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  1. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: Can we please have a better balance in the economy of stabilisers / time capsules?
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  2. Rebel230 Well-Known Player


    As much as I would love to, not everyone can devote the time to chase every feat to push up their SP as others can. I have played on an off since beta and have 127 SP. I would think you know your game, and the elitist attitude that is in it for many who openly demean, bash, verbally attack or just kick from instances due to less sp.

    With the revamp to stats, I am concerned this will get a lot worse. Can you create other means to gain SP besides chasing feats? I truly tip my cap to those who have done this, and they should be rewarded for the time and effort they put in to do those things but it should not be for sp. Style items, base items, auras etc fine, but not SP. I myself would prefer to just run the content and enjoy it and be rewarded for doing that instead of doing stuff that is forced on me to essentially "keep up." I want to play the PvE content, I don't want to be forced to PvP, or run races etc etc just because I have to chase those feats to get SP so I can run higher content and not be bullied by other players and kicked because my sp isn't high enough to them.

    Do you have plans in place for the more casual player? I am 49, with a house, a 10 hour a day job and 2 kids. I want to use my time to play the content, not chase a feat to get an sp point. With the stats revamp you need to find a balance their too. Are their plans to earn SP besides chasing feats?
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  3. Isif Committed Player

    QUESTION: What is the developer's vision for the Controller role? With passive PoT, it seems as though an important aspect of the role has been simplified. What do you guys see as the future primary/secondary tasks for the Controller? Thx.
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  4. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Will Jack be dressed as Trigon or Anti-Monitor?
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  5. comrade sonya Committed Player


    What is the vision for pvp? The stats update has introduced a plethora of changes yet the impact those have on pvp has not been addressed. Is pvp and the pvp community a concern for the developers? If so why has pvp been sidelined for so long? Why have updates/gear/seasons/adjustments been so slow and irregular? Can we have a clear and direct statement on the direction for pvp in 2017 and beyond?
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  6. PS4xGUYxONxPC New Player

    I have a question, did legendary member get anything towards the end of 2016 the month of Dec?. Non members aka F2P ppl. Got open episodes -Episode27, -Promethium Key's, well the basic stuff of not being a member still applies which they still got it pretty good specially with the jump 100cr with the 60sp. Yea members were able to take a second to on to cr 100 but I have no need to create another toon to grind on "waste of time until new power is out".Can someone tell me what members got besides what being a member gets you.
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  7. Korvyne Committed Player

    Question. When do you forsee us getting new large dlc content? Can you answer, even roughly, in weeks/months if possible.
    Question. How often do you think you can bring new content out looking forward.
    Question. Do you think you making an exciting game with regular content that everyone would enjoy and try to build a good reputation and through advertising be a game people would flock to and enjoy for its unique concept, combat system (if you dont ruin it) and DC partnership could compete financially with the way the game is now such as microtransactions etc. I think you have the potential. Is it a feasible option?
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  8. Jontay New Player

    Where's all the new update news at
  9. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    For once I can agree with your enthusiasm lol. :)
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  10. comrade sonya Committed Player


    What have the developers/you learned from the launch of Amazon Fury 3? How has this influenced future episode/DLC releases?
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  11. comrade sonya Committed Player


    How have the time capsules failed and succeeded in your eyes?

    How do you plan to keep players logging in daily throughout the course of an episode/DLC despite fatigue from extensive grinding/repetition of content design (ex: the same daily missions over a 3 month period, fight "X" monster "X" amount of times)

    What of the already announced/planned features are scheduled for a 2017 release (water/gear unlocking/style unlocking)?

    Have you designed a base? Can you show us?

    What's your favorite power, why?
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  12. light FX Steadfast Player

    Question Can u please explain, in detail, the vision for the game going forward as far as when dlcs will be released, what u want the game to look like with stats matter?

    Question When it comes to testing how come we dont see the devs testing the content themselves and posting some videos showing and explaining how they want changes to work?

    Question How many dlcs will we be getting a year? I ask this because im dropping my sub is less then 30 days and wont be resubbing again until i see some new content. And no a 30 day event is not new content for me. Im talking about a dlc.

