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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Zizzi, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. renzhe New Player

    Can someone tell me if the counter timings have again been changed in GU26? Cos otherwise, the only other thing that can explain what I'm seeing is my ping, which is not so great sometimes.
  2. vikingkid New Player

    I haven't played dcuo in a while now, quit after pvp turned into a ridiculous mess, but I follow this thread to see if it will ever get fixed. O that note, a window for blocking is a terrible thing. The reason interrupts and block breakers have a window, is because they can be clipped. If they were locked to the animation, then clipping would make the players immune to counters. And we would be back to the same system we had before immunities, which was simply who could burst down the other player faster.

    Blocking can't be clipped, so the counter window should be locked to the animation. Lock the animation to .5 seconds, as it is, and blocking is fine. You will be be to see the block and react, once the block animation is over, you can't be anymore. A block window eliminates the possibility of feinting and baiting .

    I don't know what a mess the code is for the pvp mechanics, but the fix would result in block breaker having a counter window of around 1.2 seconds, interrupts having a window of about .5 seconds after the damage, and blocks being animation locked to .5 seconds with no window beyond the animation.

    Reasoning behind the above:
    -Block breakers can be used at anytime with no warning and can be clipped instantly, giving BBs the longest window allows players to react to failed BBs reliably. However, if the BB is clipped correctly the BBer can stun the opposing player as a safeguard to their mistake.
    -Interrupts are much more predictable and should have a short window. The opposing player can anticipate the coming interrupt Nd react to it, unlike the block breaker. Also, the window has to take place after the hit occurs to compensate for melee attacks with long animations, and avoid the possibility of a counter window not lasting to the point of contact.
    -Block counter windows should not exist. If the character is blocking, the interrupt will be blocked or the BB will land. The minimum amount of time a player is allowed to block will be locked to .5 seconds. As blocking cannot be clipped, there is no way to hide the block and players can react accordingly. Either through BBs or through feints.
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  3. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    Hm.... yea i agree with you, i thought it was a good idea, but in pratice i hate it :/
  4. vikingkid New Player

    I meant that I quit when the counters started getting bugged. I love the immunities, it made the pvp so much more interesting, when it was functioning. But the timing and everything is so far off that it is far more frustrating than fun.
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  5. Woodler New Player




    address, thank you.
  6. surge914 New Player

    Seems like the mechanics are more screwed now than before. If I throw a blockbreaker and then block and the guy interrupts on my block i'll still get countered. It's highly noticeable when you have explosive block that knocs your opponent away when you counter and then you range them since you knocked them away and then block assuming their gonna lunge at you since their far away and you'll still get countered even though you were blocking for at least 2 sec.

  7. chaosknight0331 New Player

    blocking well after my lunge and I still get knocked down.....**** this ********
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  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    As an update, we have made a few adjustments to timing windows, have a few more to potentially make, and a host of significant and related changes planned for our next Game Update, GU 27. We are looking forward to your feedback once these changes are live.
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  9. Bishop New Player

    Whilst I do not know the changes incoming I wish to offer some feedback presently. I have noticed that lag gameplay is occurring far more often now and counter mechanics are happening enormously out of sync with the consequent player, and this is sadly none more so in 1v1. I have spoke to a few of my friends and they agree, for whatever reason 1v1 is suffering inexplicably than the other team-based size maps. This is irrelevantly attached to Arena or Legends and I cannot place what is causing it.

    I know this game had a smooth combat orientation for quite a while back in the beginning so something has obviously cropped up and knocked it out. Whether this is the introduction of the Immunity, the alterations to PvP combat in itself (HP changes what-have-you), the growing use of clips in a learning community, the new extensions to the windows, lag combat compensation, or something else I don't know.

    What I will say is I do not think adjustments to timing windows will fix the lag problem occurring in these matches. I understand latency and lag, etc but the extremity present today is inconsistent with the lag I fought earlier on in the game's inception. Basically if my opponent lagged then it was their loss of sync yet now it feels its equally mine and I have to fight several seconds behind. Couple that with some inconsistent timing windows, which you are as mentioned fixing, and the immunity mechanic causes a whole maelstrom of combat inconsistency.

    I personally think since U25/U26 something has wildly affected the combat mechanics because the worst present lag in 1v1, PC-side, makes no sense.

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  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I noticed lately, that in quite a few situations when I interrupt my oponents blockbreak, he will get both the disable (knockdown) and damage immunty (blue flash).

    It also seems to be possible to block an attack while being stunned by another.
  11. BadHansel New Player

    yesterday I bb'd someone and interrupted him too at the same time. He used tap-bb I interrupted him and did by mistake tap-bb right after that. So while he was going down for the interrupt I saw the bb-symbol. Its quite crazy whats going on sometimes :D
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  12. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I guess that is caused by invisible windows, if we couldn't interrupt while still in that strange block-window there wouldn't be double counters, or be in the BB-window while blocking and being vulnerable to both again...

    Before this mess started, there was only one double vulnerability: Clipping an interrupt with an interruptable power. Now they are everywhere.
  13. Woodler New Player

    (this post only stands if fixes actually work)
  14. Woodler New Player

    +1, same thing on the PS3 side (EU at least)
  15. DARKKNIGHT New Player

    Yeah the windows are terrible.
    Im not an expert pvper by any means, I only run for feats. I found it literally impossible to beat amon sur(may have been sinestro) because he could instantly counter anything I did way after I used it.
    Also why can robing use his batarang damage/stun power while being countered. I thought that was the reason(gauss granade stunning and doing damage while being countered) you destroyed backdraft and burning deterimination.

    BTW what is the point of being a tank if your breakouts never work.
  16. MolleaFauss Active Player

    Nice. I'm looking forward to see that. Recently even in T5 challenges i was highly frustrated by the BB/counter mechanics. Now I klnow that's probably due to the window and - quite possibly - my network latency (i play on USPC from EU).
  17. Tunso Developer

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  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Game Update 27 has significantly changed how counters work, so we're looking for updated thoughts/reports/concerns on whether or not this is still an issue. Let us know!
  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Several changes impacting this were made in GU 27. We expect to fully resolve this with GU 28.
  20. Woodler New Player

    GU27 has helped quite a bit, there are still a few timing and breakout issues I've noticed - but still great to see something has happened
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