Livestream Previews: Dark Knights Time Capsule & Metal Part I

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Livestream Preview: Dark Knights Time Capsule

    Join us Wednesday, August 21, 2019, for a livestream preview of the next Time Capsule. Inspired by Metal's Dark Knights, this is a capsule from another Multiverse. And it is not for the faint of heart.

    The livestream will begin at 11AM PT on August 21, 2019, over on Twitch.

    Livestream Preview: Metal Part I

    Join us for a second livestream this week! Come Friday, we will unveil our latest episode, Metal Part I. Content, characters, environments, rewards - let's go!

    The livestream will begin at 12PM PT, on August 23, 2019, again over on Twitch.

    Join us in chat with your questions!

    Dark Knights Time Capsule Replay:
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  2. myandria Loyal Player

    Interesting! I will have to fit it in with my plans that day ( it's this old lady's birthday/remission celebration Day!). :D:D!
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  3. sweetbabysabes Active Player

    Congrats to her!! Always thrilled to see anyone who is in remission. Hope she has a great birthday!!
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  4. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    Another money grab.
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  5. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    AMazing to hear..
    Always Remember Real Life Comes First
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  6. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Set an alarm for both, finally some new stuff to get excited for.
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  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Thank you for announcing this two days in advance and in the Announcements.

    I've been catching up to the METAL comics at I can't say I really like the concept or execution, so far, but we can't love everything.

    I just don't find Evil Batmen either interesting or something I want to read about or see images of, but that's my problem. It strikes me as just ugly and repulsive and far too deep in the "gritty" well, which was overused by around the year 2000, but that's me.

    THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS was great, but Miller should have gone away after that (he's just gotten worse and worse and worse, though I loved his earlier Batman and Daredevil stuff, mostly), and post-Watchmen, we didn't really need more ugliness and grittiness in the DC Universe (and the recent attempts at integration are just evil, and not in a good way; way to rip off Alan Moore some more!), but, strangely, DC has never asked for my input. Oh, well.

    If I don't like these two episodes, hopefully there will be episodes more to my taste next year. And maybe I'll like these more than the comics. (Though since I find the character designs and concepts just deeply repellent, I'm doubtful. These are just nasty, creepy designs and concepts and I'm not at all into horror. Bleah.)

    I'm disappointed that there's no LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES as I'd been hoping, particularly after Mordru, but maybe next year? Pretty please? I don't get why such a deeply embedded concept in the DC Universe, which has been CONSTANTLY ON TELEVISION FOR A DECADE keeps being ignored, though. Is it just too old-fashioned?

    I'd be curious to hear from people who like/love the Metal comics talking about what the appeal is for them. I do get that loads of people love horror even though I don't, of course. Although it also depends on how it's done. I've loved most of Vertigo's output. But "creepy" doesn't equal "creative." And DC has now, of course, killed Vertigo, sigh.

    For an example of "Dark" that I like, I'm fine with Justice League Dark, both comics and the most recent DLC/Episode. That's good stuff. It doesn't feature repellent versions of characters I love. Seven evil Batmen, though? Doesn't ring my chimes. But we all get to have different taste, and maybe most folks will love the new episodes. And hopefully I'll like them more than I'm afraid I might not.

    But now I want an Inferior Five episode to compensate. Or maybe an Ambush Bug episode. (KIDDING! I think.)
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  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    What does this even mean? Are you expecting free Episodes/DLCs, beyond the fact that they're always in fact perfectly free in the Event version which lasts for many months?

    How much money did JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK "grab," exactly?

    And what's the difference between "making a profit" (good) and a "money grab" (evil)? I've never understood a clear distinction or definition. Help me out here?

    What I really wonder about is how DCUO, or anyone, manages to "grab" money from anyone unwillingly. Do they put guns to your head? Or do people simply voluntarily hand over the money because they want to buy something? Where's the force involved, exactly, that makes for a "grab" that steals your money without your consent?

    Is selling stuff in general "a money grab"? If so, well, we really need to modify capitalism for a more socialist economy. (Fine by me!)

    If not, then what's a "money grab" as opposed to a voluntary financial transaction?

    What I don't get is that if you don't want to buy something, what prevents you from not buying it?

    That's a serious question. How does money get "grabbed" from you without your consent?
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  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I play all my games in real life. I've tried moving to alternative dimensions, but so far, nothing, aside from winding up in our current Bizarro Universe.
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  10. inferno Dedicated Player

    Live Long and Prosper.
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  11. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Peace and long life.
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  12. inferno Dedicated Player

    It could be seen that way, that it deals too much on darker DC but I actually think its the reverse. The story does deal with a lot of dark stuff and can drag you down (specially when you read the alternate Batman stories) but it makes the "effort" and achievement of overcoming these dark demons all the better. It's really hard to see Superman, batman, wonder woman and the rest of the heroes shine when there is no dark background to offset them from.

    Like the song says, "you only need the light when its burning low, only miss the sun when it starts to snow.."
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  13. hero turner Well-Known Player

    It will be interesting to see what plays out I mean I am not really a big fan of my favorite heroes going to the dark side of the fence but curiosity on the other hand would be interesting to see how they overcome it, I mean look at Supes we evil version of him like Ultraman,lord Superman from the Batman beyond series,and even a twisted version of him in Injustice God's among us, we have a evil batman already with owl man,so why not a twisted version of Bats let's see what happens there's times when we see our heroes on the bad side and villains on the good lol I will be there for the event can't wait.
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  14. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Thank you for warning us ahead of time. I definitely appreciate it. Now I know when to take my lunch break.
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  15. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I still want the John-Snow-Nightwing outfit from Metal. I know that probably does not fit the spirit of Dark Knights, but the outfit appeared in it so I maintain hope.
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  16. hero turner Well-Known Player

    I think it would be nice to finally get a AI of both of the current Firestorm characters since Firestorm the nuclear men came out, I mean we have his abilities in the Atomic powers,his gear from the the Darkseid war factory and The Rip in Time missions, we need to see him in the game and a legends character also, a episode of the Firestorm nuclear men where they both team up after the death of Martin stein,ability to meld together like they did with Stein and also as separate Firestorms. Sorry I didn't want to take away from the current discussion but I just had to say it lol.
  17. Clothes New Player

  18. hero turner Well-Known Player

    still want the John-Snow-Nightwing outfit from Metal. I know that probably does not fit the spirit of Dark Knights, but the outfit appeared in it so I maintain hope...................Yeah I think it would be nice to see costumes of all that appears in the comics, I hear people still waiting to get Zatanna boots from the JLD episodes lol and a waist gear and or style of Wonder Woman's belt with the lasso hanging on the side
  19. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Not interested in the slightest in the Time Capsule stream, however, I am super pumped for the Metal Episode stream. Content over TC Cosmetics all day for me.
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  20. hero turner Well-Known Player

    Why not do a infinate power token, skills,body movement tokens separate or all in the same token to use any time you equipped it to change to whatever anytime you want, sell it in marketplace, or make it a rare, random drop in the vault or in a time capsule or a resurgence time capsule, or sell for high price in the Booster Gold or the skeets vendors in the Watchtower.

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