management right out of the role. You can troll now by standing still and doing no weapon attacks and still regen you power and keep a full bar. The funny thing is you have all that power but still can't power a alert group properly cause of the cooldown on the recharge. How frustrating is that a troll with a full power bar but the group is still low.....what sense does that make??

    All the thinking has just been taken right out of the role, now you just show up pot it out, recharge is free a debuff kinda costs nothing cause of the passive and pot like really?? Why do that to the role? Why take managing your power out of the role that's what makes a good troll a good troll making sure he doesn't run himself dry,making sure he has enough power to throw pot again, knowing he's low on power but his cola will be up in x amount of seconds so he could use a power and be ok. Sure some people are happy but not the people who ttroll with pride and have the role down to a science. Now the troll role is even more brain dead then it is now with AM's
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  6. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    nope lol
  7. TheDark Devoted Player

    Just finalizing the control effects feedback for this round of testing.

    With 1033 Dominance, the duration on the stun control effects were NOT increased on test server. The in game description under Dom in the Stats menu says Dom is suppose to increase length of time. Keep in mind the NPCs the control effects were tested on are NPCs that are NOT programmed to breakout. So timing the control effects on these type of NPCs is reliable.

    Mass Terror (8 targets) & Psychic Prison (8 targets) stun for 6 seconds with 92 Dom and the same with 1033 Dom.
    [info on Psychic Prison - It's like a channeling or pulsing 360 degree Area of Effect controlling power. It will stun a maximum of 8 of the closest targets. In the video, a NPC lunged in and became stunned when they entered the AoE, but the furthest NPC was immediately freed from the control effect. This does not happen on LIVE. Any NPC entering a pulsing or channeling control effect becomes controlled while the original crowd of NPCs also stays controlled. This is more proof Controller CC has been nerfed on test.]

    Terror Tendrils, Psychic Shock & Pryokinesis (4+ targets) stun for 1 brief second with 92 dom and the same with 1033 Dom.

    Cryokinesis roots 2 targets per cast for 6 seconds regardless of Dom.

    Invisibility's Ambush stuns for 8 seconds but Invisibility is not even Controller Role form. Innate PoT is turned off. Ambush controllers longer than a power used in Controller role form.

    Horrific Visage stuns briefly but it's a Transformation effect. Not based on Dom CC duration mechanic. TK pull is same as Mass Terror.

    Only Levitation from Mass Levitation controlled a NPC with no breakout profile for 8 seconds. That's 2 seconds more than what was done with 92 dominance.

    Controllers have taken hit in regards to how many powers we have that actually control and the amount of time we can control is sloppy in delivery. There are too many inconsistencies with what powers can control for X amount of time with different amounts of Dom.

    If Mass Lev is the only power increasing in CC timing with 8 seconds and 1033 Dom, then the 500 dom for 1 second rule is still in effect and the other powers are just not scaling. That can be fixed and I'd support that. But the stun effects themselves are inconsistent on test server. Since that 500 dom info isn't on the menu stats description it's hard to say if it's suppose to work that way.

    On the power innate front. I suggest keeping how it works on live. Keep the Controller responsible for casting PoT & keeping it active (this is more engaging). Allow PoT to do more than just start the innate and that means let it do what it does on live (it controls, does damage, applies power interactions, and damages). No change to PoT was needed and the only reason it was made passive was because the development team messed up what they wanted to do with it on test phase 1. Even though I prefer burst PoT ticks over small consecutive ticks of PoT, I would favor altering power out to the small ticks if we could keep the powers that start PoT as is on live. This passive innate PoT is more for the casual crowd (not just play time but also awareness level) so I highly recommend the option to have passive pot go on test and be in the form of a more accessible Mod for that crowd. It would please both sides.
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  8. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    just wondering since I don't think you've mentioned it yet, but what's your opinion on the power dump giving power back to the caster?
  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    I don't think anyone knows if that is a bug or intended. TheDark and I tried testing the power dump in a > 4 man group to see if power would be returned to the caster, but some of the participants weren't very cooperative. We weren't able to tell as a result. It also didn't help that the passive power over time was very buggy in group settings.

    The mechanics for the new power dump are definitely different though.