    Question After all the feedback on these forums about time capsules how come u guys wont consider removing the feats from them? Many many players have asked for the feats to be removed, not just on here but all over social media too.

    Question Do u play dcuo? If so how often, and where is your character? Meaning how far into the game?

    Question Lastly the fast paced combat is a huge reason a lot of players play dcuo. It sets it apart from other MMOs. So why is the combat pace being slowed down? And why does it seem like combat is being monetized? I say that last part because the focus of the stat revamp seems to be about power, supercharge, and cooldowns. And the new TC mods are ones that give power back, build more supercharge faster, and reduce cooldowns.
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  13. comrade sonya Committed Player


    We've had the same seasonal events for years, are there any plans/motivation to rotate or introduce new versions?

    What has prompted the recent survey and this Q/A stream?
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  14. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player


    1) While I understand Stats revamp is next, What comes after, what is the vision for the company/game per quarter?
    2) Now we went back to large content, what is the expected DLCs going forward? Previous was every quarter.
  15. Waterfall Well-Known Player


    The core gameplay is the main reason a lot of people play this game. Is anything being done to ensure that this gameplay is not being effected to much with the stats revamp. For example I have had a nature char for 5 years and over that time the gameplay has changed a lot. Some changes I liked and some I did not, but at its core the gameplay mechanics and power interactions have from a high level perspective stayed constant. With how the stat revamp is looking so far this will no longer be the case. Which would in turn effect the exact reason I play this game. For better or worse time will tell.
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  16. BumblingB I got better.

    QUESTION: Can we have a Q&A with Avair and Loche about the current #statsmatter changes and their views?

    QUESTION: Why does time capsules have to have feats attached to them?

    QUESTION: What have you done to try and fix the current economy of PS/PC servers? There has been a significant number of items that are just now insane prices that encourage problems. That also make it harder to implement items to the game, as Avair mentioned not long ago.

    QUESTION: Will you ever actually make lock boxes actually as good as Time Capsules?
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  17. comrade sonya Committed Player


    When creating/imagining powers how do you balance fun powers with practical/useful combat powers? (ex dog form vs mass terror) (don't remove fun powers, they're great!)

    The anniversary event received harsh feedback from a portion of the community, in particular the idea of feats not being achievable this year without replays. Is the idea of feats not being achievable during the run of an event something that you intend to do for other content? Do you believe the community is misguided in their belief they're entitled to complete feats during the run of an event?

    Recent gear vendors have been generic robots strewn about the HQs, are there any plans/desire to move these into a consolidated area with a visual representation of the gear (aka on a mannequin)?

    Amazon Fury 3 did not introduce a new character select background screen, many players in the community enjoy these, are there any plans/desire to bring these back for future releases?
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  18. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    QUESTION: Mental was changed quite dramatically when the AM rolled out to the point of being a different power, can it ever be restored to it's pre AM build?
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  19. Alma Dark New Player

    QUESTION 1: There be plans about the membership? for example, expand the possibilities for south america, and steam? (it's blocked in steam for many countries of south america, like many old DLC on steam)

    QUESTION 2: Many of the things on Amazon Fury III need membership, because it cost more than the premium users have at cap, the new content it will be limited for premiun users, or will be more premium friendly?

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  20. lukelucky Devoted Player

    Jack emmert you implemented your time capsules so do you feel

    A. Horrible leaving so many unsatisfied customers

    B. Bad about the damage being done to the game and the future of the game

    C. U can realistically continue to increase sales to off set the loss of revenue from players YOU MR EMMERT are driving away? Every one player who drops a sub due to your profit strategy is another $120 in sales needed to break even.


    You ever consider maybe just maybe sales would be better off quality experiences being provided? Its crystal clear restricting us and forcing us to pay to maintain is unpopular.

    After years PAINFUL years being hostage of luck based rewards how could you AGAIN revamp the game around luck based rewards? We just ended this long fight with gear and now you are back dooming us.

    Its crystal clear how negatively time capsules and shared loot locks are. WHY are they not gone?

    Question of importance

    DO YOU REMEMBER THE MARKET PLACE? Market place is a key source of revenue yet dcuo neglects it at every turn. Why
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