Nexus Final Fight Glitch

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by cadaverhead, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Lokkii Committed Player

    It's sad too me that people even find these "glitches", how fun that must be, Glitch hunting trial runs smh HORRIBLE.

    Play the right way.
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  2. Lightful New Player


    It's appalling how obsessed some of these players are with how others are receiving their loot. Obviously, as weird as it sounds, players are having fun glitching the raids. Shame on you for raining on their parade.

    If it stops you from receiving loot, if it stops you from running with friends and league mates to get it done legitimately then by all means report away...but really? How does OTHER players glitching the content effect YOU.

    Of course the "If its not intended, it should be patched" defense is brought up, but ultimately, NO harm is done. It's pure selfishness. If others are having fun, you're not.

  3. Lokkii Committed Player

    Well for me, it doesn't effect me at all, it jus sad to see bums glitching then parading around like they are legit. We have no problem getting thru any PVE content the right way, and we don't parade around for the most part. Then you get on the forums and see exploiters EVERYWHERE masquerading as good players. Funny really.
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  4. Corrupted Ertai New Player

    The fact is that Odyssey is trying to find ways to exploit as well. According to one of their members they even tried to have a second tank aggro the bosses in the wave tunnels to keep them from spawning in the main room. Didn't work. A completely different one spawns anyway. But they wouldn't know that unless they were deliberately trying it. The issue isn't with exploits because both leagues were using whatever they could to try for that feat. The issue is Odyssey didn't get it first and the hero/Oddy Fanclub can't deal with it. Just shut up and move on people.
  5. LisaLoeb New Player

    The cheap one shot phantom deaths cause people to glitch these raids. Make them truly about skill and not cheap phantom, invisible, unavoidable deaths and more people would do the the 'right way.'
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  6. kraptastic Well-Known Player

    When you have to change movement modes to beat something...or it doesnt fight back...or you cant be killed...or you cannot be affected/damaged, its obviously not intended. So that person is intentionally exploiting. Why bother? Is the accolades on this forum worth being banned from a game? Sad that some find this game that important to their self worth...then again it also means to apparently the devs have done an excellent job of immersion.
  7. Zpred Dedicated Player

    This is so funny, leagues arguing over a feat lol, you have one league with a bad attitude and think they are gods gift to this game...yeah right lol, the other I don't really know too much about but seen some of their PVE videos which is quite good, argueing on who got the feat 1st? Or do you mean who uploaded a video of getting the feat 1st?

    So amusing :D
  8. ItsHard New Player

    the league who posted the videos are the one who brought up Odyssey league's name,
    and again I don't give a **** about odyssey.

    and here it goes a awesome idea, beat it now glitch free and post a video, i will be the first one to say: "nice job,well done",
    but don't expect the community to praise them before they do it, its not gonna happen.
  9. matt4950 Well-Known Player

    Let me try to decode this for the rest of the community. You most likely found this glitch out a long time ago and now that you and your league mates have all the gear/weapons/plans you need out of there, then there is not need to glitch it this way anymore. Don't try to act like your helping the community by "exposing" these glitches. Glitching a video game is quite frankly pathetic! Your league brags about getting through content first only to find out that you glitched your way through it. You and your league name is forever tarnished. Enjoy being so proud of yourselves and here's your pat on the back. Keep up the persona of being being BA's in a video game.

    Yes. This glitch needs to be fixed but this thread will most likely get shut down bc you basically told everyone how to glitch the fight.
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  10. Aqua New Player

    El gato es fuera de saco
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  11. MockingBird New Player

    have a fundamental problem with the truth?

    I have to be a fanbody because I didn't take the side of your league? The only problem with that is, I don't necessarily like them either.
    Now I do admit to being a Fami fan, but whats not to like about people who know what they are doing and don't wave their epeens in your face about it 24/7?
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  12. MockingBird New Player

    aye yi yi no me gusta
  13. Bamf 7 New Player

    This is the precise reason why recording pvp and pve is so much fun so that everyone can get all raged out and attempt to justify why they should be #1. Congrats to One Piece for a dominate performance and making the forum junkies RAGE. LOL
  14. MockingBird New Player

    If I may be voice of reason for just a moment here

    You do of course realize that the more you try to throw shade at O and label anyone who says things you don't like their fans, your league comes off looking more and more a bunch of cry babies who got their toys taken away with zero credibility and a name everyone will always roll their eyes and laugh at. It's called a Paradox.. y'know.. like the raid.

    One Piece got one punched by Bat Mepps. Take it gracefully. Nobody did this to you but yourselves for posting that video. You did it to brag, but it got you all bagged.

    less is more my friends... less is more
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  15. Eminence Dedicated Player

    o_O Hate much?
    I think its funny how someone will waste time out of their life to write and read about a league they hate.
  16. Lokkii Committed Player

    I wouldn't say hate, or suggest that while already reading posts on the forums, that reading one would be going far out of his way, he was simply pointing out while within your small group of supporters you feel like celebs (LMAO) when in fact you are widely known as pathetic, exploiting cheaters.

    Lets not act like you didn't 1. jus exploit Paradox, 2. after this thread clearly cheat your way thru Nexus. 3. cheat in FoS2, 4. get many of your accounts banned for the money glitch.

    We are simply amused that such a joke of league would compare themselves to a league like odyssey, or even consider themselves good players smh
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  17. Eminence Dedicated Player

    We could have just posted a 5second video of us getting the feat, we had nothing to hide. Turns out we were doing something wrong, they fixed it(for the third time), now we try and do it again. Most of One Pieced are cocky and arrogant, people have reason to hate us, but I think people should step back and see that we came out with a video to SHOW people how to do it, not hide it.
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  18. Lokkii Committed Player

    Yeah but your cocky and arrogant in a "check out my sweet ride.......that my parents bought me" kinda way, not a legit accomplished earned righteous kind of way.
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  19. Eminence Dedicated Player

    1. We didnt realize we were exploiting Wave.
    2. We as a league does not "cheat" our way thru Nexus
    3. I have NEVER cheated in FoS2 in any league run.
    4. Many? Try 4 people out of a league that has over 30 active members.

    Widely known as pathetic? lol im pretty sure thats just YOUR opinion, seems to be a crowd of you pve fanboys. I would say theres more people that would disagree more than agree with you.
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  20. IamZACH Well-Known Player

    Well said lol if anything the "hotfix" just proves to us that we did wasnt an exploit. Funny how people think flying meant you didn't get hit ever lol watch the vid we get hit the whole time and grounded the only thing they fixed was standing on the totem. Grounding only flyers is the real clue to what they think.....
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