    The problem I had with the power dump at higher tiers is that it didn't feel like it was scaling with CR very well. At CR 75 in mostly Controller-role gear, my power dump was returning 170 power to each group member. Those group members had power pools of 4500+ at that point. If a group member was completely empty, power dump was only giving a small bump to what they were receiving from my passive power over time.

    To answer the question, I'm not opposed to power dump returning power to the caster. It meant that I didn't have to worry about budgeting as much power for the power dump in all my rotations. It allowed me to play more aggressively.
  10. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    If they changed it to return power to the lowest 4-5 ppl, it'd be excessive wouldn't it?
  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    "Sloppy" is a good summary of how I would describe the state of Mental's crowd-control effects. Stun durations and the number of targets affected is very inconsistent between powers. Cyrokinesis's damage was split among a group of 8 enemies, but would only root two enemies for a few seconds. Pyrokinesis only gave a very unhelpful one second stun to a group of enemies. There was also the matter of Mass Levitation's cc effect being the only one to scale with Dominance.

    I found the best crowd-control powers to be Psychic Prison and Mass Levitation. You could keep Psychic Prison running full time and Mass Levitation's duration increased with your stats. When I was running solo/duo content, I found it was sufficient to only have Psychic Prison on my loadout.

    1. Pyrokinesis and Cyrokinesis should inflict their respective PIs and not merely use them. There is no way to setup those PIs anymore within the confines of the Mental powerset.

    2. Pyrokinesis makes references to "exploding Mental encasements." I don't think Mental has anyway to easily setup encasements now.
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  12. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    For everyone with the differing opinions about PoT, how about this - Keep the passive PoT but also let the actually PoT ability exist and let it be slightly stronger than passive PoT (Also overriding the ticks from passive PoT so you can't have both up), this way you can reward people who know what they're doing without punishing the group too much and keep the people who can't be bothered to PoT happy too.
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  13. Penryn Loyal Player

    Summarizing for the people that don't know:
    On Live, power dump splits a power pool among the three lowest powered players in the group - excluding the caster. That means if you're in a duo, your partner is always going to receive a large chunk of power back from a power dump. On Test, each group member was receiving the same amount back regardless of group size.

    To answer the question:
    Do I think being able to return power to the entire group at little cost is excessive? I don't know at this point. The only way to know for sure it to see what the group engine is like in raiding content, but I didn't have a chance to go raiding. I like basing my opinions on what I've experienced and not simple theorycrafting. I expect power drain is going to be more of an issue in raids and was interested in seeing how well two Controllers would perform. I wasn't overly impressed with the amount of power I was able to return by myself in smaller groups.
  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Just want to ask of you could please buff Bolt Barrage.
  15. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    You must realize as a controller that all types of cc is necessary and welcomed, imo sounds about right, the community complains that there's no pulls for mental, then when we do get it, there's still a issue, I don't get it at all. Afterall your entitled to not use it ya know.
  16. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Lol I know this your thing, but forget about making sense, others just like to mess it up for people because they are not satisfied with changes.
  17. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    It really isn't that bad, coming from a troll who can power heal, stun and debuff at the same time, you will see when live come.
  18. Soul ReaperX Well-Known Player

    Everyone isn't a good a troll as you m8t, there are hundreds of trolls that run dry even with AM. Its All going to be dumbed down for the majority....Thats my guess
  19. Soul ReaperX Well-Known Player

    So basically you want two tanks to be a must at all times and then its tank and spank? Its no difference just more annoying especially for adds
  20. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I just don't think dumbing and or slowing the game down for someone who isn't the best at trolling is the right way to go. We should be teaching players to become better not making something already pretty easy even easier. From past history of this game and just life in general you don't become a better player or person from getting handouts, you become better with experience, help from others and wanting to better yourself.

    If someone isn't all that great at the game most of the time its cause lack of effort and veteran players and others who like things how they are or were shouldn't have their playstyle that they have fun with taken away just cause some people don't want to apply the same effort we do.

    Many times in this game have people complained and the devs catered to them and most of the time those people don't turn into long term players or serious player that support the game. Then us who have been here since the beginning get stuck playing with the changes that were made for them that we do not enjoy as they move on to other games or occasionally play. Almost never do the longtime and hardcore players get the changes they want, its always what newer or dare i say noobs want. ( i don't mean noob in a harsh way i just can't think of another word to use right now :D) For once it would be nice to get some changes that myself and others would like.
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