Livestream Previews: Dark Knights Time Capsule & Metal Part I

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  1. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    5 maybe 6. Purple armor vendor armor and tc armor from the time capsules plus it'll probably be another tc by the time metal 2 comes out in december. And I'm counting together both regs and elites/enhanced sets. If you want to count them different maybe 10 to 12 styles
  2. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    See I actually liked Metal (atleast the side stories of each origin) because it made batman(and woman) more human. Each of those batpersons were shown to be grieving a great loss that affected him. The murder machine was alfred. The dawnbreaker was his parents. The drowned was Aquawoman. The Devastator was Superman. The Merciless was Wonder Woman. The Red Death was Flash. The Batman who laughs was Joker. Sure some of them he killed them (Flash Diana Superman Joker) But before that he lost an emotion tied to them. For Superman it was hope and faith. For Wonder Woman it was love and compassion. For Flash it was friendship and belief. For Aquaman it was trust and respect. For Joker it was his humanity and morals. Each of the evil batpersons are being driven by an insurmountable amount of grief. And that's what I liked. Ironically they made Batman more human by giving him powers. Because each of those batmen was grief. Something anyone can feel. When our mother died my sister entered into a state of unfeeling shock. She just kept talking about how she had to take our mom to appointments the next day. Much like dawnbreaker entered a state of unfeelingness. Meanwhile I entered depression followed by rage. It was unfair you know? Why did it have to be my mom? Why take her the most wonderful person to grace this world and leave so many evil people here. It was unfair. These Batmen you can connect with because despite their powers. They are the loss of an emotion because of the loss of a loved one. But I'm not arguing how you feel. Just pointing out how I see it because I find it so interesting how so many people can feel so many things from the same source.
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  3. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    Superman doesn't have an episode except the episode where he "dies" honestly Even in comics nobody stays dead so the ending of the episode wasn't that big of a shock. And even tgen the style we got had absolutely nothing to do with Superman. Sure the main man style is awesome and When my toon just wants to chill he'll wear the main man legs with no feet as that comes with a good looking feet style attached but it had nothing to do with Superman or Doomsday or hell even Lois Lane. The Superman episode that was supposed to come as one of three got broken up in the monthly episodes and came as one raid (two if you want to get technical since BBS had to deal with Kandor.) one alert and one solo.
  4. spack2k Steadfast Player

    oh pls all those cry babies complaining about Batman & Superman missing Episodes... J0nn J0nzz says "get in Line" !
  5. Psycho Tech Well-Known Player

    The Twitch app once again proves unreliable on the ps4 smh. someone post a recap after & ill watch it here ig.
  6. Dark Soldier Committed Player

    I know i talked alot of crap ab it being all bman armor, but the laughing shoulders are actually nice, gonna look good on my main man chest
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  7. Batrederik Committed Player

    Saw the livestream....
    I liked the new stuff
  8. Aerith Rose Well-Known Player

    So no new artifacts it seems?

    I like the variety of materials. I just hope there not ultra rare.
  9. TheLorax Devoted Player

    I think he said the La Mort Card Accessory is the ultra rare.
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  10. Nyx· Loyal Player

    After this stream I really can't wait for Metal I stream.
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  11. Newel Devoted Player

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  12. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    Since this is a short episode cycle (~3 months between Metal I & Metal II, as opposed to 5+ months on JLD), are we going to get a discount on the vendor gear?

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