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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Zizzi, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Destroyer New Player

    See I've just thought it was my lag, because the mechanics never work correctly for me. At this point it's just kind of frustrating in PvP.

    I mean I might as well be fighting blind.
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  2. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    just posting in this thread so i dont have to make another thread.

    since the update the counter registration issues have reached an all time high.

    interupts are not working at all 50% of the time. no immunity, no knockdown, no red effect, nothing.

    ive ran into turtles that are holding block for an eternity and ive sat there and hit multiple BBs in a row to no avail. they are just absorbing them.

    this is not just lag, which is obviously rampant ATM, but instead just some weird counter detection issue.

    its really, really, reallly, bad right now.
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  3. BomombRook New Player

    Same problem here. Also was just playing legends and the guy was nightwing, and yet his blocking was up during most of his damn attacks. I try to attack but even when hes not blocking I get knocked down and he gets immunity. Also when the match began I could not hit him at all,literally nothing and he ended up taking the base (1v1 batcave). And then he starts to attack and I beat him easily. But when he came back his block was up after his attacks as I said earlier. Maybe a hack or just the lag. Player on the USPS3.
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  4. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Same thing has been going on with me in batcave 1v1. Its the block spammers, they block so quickly then unblock just as quick and I can't for the love of me land a hit or a blockbreaker. Then there is this random lagg I get playing this legends map. timing seems to be off somehow for me.
  5. 4th Horseman New Player

    I've noticed that there are now animations that simply go missing (at least I hope it's just that). You will get block broken with no visible sign of it. Also, Animations seem to be behind the actual battle taking place by .5 to 1 second. It's amazing how much that makes a difference. I have a hard time believing it's my connection since I can play any FPS game with no issue. Instead of fighting anyone I'm simply trying to do combo's and hope I did the correct one. I can't relay on visual cue's from the other player any longer.
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  6. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I noticed the following:
    Yesterday I played on my Laptop Legends and playing with it is more laggy than on my PC (no, the Laptop is the more powerful system I have, but its lag is worse).
    In those matches I had a lot of those counter-bugs which I did not have on my PC: My opponent got Immunity granted but I did not fall down (happened several times). Double counter punishment - falling down twice. Blockbreaks failing multiple times and massive delay between counter and its effect.

    Thus some of the bugs could be caused by lags. But what is causing the lags?
  7. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Last night while dueling a leaguemate we noticed at times he would get immunity, but I wouldn't get knocked down, nor could we figure out what counter he was even doing to grant him the immunity to begin with.

    We were testing what hard light combos are countered when the opponent is hold block. I was holding block and he was doing different construct combos to try to figure out a combo that wouldn't knock himself down. At one point I was holding and releasing block randomly. He was doing a combo into Whip and while I was standing there he got immunity. I didn't get knocked down, he didn't get knocked down. He just started blinking blue. We tried to recreate it but were unable to figure out what caused it.
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  8. Massah Committed Player

    On the USPS3 - was in an Arkham Asylum Match (I'm a hero troll full 83Pvpcr) and had a villain troll in full Punchline on my team we could not kill this Sorcercy healer on the Guard Post - He stood there blocking - and then healing. We were both MA and were spamming Shurikens and he stood there blocking and got immunity - the villain said "W.t.f. he should be dead"...I inspected him and was thinking it was the Fortified Blocking Home Turf Mod not registering BB correctly....Until I went into a 1vs1 Batcave Legends match where, admittedly the opposing player was a great Turtle burst damage utilizing Block then Brawling's tap melee hold melee clipped with Jackhammer-move, Earthqauke-move, or Flight dash move. But there were times that he would clip Stomp-smash with one of those other moves and I would get double-punished being knocked down 2-3 times - even when I would not tap Block to recover I would still receive double or triple knockdowns....was frustrating but oh well. Requeued and that glitch was happening to my opponent where I landed downward smash and they were perma-juggled to where I stopped attacking they stood-up lunged at me and got double- punished (knocked-down twice) but I was not blocking. I was going to let them have the win and walked off the node but they quit the match....smh
  9. surge914 New Player

    Since GU 25 I also experience that I'm not blockbreaking some characters when they should be.
  10. GMAN13 New Player

    please fix this issue
  11. renzhe New Player

    Not a bug. Your opponent was clipping the blockbreaker.

    Tap blockbreakers (DW, 2H, Brawl, Rifle) can be clipped. So for example, if using Brawling, you can tap range and clip with a power. Not sure about USPS3, but when done properly on USPC, the tap range animation will hardly be seen. Only 1 hold blockbreaker can be clipped (MA).

    The animation will not be seen, but if you turn up the sound, you can still hear the sounds that the weapon makes. Rifle's grenade sound is very distinctive.
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  12. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    If the new content is going to rely heavily on Counters (such as the new Iconic Anomolies), they have GOT to get the timing right.

    I'm blocking, Bane lunges ... I get knocked down and he's flashing blue. >.<
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  13. renzhe New Player

  14. Naija born Well-Known Player

  15. renzhe New Player

    Some current issues I've experienced:
    - Players getting immunity when they shldn't be. Think the hotfix only addresses this, and not the other stuff.
    - Double counters, like a double block punish. Or if someone throws a BB and blocks immediately, you lunging them gets you block punished while the other person gets punished by the lunge as well. Believe the hotfix addresses this issue.
    - Getting block break while breaking out (using a single tap block only). This is not common. To me, it seems that it occurs if 2 or more players gang up on u. So if at the point of you tapping block 1 time only to break out, anyone throwing blockbreakers could block break you. Previously, just a single tap block for breaking out is ok, and will not get you punished (unless you tap continuously or hold block to break out).
    - Tap block to break out being less responsive (to me, it just seems a little slower than before).
    - Getting stuck after breaking out. Not common but has happened.
    - Finding it harder to catch block spammers (those that tap melee then block, then tap melee continuously). I have to change to DW, from 1H to address this. But I've gotten used to the change of timings for BB and Blocks.
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  16. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Yeah, these are fairly common. I've noticed that certain interruptable powers or block breakers can be interrupted twice, consecutively, if countered fast enough.
  17. WreckTech New Player

  18. Heero Blaze Well-Known Player

    Still noticed this issue today as well. I was playing Legends 1v1 with Two-Face, used a block breaker (Grenade Launcher) on a clearly blocking opponent, broke the block (target fell and block breaking symbol appeared), was granted immunity (flashed blue), but was stuck! I couldn't move at all until the opponent recovered and started attacking again. I'm also noticing that lunges aren't being countered with block.
  19. Buster Sword New Player

    Devs need to take at look at batman and robin in legends as well. They're almost unplayable with their broken block breakers. Forget the lag, it's just not working right at all. Messin' up my teabag marathon.
  20. Woodler New Player

    I posted this in another thread - but it's better suited in here....

    I also have the same issue, I don't think its a 'lag' issue either because nothing else seems delayed with the exception of counters.

    2 Scenarios have been really annoying me though

    1. Block for half a second, I am now 2 taps into a melee combo and I get block broken
    2. I'm blocking, opponent does a melee attack and clips with a stun - the stun knocks me outs of block (wth) and I take full damage... WHY AM I GETTING KNOCKED OUT OF BLOCK WHEN MY HAND IS CLAMPED ON THE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't mind immunities, the concept is great - but when im 1v1ing and both of us get immunity (this happens quite often) then the system needs a review.
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