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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by trederk, May 22, 2013.

  1. trederk New Member

    I just cant seem to find the perfect loadout for sorcery in the new t5 raids, I just repeced from nature, Any help??
  2. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    For alerts I use Watcher, Soul Well, Rejuvenate, Boon of Souls, Circle of Protection, and Transcendence
    For raids I use Watch, Sacrificial Offering, Rejuvenate, Soul Well or IoR, Circle of Protection, and Transcendence
  3. TheAkuma Active Member

    I have been using Rejuvenate,Hard Light Shield, Circle, Soul Well, Boon of Souls and Transendence
  4. Tharkis Well-Known Member

    As a sorcery healer in full T5 gear i can tell you that sorcery does not have it easy in the new T5 raids. The lack of any usable group burst heal, the long cooldown timers on our abilities, and the high hp / slow death rate of adds & trash combined with the high burst damage of the NPCs means that a lot of sorcery healing is quite ineffectual in the content. As a result even though I have 3500 resto, and I'm casting everything that I possibly can (literally every ability is on cooldown at all times), I can be out-healed by a nature healer with only 2500 resto and no pieces of T5 in the new raids.

    The loadout that I use which works best is as follows

    1) Watcher
    2) Boon of souls
    3) Soul Well
    4) Rejuvination
    5) CoP
    6) Transcendence

    Healing the new raids for sorcery is essentially as follows. Have your watcher out, drop your COP, drop a soul well, cilp it with boon of souls because no one can afford to twiddle their thumbs for a 4 second animation, and then all your powers are on cooldown for 15 seconds so all you CAN do is spam rejuv and hope that people dont die, hoping that if more than a single person is taking damage that your watcher tops them up enough to live till your next rejuv cast. Then whenever one of the others if off cooldown you drop it again (you can skip every other soulwell because they dont stack) Also, pray that your watcher dies frequently enough that you can re-summon it so that it has power to heal again. Optionally you can toss sacrificial offering into the 6 slot instead of transcendence since it's not a very good SC anyways, but SO is a power hog that does effectivly zero healing, and isnt worth the power slot. You'll be spending more power re-powering your watcher than you are healing.

    Transcendence is a better SC than arbiter, because if you've got competent trollers and you manage your soders & supply drops for power, you're not getting anything extra out of arbiter anyways because the best that you can do with arbiter up is... drop your cop, boon of souls, and then spam rejuv... which is what you're already doing. However, ulike the equivalent healing power SCs from nature and electric, transcendence does NOT allow you to cast any other heals while you're doing it, and the healing from transcendence alone is NOT enough to keep your group alive. While nature can drop regen supercharge, and then keep casting blossom/etc for even more healing ontop, sorcery can not do so. Transcendence is more of an 'oh fudge' move than something you will rely upon at all in T5.

    Sadly, sorc healing needs a good bit of help in T5. Sure, Sorc healing is "ez mode" in old content where the burst heals from a soulwell from NPCs dying + a COP can cover all the damage, but in 'current' hard content, sorcery is dead last for heals at the moment, it just doesnt have the tools to deal with the large amounts of incoming damage hitting more than one person at a time. This is the same problem that sorcery originally had in FOS2 before they initially nerfed the damage of bosses like the assassin. The compele lack of any burst group healing means that sorcery cant compete.
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  5. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    if you drop BoS and add SO you can clip faster and repower your watcher and supposedly SO also heals your team mates
  6. Liam Solo Active Member

    I like Arbiter of Destiny for the crit bonuses while in Arbiter form.

    Arbiter of Destiny
    The form also provides: 30% Critical Ability Attack Chance, 15% Critical Ability Attack Damage, 40% Critical Healing Chance, 50%Critical Healing Magnitude, 100% Healing Bonus. When you return to normal form, you will again have full power.

    Doubles your normal healing out easy.
  7. 478874 Well-Known Member

    Things to know about Sacrificial Offering:
    • Heals nearby teammates for 3 ticks of approximately 100-150 depending on your restoration total.
    • Fastest sorcery clip
    • Powers and heals pets, problematic to use with the Watcher because the watcher UI is still SUPER GLITCHY so it's hard to know if the watcher needs health or power at any given time. The Watcher also spams heals and runs out of power very quickly, so frequently recasting Sacrificial Offering is virtually required to get the most of out the watcher.
    • If a player has Red Soul Aura, Sacrificial Offering will consume the RSA and cause no damage to the player and the effects of Sacrificial Offering will cast immediately
    • If a player DOES NOT have Red Soul Aura, the player will take minor ticks of damage. The effects of Sacrificial Offering will not take place until the ticks of damage have occurred, essentially adding a cast time to Sacrificial Offering, approximately 2 seconds. This is especially important to note if a player is relying on the watcher, as the watcher also will take a couple seconds to cast after receiving power. The net result is about 4-5 seconds before the group will receive group heals. Obviously this is NOT ideal for reacting to heavy burst damage.
    • If a player takes ticks of damage from Sacrificial Offering, it WILL CANCEL the home turf restoration neck mod until the buff is re-applied. If a player relies on Sacrificial Offering, casting with relative frequency to power the watcher or to clip other powers, there is a good chance you are not benefiting in any way from that mod as the Buff is re-applied every 10 seconds.
    • Sacrificial Offering costs the most power of any of the sorcery powers.
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  8. Tharkis Well-Known Member

    As 478874 said above SO has a whole lot of issues. Losing 200 resto using So is not worth it (and there are not enough constant trash adds to have RSA all the time during these raids), it's a MAJOR power hog, and the amount of healing it does is miniscule, not even worth mentioning. In addition the range on it is pittiful.

