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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I find it interesting that Battle Drone can shield and restore power to Pets:

    From combat.log:
    1497829426285611 [Power Out] Mr Fixit's Battle Drone healed Crystal for 350 Power
    1497829426286333 [Power Out] Mr Fixit's Battle Drone healed Mr Fixit for 1150 Power
    1497829427801300 [Power Out] Mr Fixit's Battle Drone healed Mr Fixit for 1091 Power
    1497829427803276 [Power Out] Mr Fixit's Battle Drone healed Crystal for 350 Power

    Why the difference in power return between players and pets? I'd expect Battle Drone to restore more than 350 power to Crystal while I'm receiving 1000+.
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  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Suggestions and Thoughts

    Setting aside all of the bugs, here are some thoughts and suggestions for Gadgets

    Battle Drone
    For the purposes of Controller role, it would be helpful if Battle Drone could be summoned while controlled. So a "Usable While Controlled" property would be useful.

    Fear Gas
    Remove the Panic effect and give Fear Gas a short-to-medium length stun control effect. Panic is a terrible control effect and the simple stun from 1.6 was far more useful. I know the stated intention was to keep the flavor of Live, but there is room for improvement on Fear Gas. The change would also give Gadgets Controllers another group stun option.

    Grounding Effect
    None of the powers I've tested so far have applied a "grounding" control effect. Would it be possible to re-add this as a control effect to one of Gadgets powers? Grounding is very situational, but can be very powerful at times.

    Paralyzing Dart
    The Controller version of Paralyzing Dart would benefit from a better control effect than "single-target stun." 450 base power cost is a high price to pay for a debuff and temporarily stunning a single target. When I'm constructing my Controller loadouts, I'm mostly focused on utility and power costs. I'll have my power heal supercharge, group power heal, supercharge generator, group stun, and whatever else suits the situation. Paralyzing Dart does good damage, but it doesn't have much utility outside of that. My experience in StatsRevamp 1.8 is that most of your power is going to be devoted to debuffing and power dumping. I'm not going to be able to afford a 450 base power cost power if it doesn't do more to benefit the group. Paralyzing Dart is Gadgets go-to group stun power on Live.

    This may seem like an odd observation, but the Dazing side of Gadgets feels strangely disconnected from the rest of the powerset. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, almost all of the powers that inflict Dazing within the powerset tend to be utility powers. Gadgets main methods for inflicting Dazing are Holographic Decoy, Stealth, Neural Neutralizer, and Stasis Field. Stealth and Holographic fall into the category of utility powers. Stasis Field is Gadgets Supercharge Generator and does unimpressive damage in Damage role. The range on Neural Neutralizer is very short and I only use the power for its shielding utility. Second, Vortex Cannon is the only high-cost power that utilizes a single power interaction in Gadgets. I found it difficult to build a loadout that did a good job of utilizing Vortex Cannon because of the lack of decent Dazed setup options. The situation improves a little bit if you decide to use Iconic powers like Sonic Shout and Sonic Cry.

    Power Interaction Flow
    I'm finding it easier to put together loadouts with complimentary power interactions now. One of the issues I kept running into though was being mindful of the order of power interaction precedence. For example, Cryo-Foam will not encase a Burning enemy. That's a bit of an issue because there are several powers that setup Burning via the Electrified power interaction.

    Encasement Breaking
    I like that the Encasement Breaking functionality was left on Napalm Grenade, Thermite Mine, and Sticky Bomb. Do not remove this.

    Paralyzing Dart and EMP
    I've been find it hard to utilize these powers for Damage role in solo and duo content due to the power cost. At best, they have been highly opportunistic powers that I've used to finish off low-health mobs. At worst, these two powers have been real drains on my power bar. In regards to Controller role, I haven't found them to be too useful. See my comments about Paralyzing Dart above. EMP Pulse requires multiple powers to setup its stun, though that is probably a bug. I still haven't had a chance to test these powers in Damage role in large group content.
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Just to confirm what was already mentioned pdart only stuns target npc not the group even though animation is still there. Also the npc stunned goes into a tpose.

    Was there a change to defib that prevents it from clipping? As I could no longer aggressively clip with it as a controller.

    My loadout was
    Distract, Gauss, cfoam, pdart, defib, battle drone
    Hybrid mastery.
    100SP to vit 95SP to might/power.
    All vit gen mods.
    Vit/power in yellows; vit/health and vit/might for others.
  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Were you using Cryo-Foam? Cryo-Foam can't be clipped with Defib, Distract, Self-Destruct Signal, or any other Beneficial power.

    I'm not sure if that is a bug or intended. I'm wondering whether Cryo-Foam is now classified as a channeled power.

