Polymorph and Horrific Visage and the Death of PvP

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Superpatriot, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. SlayingDaimon New Player

    This is about the glitch. Discuss balance in either battle of the legends of powers, weapons, and movement forums please.
  2. FeelsGood New Player

    old forums i'll try to find the post for you but this came from creative director himself, but it links back to these current forums. There was a nice long civil discussion about the new of these new mods and pets in pvp. He came right and said arenas isn't a place where we are focusing on balance. It's a place where people can go and have fun with their toons. If you want equal playing ground then legends is what one should play.

    Many posters including ones in this thread made very strong appeals which I did agree with, but unfortunately the devs and creative director of this game respectfully disagree. There's a mode for it LEGENDS was the stance is what they took.

    There is no glitch. There's just performance issues of playing a video game online (Lag) and on the PS3 when handeling form changes. SP hates dogging/ghosting and speaks about in his videos.
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  3. Savage Mind Committed Player

    I personally like that most most teams are running a sorc and a mental in pvp now. Teams were so focused on playing defensive that getting more than 2 kills a game was practically unheard of. Now matches are fast paced and less turtling is always a good thing.
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  4. Dex New Player

    Wow most the people here make no sense. Ghost is broken bc of ps3 specs and needs to be addressed just like ice armor. I can't believe I see ppl defending the ghost. There is around a 2-3 second lag before you actually get transformed into ghost, then the ghost, then when you breakout it can take another 3 seconds to change. Not to mention the time I got ghost while in my cc trinket and after breakout my character was unclothed for 3 mins. The lag makes ghosting and dogging too overpowered and everyone is flocking to those powers. I have a mental and sorcery main and I agree that something should be done to fix this. It's breaking pvp and making it boring. The dmg from ghost is pier neck compared to pyro anyway. Anyone using ghost is merely taking advantage of broken mechanics due to lag on ps3 pvp. I'll probably just quit out on premades using ghost from now on. I won't be using it on my troll.
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  5. BadHansel New Player

    Its not fair to remove cool effects like transforming someone into a ghost, only because of the ps3-limitation. Or maybe at this point we have to divide the ps3- and pc-community and to start developing in different ways for both systems.

    But its an ugly idea to remove such cool effects. Or fix it in a different way or let the transformation-effects for pc and remove it on ps3
  6. BadHansel New Player

    lol, and what do you want? Nerf mental again? Sure, nerf mental to the absolutely death :D
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  7. Purple Ace New Player

    Not at all. I was just making a point that mental already has plenty of CC's without the broken ghost on ps3. Mental is a very well balanced class without that broken move.
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  8. Dex New Player

    What he said. Ghost is actually useless except for the lag. Otherwise it wouldn't even be used
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  9. Femto Well-Known Player

    I hate to say this to all you OP members but you all were start of the excess of over polymorphing , that and hella screen blockening consistently doing you double sorcery setup and eventually mental getting added to the mix . It's no surprise most of the competitive 5s groups were like F it , if we can't beat em might as well join em , Back in my Invalid/wargod days things were a bit more cut throat ... I personally don't mind it as Savage Mind stated above about less turtling and more killing instead the boring 1000-0 matches . Like I said earlier I only use HV to troll as it's more power efficient then using pyro , dps wise I wouldn't think to use it in my loadout but I can't even Dps anymore well because you know I just end up glitching people out
  10. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    That's why I mentioned Nature in my original post along with all form changes. I control PvE a lot and I love the crowd control effects especially with mental. I agree the form changes across the game should be removed if there is no way to fix the lag with the system to break out of them.
  11. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    PVP is not the only part of this game people, look i love PVP its my favorite part of this game but a power shouldnt be removed just because of PVP I have all kinds of fun ghosting NPC and that shouldnt go away because of simply pvp people dont like it. heres a solution if your running 5's have both sides agree not to use it problem solved and we can all move on and be happy with something that is a fun adddition to game. and make mental diffrent
  12. FeelsGood New Player

    Why do these threads and post i've seen lately in this forum have so many fallacies. Here's a transformation issues on the PS3 list:

    Transformation issues on PS3: CC trinkets, Polyomorphing (dog/Ghost), Phantom zone, Natures shape changing tree, Omac, and guises.

    I know PS3 Side won the ice armor problem, but do believe it was causing lag on the PC as well (PC users correct me if i'm wrong). I see no one complaining about CC trinket. We actually lose the stat boost effect before we change out of the suit.
  13. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    They removed the Ice Armor transformation. What's so bad about changing the effect of Horrific Visage and Polymorphing? Nature is one of the next powers to be updated also. Who's to say they don't completely change up shapeshifting because of our input here?

    I'm glad to see that you agree that the transformation lag is the issue. I just think you're wrong thinking that they won't at least remove ghosting and dogging. Nature's transformations are, after all, player choice while these are not.
  14. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    I agree with everything you're saying here. I focused on dogging and ghosting because of the effect it is having in PvP with this and because the other transformations are player choice and not inflicted by others. I do agree with you though that transformation lag from all sources is a problem.
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  15. Spidersting Committed Player

    On PC it all depends on the machine you are running. Not everyone runs top of the line hardware and with the game going F2P it has drawn an even bigger crowd of players because they have nothing to lose so they push the limits and see if they can run the game on some store bought Compaq that is probably worse then the PS3.

    I have even seen some new computers run this game worse then my 5+year old PC i had last year because the integrated gfx cards are terrible for this game.
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  16. BadHansel New Player

    And because of a few peoples theyx have to remove all cool effects in the game? Oh cmon!
  17. recespieces31 New Player

    While the lag is very unnerving, I cannot say I am shocked players (some, not all) are exploiting an issue within the game due to the technical limitations of the PS3

    Whenever I enter Arenas now, I expect everything under the sun to happen in there (i.e., 10+ pets, Orbital Strikes, Ghosting/Dogging, Server latency, newest glitch to make players OP, etc.), even from premade groups now...
  18. FeelsGood New Player

    It appears developing another form helplessness would be a better choice. Thank you for the response Spider and SP.

    Has anyone started up the pets thread yet?
  19. Spidersting Committed Player

    I like the effects we have now because I just built a new PC a few months ago so it handles transforms flawlessly but I can see where the PS3 players are coming from because I did have issues with Transforms on occasion with my old PC. PS3 players don't have the option to upgrade gfx or processors to make the game run better and when the majority of your income is coming from that platform you better bet they are going to do something to correct the problem and if that involves removing transforms then so be it.

    Because lets face it if this game was PC platform only we probably wouldn't be playing this game currently.
  20. ARI ATARI New Player

    do they transform their opponents in competitive pvp on the PC servers?
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