    Also, no sorcery healer should EVER drop BoS for anything, Boon of Souls is in effect one of the most powerful 'heals' that sorc gets, as it's the only garunteed group effect, even though it doesnt heal, it will prevent damage on 4 players which is almost as good as a heal in some instance, and better than a heal in others. Perhaps you meant drop soul well? That can be dropped fairly easy, but again it's one of the few ways sorcery has to heal a group. IoR is unusable with it's channel time, sitting there doing nothing for several seconds waiting fo ra heal that your group needs /now/ is not an effective way to heal a group at all (and heaven forbid you get interrupted, then you've spent power and healed nothing)
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  9. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    That only works if half the team is too far away, it doesn't nothing if all 8 players are grouped together or in close range
    I did Nexus the only day got out healed by around 300k but a natural healer with 5 or 6 pieces of T5 and the best I had was only a couple pieces of CR83 gear and only 2400 something resto

    Soul Well may not be able to burst heal but it does give out heal and combined with what CoP and the Watch can make up for it
    Also Sorcery is not power hungry, I've easily been able to maintain a decent amount of power while still being able to heal

    IoR is a pain to use but if you time it just right it can become a life saver
  10. undrline Well-Known Member

    Uh, Tharkis said
    I'd have to agree with them, except I drop the watcher, not the SC.

    Watcher sometimes gets flak for being overpowered, but then, when harder content comes out, people flame it for dying all the time. Personally, I find that spends more time trying to be your personal tank, aggroing the enemy by attacking, than healing. If you are hoping that it dies so you can recast it with full healing power, there is that 10% golden soul aura healing buff you get every time it casts. I can't imagine wanting it to die, though, since it takes so long to cast. Still not sure how it gets power. I don't see it taking power from me.

    Also, have to point out that, though a Soul Well doesn't stack the burst, it does appear to give more HoT overlapping. Casting it in multiple places spreads the HoT, since it doesn't follow people the way that the other classes' HoT does.
  11. Deviant Well-Known Member

    Wow, I haven't had a chance to run the new raids yet as I'm slowly progressing my gear, but since Prime I a see pattern here. I'll have my own impression once I get in there, but Sorc healing has been rough as of late. I'm not having a problem with the new 4-mans, but I've been feeling lately, as content gets harders with NPC dealing higher damage, Sorc's HoT can't keep up. I'm up for the challenge and wont discount our abilities, but is our uphill battle steeper than others?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the bulk of Sorc healing powers is to sustain health at a steady pace, but if everyone's health is diminishing at such a higher rate, it negates the usefulness of our HoT. I'm hoping with our revamp they'll consider increasing our ticks. Be even better if they readjust it in an upcoming update. I'm not asking to make us OP but since our group burst heals are our weakness, the heals that we specialize in should equal the other healing powers specialized equivalents. As re-aligning powers is the whole point of this exercise.
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  12. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    Dropping a SC is the worst move ever and if he thinks transcendence is a bad SC then he's not doing it right
    The Watcher can build up it's power by attacking but it's a slow process
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  13. undrline Well-Known Member

    I would like to add some detail: BoS prevents damage on 3 random players, plus yourself. I still keep BoS and it's wonderful. A lot of people seem to drop shields in all the healing powersets, but the ones I've come across seem more interested in increasing scoreboard heals, or just aren't interested in deviating from a hand-me-down loadout they've come to trust from some "beast" player.
  14. BRITTENY Well-Known Member

    I've healed Nexus several times as a Sorcery healer and haven't had an issue. My load out: IOR, Rejuv, Trans or Arbiter, BoS, SW, and CoP.

    I tried SO and didn't find it beneficial at all. Your watcher dies too fast to be of any use. I removed it for IOR. Yes, the cast time stinks, but as long as you know when the big attacks are, you can cast it and heal your whole group. The heals are pretty big an very helpful. You have to really anticipate with IOR. The rest of my load out is pretty standard.

    I've found issues with transformation lag with Arbiter. I'm torn between the two supers. IMO, arbiter is the superior SC, but the transformation lag can get you killed. It's really your choice.
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  15. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    BoS is good for you and 3 others but with you and 7 others it to me becomes useless
  16. 478874 Well-Known Member

    Arbiter vs Transcendence

    • Unlimited Power
    • Form change with associated delay
    • Not an emergency super charge
    • Terribly slow and imprecise movement
    • Reduces IoR cast time from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds. NOTE, even though the cast time has been reduced, the IoR effects still take 3+ seconds to take effect. If another power is cast in the intermediate, the effects of IoR will be cancelled.
    • Double ticks on Shared Fate
    • A player is simultaneously in both healer and damage role, receving the benefits of both.
    • Soul Well will tick for damage and healing
    • No weapon attacks
    • If in DPS stance and healer gets KO'd, Arbiter form can act as a temporary substitute for KO'd healer. Obviously not up to par as a full specced healer but perhaps good enough until the KO'd healer has been revived.
    • Restores health and power to group, power restored is almost negligible though.
    • Good range
    • Interruptable by any push back moves, including regular cars in the street and the bouncy balls in the vault.
    • Cannot be cast mid jump, any such movement will immediate cancel it
    • Has a cooldown
    • Costs less power points to unlock than Arbiter
    • Can be jump cancelled
    • Provides invulnerability while channeling
    • Good to cast while others are picking up KO'd teammates
    • Usually not strong enough to mitigate massive burst damage on teammates
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  17. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    Arbiter is good once you get pass the lag of transforming but isn't it a 100% SC?
    I much rather have transcendence as it not only gives back heals but power also
  18. BRITTENY Well-Known Member

  19. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    You also get CoD and CoP with Arbiter but I don't know if either cancels the other
  20. 478874 Well-Known Member

    Yes you do, but why would you waste a slot on CoD in healer gear?

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