    The change does make the Controller side feel rather clunky at times.
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  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I was using cryofoam. It might have been that, but I felt it do that with Gauss and Pdart too. So it's possible it was just me and I only noticed it after I tried to do it with cfoam.
  6. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    That may just be due to the pet stats.
    It's always been like that in general. They have small Power Pools anyway.
  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Battle Drone:
      • Updated the description and fixed issues with the pulsing shield.
    • Cryo-Field:
      • Reduced number of total ticks and increased the tick gap.
    • Will not Encase while Burning.
    • Cryo-Foam:
      • Healing debuff.
      • Now properly grounds targets.
      • Will not Encase while Burning.
    • EMP Pulse:
      • Decreased cost to 300.
      • Now properly stuns without Daze effects.
    • Fear Gas:
      • Changed the panic effect to a stun, and updated the visual FX.
    • Gauss Grenade:
      • Defense debuff.
      • Decreased cost to 100; Increased projectile duration to improve reliability.
    • Implosion Mine:
      • Now properly deals damage and increments the hit counter.
      • Will not Encase while Burning.
    • Napalm Grenade:
      • Healing debuff.
      • Decreased cost to 100.
      • Increased projectile duration to improve reliability.
      • Fixed description errors.
    • Paralyzing Dart:
      • Damage debuff.
      • Decreased cost to 300; Fixed target reaction animation.
    • Stasis Field:
      • Defense debuff.
      • Now properly appears on the Power list.
    • Sticky Bomb:
      • Damage debuff.
      • Fixed incorrect cost to 200; Updated description to include encasement detonation.
    • Thermite Mine:
      • Now increments the hit counter.
      • Fixed description errors.
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  8. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    The jump canceling behavior for Fear Gas was changed too. If you aggressively jump/fall cancel Fear Gas now, you deal no damage:

    I'm not a fan of this change. You get charged for the full cost of the power even if you do no damage. This is problematic in scenarios where you disengage flight mode to engage a group of mobs with Fear Gas. Your cast can be canceled by the fall depending on the height and you end up doing 0 damage.

    As a compromise, can we at least get some of the damage ticks - say 3 or 4 - even if Fear Gas is canceled?
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  9. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report(?)
    Is Taser Pull supposed to be single-target again?

    The description still references doing "damage to surrounding enemies".

    I didn't see any references to Taser Pull changes in the patch notes.
  10. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Cryo-Foam now applies the "grounding" effect to multiple enemies:

    When I asked about getting a similar control effect for Munitions, I received this feedback:

    Is the AoE ground control effect on Cryo-Foam intended? I was expecting "grounding" to only be applied to the targeted enemy.
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  11. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I didn't see this mentioned in the patch notes, but Paralyzing Dart is back to being an AoE stun power:

    That's a good change. The stun even works in Damage role.
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  12. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    This is an odd one:

    If I cast Paralyzing Dart in Damage role, get out of range of the target, switch to Controller role, and cast Paralyzing Dart on the same enemy, the debuff icon does not show up.

    The same thing happens with Sticky Bomb and other debuffs.
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  13. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    It's ironic. Pacing was supposedly the #1 concern for Gadgets 1.6 and now you're punishing JC on Fear Gas again. If you don't want us to JC then revert Fear Gas to a short mobile channel like it was in 1.6 instead of this "you can only JC it after a second or otherwise you lose the whole damage but still pay the full cost" shenanigans. 1.8 Fear Gas is absolute garbage in my opinion. I'm not going to let it channel and I'm also not going to sit here with a stop watch and wait for half of its animation to play out before I try to JC it. Either let us JC it instantly like we always could on live or remove the JC completely.
  14. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Can the descriptions for Cryo-Foam, Cryo-Field, and Implosion Mine be updated to say something like this:

    "Frostbitten enemies freeze and become encased. Burning enemies will not be encased."

    I think displaying that in-game would help to clear up a lot of confusion.
  15. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Clipping Cryo-Field with Stealth retains your Stealth form:

    I found that to be interesting. Clipping Neural Neutralizer or EMP with Stealth automatically removes Stealth form.
  16. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    I keep seeing this sporadically. Clipping Stasis Field too quickly with Self-Destruct Signal causes Destruct Signal not to work properly at times. Here is a demonstration:

    If you want to be sure that Self-Destruct Signal is going to work, you have to wait at least half a second.
  17. Lithiumz Well-Known Player

    Please consider changing sticky bomb back to the way it is on live servers. I really don't like the new sticky bomb.
  18. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    The description for Fear Gas currently reads:
    "Spray fear gas to panic enemies and cause damage over time."

    The description needs to be updated to read:
    "Spray fear gas to stun enemies with fright and cause damage over time."
  19. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    I'm still running into problems with Napalm Grenade missing. I can cast 10 Napalm Grenades standing from the same spot and occasionally one will miss. I don't have any updated videos because it is very random as to when Napalm Grenade will miss.
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  20. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I was doing some debuff testing tonight using an unconventional setup. I wanted to see what would happen if I placed a target between myself and the targeted enemy. From what I've seen, the debuff is applied as a ray between the player and the target. This can lead to some interesting results.

    Here is an example with Napalm Grenade:

    The Sparring Targets take the damage and control effect. My dueling partner receives the debuff and takes no damage.

    Here is an example with Paralyzing Dart:

    The Sparring Targets take the damage and control effect. My dueling partner received the debuff, FX associated with the power, and takes no damage.

    That's something to keep in mind when you cast ranged debuffs. Make sure you have clear line-of-sight to the target. Also, you need to make sure your reticule is red. The maximum casting range for some powers exceeds your debuff range.
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