PvP Counters Bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Zizzi, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Kaleb57 Well-Known Player

    I think that all bb should be change to be only interruptable during the animation.
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  2. Lamar New Player

    the whole blocking counter system needs a revamp, like said in previous post there's times when you go for a bb and it doesn't bb your opponent. But what i find funny is 1h has a charge up bb so why does it have the longest counter window?
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  3. Ironvader New Player

    It's the refusal of the devs to remove or fix these garbage broken mechanic!

    That I'm moving on to Defiance! Hope some day they fix it but, don't hold your breath!

    The game was much more fun before GU13! Not so much after.
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  4. Dump Truck New Player

    You hit the nail on the head there. Before GU13:
    -no immunity
    -no wonky block/counter/BB mechanics
    -tanks were viable in pvp
    (and one of the many times fireburst was reworked - notice they said it worked 'correctly'. Just saying)

    GU13 killed many things in one swoop.
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  5. surge914 New Player

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  6. surge914 New Player

    I was doing strykers missions where I had to figth gorilla grodd projection at the end. I would blok counter him then use pulse beam with my hand blasters then block as he got up cause I assumed he would lunge. Sure enough he did but instead of him getting countered I got countered through my block like if I was still using pulse beam. Whats up with that.
  7. Zizzi New Player

    That's pretty much the issue I was describing. There is a window after you have stopped using a block breaker move that you can still be lunged, even if you are blocking or doing some other move.
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  8. Amazon Committed Player

    Today was the worst I have ever seen these mechanics they were complety broken, I was block breaking people but giving themimmunity' Harley would tap BB and I would lunge, but no affect it was basically unplayable and it had nothing' to do with lag I have a 15 MB connection speed at the moment it's completed broken.... And I can't understand why it's taking so long to address .....if this is not fixed I.n the next update I'll be canceling..... 2 year and 4 months down the drain because of poor management of technical game breaking issues. Disgusting.
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  9. surge914 New Player

    Valid point for leaving and to make matters worst they started their whole legends live thing where they showcase leagues running stuff so once they see the USPS3 side you'll know they are ignoring the issue since they'll be watching the mechanics for themselves which i'm sure they know by now anyways.
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  10. 478874 Dedicated Player

    I hit them with multiple videos with commentary of such things this weekend, hopefully they watch and feel compelled to make some changes.
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  11. thelostczarnian New Player

    a pox on the houses of those that dare vote this down!
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  12. Captain Just New Player

    Have you tested this for ALL weapons?

    Each weapon's blockbreaker animation is different...some faster than others. For things to be balanced, the window of opportunity to be interrupted must be the same. So, while using some weapons that have a fast blockbreaker animation, you will remain vulnerable to interrupt after the animation has actually completed...
  13. Kaleb57 Well-Known Player

    I feel like the interrupt ability of block breaks are somewhat scaled.
    Batman's charged batarangs can only be countered if you lunge him during or immediately after the charge. If he uses them twice, the counter window afterwards is a little longer. And if he uses them three times, the counter window is super long.

    So here's what I think;

    The length of ranged attack counter window is determined by 2 factors, whether it has a cast bar, and how long it is.

    For instance, if I use dual pistols tap range 3 times, you can't interrupt me, but you can if I use it four times, though the window of oppurtunity is really short. The tap range takes .3 seconds to complete, so 3 uses is .9s and 4 is 1.2 seconds. This makes be believe that the amount of time over 1 second you use blockbreakers is added together and counts down as you counter window.

    This means that the 1.3 second long tap BB for rifle has .3 second interrupt time, when used twice, it becomes .6 seconds, 3 times, .9s etc.
    Other moves, like the focused blasts of handblast one one handler are only interruptable during the charge and animation, (which for one hander is a little long, about .5s) this increases as the move is used more often.

    I think the same rule applies for melee attacks on block, enough attacks adding up to 1 second worth of animation will cause knockdown if used on a blocking target before the counter window is allowed to cool down.
  14. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I think you are basically correct. The ranged-taps stack into an interruptable the same as melee-taps stack into a blockable and this might be intended.

    The problem is: Some weapons suffer heavily from this:
    Pistols have multiple hitting BB attacks (actually most combos are). Everything but full-auto has at least a 2hit BB (Magnum) or much more. The punishment window is insane and this is probably the cause.

    But most of this thread is about immunities going wrong and balancing weapons is a different issue. The video shows that the immunities don't always go to the right person or aren't granted or...I won't repeat it all...
  15. Zizzi New Player

    Interesting theory, though this would mean some weapons have a very distinct advantage over others depending on the BB length.

    Regardless, I would love for a Dev to chime in here and either explain what really goes on or if this is a bug.
  16. Zizzi New Player

    Looks like this is being addressed in GU25

    Reduced the interrupt vulnerability window for players after performing block breaking attacks to 1.35 seconds based on community feedback that the window was too large.

    So this means the window after the block-breaker was indeed intended, but we have persuaded them to shorten it. Sounds like a good step, hopefully this works out well when it goes live :)
  17. Madholm New Player

    Well I don't think it's going to fix the other half dozen issues with immunity, nor the super fast minimum block duration. The block duration wasn't so bad until they changed the tap to block animation basically allowing to to insta block during tap combos.
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  18. Trinidad James Loyal Player

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  19. Horrorshow New Player

    OMG finally proof that it is buggy. THANK YOU! <3
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  20. vikingkid New Player

    I wanted to thank the dev team for acknowledging the community and implementing the balance change to the counter windows in GU 25. However, I wanted to note that the bugs discussed in this thread are still present. Blocks, interrupts, and block breakers still do not always count, and many times the counter does not rake effect for a few moments. The timing issues can lead to double counter among other things. The unregistered and laggy counter bugs still persist yet the changes to the windows have made it easier to test when they do not work. Hopefully these will be addressed soon.
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