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  1. Predicament Well-Known Player

    When I tested Battle Drone on 1.7 it wasn't able to be casted from stealth, has this changed? If it hasn't another suggestion would be to have it be able to be casted from stealth, please
  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    That has not changed. Battle Drone is the only supercharge you cannot cast from Stealth.

    I've asked about this change being made in previous Revamp threads. I even remember asking about it in the Advanced Mechanic Gadgets testing threads several years ago. I don't think it is going to happen.
  3. Penryn The Gadgeteer

  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    It looks like work is on-going for Suppressor Turret.

    Here is the current state of it:
    • 450 base power cost
    • 15 second immortal pet
    • 6 second cooldown
    • Does NOT inflict any power interactions
    • I observed a slight increase to its Flamethrower damage output when I setup the Burning PI on the brief testing I conducted.
    • Causes knockdown and extra damage to nearby targets when it blows up at the 15 second mark
    • The player can have multiple Suppressor Turrets out at one time. In practice, this amount to two max.
    • The in-game description is horribly out of date.
    The damage output on a single turret is still fairly terrible. It is too expensive to justify casting it for its damage output at 450 base power cost.
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  5. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Pacing Issues and Bugs
    Below are thoughts on some current pacing issues and bugs:

    Cryo-Foam Clipping
    Is Cryo-Foam supposed to be a non-interruptable channeled power that can't be clipped? That's the only plausible explanation I can come up with right now to explain its current behavior.

    I find this power very awkward to use in Controller role. You can't clip it with any of your beneficial powers like Defibrillator. If you are using Cryo-Foam as your primary stun, this behavior makes Controller role feel very clunky. Gadgets controllers can clip all of their other powers except for Cryo-Foam. Even on Damage side, I find this power awkward to use depending on your trinket rotation sequence.

    Cryo-Foam Group Grounding
    Cryo-Foam currently applies an AoE grounding effecting. Is this intended?

    Fear Gas Jump Canceling
    This one is really bugging me. If you jump cancel Fear Gas too quickly or your cast animation is canceled, you do no damage. However, you are charged for the full cost of the power. Earlier versions of Gadgets Revamps played around with the idea of only getting a few damage ticks if Fear Gas was canceled. I liked that idea. I think it works here since the current version of Fear Gas has no "big" damage ticks associated with it. All of your Fear Gas damage ticks are in the same range.

    If Fear Gas's jump canceling behavior is intended, then I'd prefer to go back to the mobile channeled power we had in 1.6. That was a lot of fun to use. You could stun your opponent at range and quickly close the distance. In the current version, there is a delay between casting the power and the stun being applied.

    Napalm Grenade Missing
    You can stand in one place and throw Napalm Grenade at a Sparring Target 10 times in a row without missing. Then you get that one throw that does nothing and it goes back to working after that cast. There were several times in group content where I observed Napalm Grenade missing. Either the target moved while the projectile was in the air or Napalm Grenade misfired on reaching the target. This behavior made me consider it an unreliable PI applicator.

    Stasis Field Clipping
    In previous versions of StatsRevamp, you could immediately clip your Stasis Field cast with Self-Destruct Signal to detonate the encasements. If you clip too aggressively now, you can mess up the encasement detonation. In group content, I was finding that I had to wait a second "just to be safe." That was really interrupting the flow of my rotations.

    Surprise Attack Range
    Somewhere going from 1.6 to 1.8, the maximum usage range for Surprise Attack was reduced by ~50%. This has made trying to land Surprise Attack in content frustrating. At the moment, the maximum cast distance is about the length of one league hall floor panel. I believe this is about equal to 5 meters. I was finding it hard to eyeball this distance in game content. Stealth's new detaunt is very useful, but it can backfire on you when trying to use Surprise Attack in group content. You end up detaunting your target and it runs off to attack your duo partner. There were several occasions where NPCs would run out of my Surprise Attack range just as I was getting ready to use it. Considering Stealth is now a 300 base cost power and Surprise Attack is 300 base power cost, that is an expensive miss. The previous attack distance was more forgiving and was easier to use in raid content.

    • Gauss Grenade - Update the description to include the [Usable While Controlled] tag.
    • Fear Gas - Update the Description to mention that it stuns enemies now. Also, either remove Fear Gas from the Empowered Channeling mod list or make it so that the power actually works with the mod.
    • Cryo-Field, Cryo-Foam, and Implosion Mine - Update the description to mention Burning enemies won't be encased.
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  6. FlreMint Active Player

    Actually the controller version of battle drone provides shield and power to allies, not only group members, everyone and their pets get a shield, this shield is similar to Bastion and stronger than Event Horizon at any given resto and dom, which only shield and give power to group members. I believe this is against the 'balance' objective we are pursuing.

