Polymorph and Horrific Visage and the Death of PvP

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Superpatriot, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Mista E New Player

    you continue to make a fool out of yourself...

    No other CC effect in the game has these issues. If I am stunned, I can break out of it just fine, if I am encased, I can break out of it just fine, if I am rooted I can break out of it just fine. I also can get immunity from all these effects. But when it comes to ghosting/dogging I can't do any of that, the breakout mechanics are not the problem because if it was the problem, then we will be having these same issues with all the other cc effects. The transformation is the problem and the transformation is the broken mechanic, and since the devs can't fix the broken mechanics of the transformation, it needs to be replaced.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Let's try to keep this on track with useful information. Insulting each other and SOE won't get the problem fixed any faster. Voting up the thread might.
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  3. Purple Diesel New Player

    in all seriousness, I live pvp and like anything you have the flavor of the month, pvp is so awesome because you have to continually adapt to the current situation. in any given combat situation be it in game or real life you will have to adapt to the enemy and their are plenty of (debuff and breakout) abilitys and consumables. SOE and DCUO have done and continue to do a efficient job at recognizing and implementing corrections and hotfixs to address these issues. Remember there is more to a fight than weapon combos and powers, check your local vendors for some plans possibly. wink wink
  4. SlayingDaimon New Player

    That's just my theory but when I use the sinister clockwork key/toyman trinket all it does is a cosmetic change and I don't see such a lag issue. The loadout doesn't change and that's the best support I have for it vs when changing stances the issue is apparent.
  5. Potent New Player

    No, its not the breakout. Its the transformation. Which the power causes. Meaning the power is broken.
    Is that so hard to understand? Do you want it in 1 Word Sentences?
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  6. Shadow Vlad New Player

    Clearly there is an issue with transformations. Ice armor got changed because nobody liked the lag. This is the same exact issue.
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  7. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    should of taken my advice 2 pages back and stopped talking to drathmor its leading this thread towards locked down lane for being non constructive.

    the guy doesn't get it, he doesn't want to get it, I honestly think he is having more fun bickering with the 3-4 of you than he has had in a long time and isn't going to stop any time soon.
  8. Femto Well-Known Player

    I'd love to use Pyro as my healer debuff in pvp as it causes Waayyyy more damage BUT it just cost wayyyy too much power for it to be efficient in a 5s or pvp in general , its why i use it , , HV is power efficient and non spammable with its 9 second cool-down and it effects more then 1 target in troller stance compared to pyro , Hv is also kinda hard to pull off back to back unlike dogging which I have been dogged 4-5 times in like 10 seconds since it's based on a power interaction through various different powers
  9. FeelsGood New Player

    Everything is broken in this game fix it all! All of it!
  10. ImKindaGay New Player

    Superpatriot you need to consider the entire PvE andPvP community when you make threads on these forums. Btw i love your videos im a long time sub. But enough pole jocking you, i wanna use words to thrash you. Blocking can simply stop you from being affected by these form changes in the game. So my tip for you is, start blocking and maybe you wont have to deal wih this lag. Good day reply to me if needed.
  11. ImKindaGay New Player

    You actually might be the fool in this situation. Just try other methods so the form change wont affect you. If your having a problem with it in PvP just STOP. This is a PvE heavy game anyway so you will have fresh and fun conten to run over and over while you use your replay badges. Mista E king troll, stop trolling please. Try and be constructive for once in your life.
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  12. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I truly want to understand how you think im just fighting with these people because I see the problem in a diffrent way than they do all of my arguments havent been attacks or atempts at trolling I just dont agree with their solutions to solve this problem I thought beter of you soul
  13. SlayingDaimon New Player

    The issue isn't just limited to those two powers though. It effects every single power or action that switches loadouts. Shape shifting, self induced transformations, stealth, role changing and certain trinkets. It's very annoying and can cause you to get knocked out by being unable to move during a boss fight as well.
  14. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I understand i just dont agree with the solution you two have sugested
  15. Potent New Player

    Unfortunately, its the ONLY solution(Besides getting rid of megaservers and going back to individual servers like we were before)
  16. ace New Player

    First off pvp isnt very cookie cutter i dont care what movement modes hometurf crap or ghost dog stuff you use i still win, you ppl on these forums cry about a mechanic calling it broken or nerf this nerf that. Hey guess what be awesome like the rest of the veteran pvpers and beat it lol. Wow theres nothing more pathetic then grown man crying on forums
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  17. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    It would be better imo if they just made it not effect ppl in tank stance, and for it to only some of the time work against trollers, otherwise i dont see the problem with it
  18. ImKindaGay New Player

    Well you should try new strats to beat bosses. For example, we all know when a boss fight will come up so use your trinket before you start fighting. Like me for example, I dont go nowhere without my snowman. #TeamKeepThePolyStrong
  19. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    Also they could just make it to were only one of the form changes can work at any given time, or to were someone can only be transformed every 30 secs or 15 sec, but come on it looks like you guys are asking for nerfs, and the game doesnt need anymore nerfs
  20. Mista E New Player

    if you don't like our discussion of how these powers affect pvp and us asking for a change... go run your duos...

    but while we are in this topic, stay on the theme and refrain telling to go to pve if they don't agree with you.
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