    Here are my reverse engineered formulas for the named supercharges:

    Bastion (50% sc): 2.54Dom+1.857Resto-168

    Event Horizon (50% sc): 2.3Dom+1.73Resto+13

    Battle Drone (50%sc): 2.48Dom+1.85Resto+26
  7. FlreMint Active Player

    Indeed stealth's immunity and shield last for 6 seconds on test, but a more thrilling fact is that the shield seems to take unlimited damage, you wont receive any damage for the full 6 seconds, the same happens on the Mental side.
  8. FlreMint Active Player

    I'm noticing that this combo is putting almost as much damage as Asphyxiation Gas, which is a 50% supercharge. if you add a holographic decoy you can actually double Asphyxiation Gas's damage. I'm new to testing so I might be doing something wrong here. I see you are leading Gadgets testing, it'd be good to have testers as dedicated as you for the other powers! So uhm, can you confirm this?

    Mental has the same encasement exploit with Thought Bubble + Pyrokinesis. Also, encasements are still protecting the encased adds from damage...
  9. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    Well it is a mod. I've done tests and the mods absorption is limited based off dominance like any other shield; its yield is well beneath amazonium deflection for instance. It is just powerful, a mod meant to aid escaping situations and such.
    The real problem is that the devs have made powerful base mods easily accessible by stripping home turf base mods tiering systems into 3 pitifully obtainable levels for every other Brainiac ship drop off to get. If they were another accomplished consequence of upper level playing like they were when they first came out, there would never have been any base mod issues to begin with.
  10. FlreMint Active Player

    It is not just powerful, it is extremely so, at least twice as powerful than Mental's Telekinetic Shield, Bastion, Quantum's Time Bubble, Event Horizon, Gadgets's Battle drone, four times as powerful than Gadgets' Neural Neutralizer, AT LEAST, I couldn't even reach the cap...

    And well it also gives you a movement speed boost, detaunts, and immunity for 6 seconds...
  11. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Let's break down the base damage totals for single target:
    Stasis Field: One 27-29 tick
    Self Destruct Signal: One ~48 tick

    Comparing that to Asphyxiation Gas:
    Asphyxiation Gas: Five ticks of 69-76 over six seconds


    So on single target, Asphyxiation Gas is the clear winner here.

    Things get a bit more interesting when you look at group situations though. Each Stasis Field encasement divides its own 48 base damage tick. So in a large group situation, Self-Destruct Signal can theoretically do more damage than Asphyxiation Gas.

    Keep in mind that Self-Destruct Signal only works if you are able to encase the enemy. It is useless against bosses and anything that has control immunity. You also need to meet the Dom requirement to encase the enemy. In most group content, that means only a Controller will be able to setup the encasement.
  12. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    There is no need to reverse-engineer anything. The game tells you what the shielding equation is:
    Shield Strength = Base_Shield_Multiplier * (112.5% * Restoration + 150% * Dominance)

    To get the Multiplier, you just have to figure out what the damage cap is for your Resto/Dom and do a bit of Algebra.

    At 4033 Restoration and 4183 Dominance, I got the following damage caps:
    Battle Drone: 17850
    Bastion: 17846

    That gives you a Base Shield Multiplier of 165.89%.

    In case anyone is curious about Gadgets other shields, they are:
    Distract: 55.8%
    Neural Neutralizer: 98%
  13. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I'm still observing a large inbalance between similar shielding powers between powersets. Let's consider Grandeur and Distract.

    They are both 100 cost shielding powers that act as detaunts. Using the same gear, here is what I calculated the damage caps as at 4033 Restoration and 4183 Dominance:
    Grandeur: 7697
    Distract: 6009

    Under Revamp rules, I'd expect these values to be the same.
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  14. FlreMint Active Player

    Notice that the damage gap between DPS and controllers is smaller on revamp, also you did not add the holo decoy to that combo, which makes it twice as ridiculous. I can already picture the battle-controllers, which wouldn´t be that bad if they didnt have a ridiculous advantage by exploiting the Encasement PI. Also Encasements keep preventing adds from getting most weapon and powers damage from players...
  15. FlreMint Active Player

    Well there actually is a need to reverse engineer, just as you did, my formulas are not perfect, but extremely close to the real values. As you could confirm, Battle Drone shield is as strong as Bastion, but it shields and gives power to pets and allies outside of the group, which bastion - and any of the other controller group shields - does not.
  16. FlreMint Active Player

    Theres actually more differences between those two powers than just the shielding values, seems interesting to review them and I have already got most of the formulas for quantum, mental, gadgets, electricity and atomic shields... I would only be missing munitions shield to create a comparison table for the controller shields. Might do it today if I got the chance, however I believe this comparison would not belong to this thread.
  17. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    Perfect for controllers trying to remove enemy aggression and again, still weaker than Amazonium Deflection. Not sure what a bit of strength is gonna do to ruin the game. Oh no, this move can protect me from adds! Not really an issue.
    The only place it could be problematic in is PvP, and that has its own issues to be dealt with which contribute to that problem. Improved Stealth needs changes naught at all.
  18. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    Some more examples of Napalm Grenade missing:


  19. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    This isn't working properly for me. My character is locked in place whenever I try to cast Cryo-Foam.
  20. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    The in-game description mentions that the power still inflicts Burning and Electrify. The description needs to be updated.
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