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  1. 01 Cantore Level 30

    When they are supposed to fix the repetitive glitch of open doors in the bosses and invisible mortal areas in SM BN UM DWF.
  2. CassUV Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: Avatar Bombardier, when it will be avaliable on Vendor?.
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  3. Nemisor Committed Player

    Question: will we get new powers this year?
    Question: have you taken on board the feedback about how the players feel about the stats matter revamp?
    Question: why such a blatant pay-to-win model with regards to the amount of feats in time capsules?
    Question: why not introduce more cosmetic items in the marketplace to earn your $$$?
    Question: when can we have the walk-in restored to dox?
    Question: any plans for more lair themes?
    Question: when can we expect the "unite the styles" to happen?
    Question: will elite style gear end up in the style vendor?
    Question: ever considered a new 52/rebirth update of all the npc skins?
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  4. Frank Zarjaz Committed Player

    QUESTION: I like Time Capsules, but was disappointed that changes and improvements to them aren't being considered.
    Why not have a points system, where customers accrue points as they open capsules, which can then be spent on a rare item?
    Surely this is a player friendly compromise that might encourage more sales?
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  5. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    Question: Will you ever sell in game cash in the marketplace?
    Question: Will old auras come back in booster bundles (plastic,nimbus,black smoke)
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    how does the time capsules benefit the game? how much money from replay spamming the event and TC goes back to dcuo developement and how much money flows into the pockets of the managers from columbus nova? hwo was in charge of the dessicion to add imense costs for replaying the event to players hwo want to complete it at the time it stay on live this year? are ppl aware of the fact that the constant addition of costs are driving players to get exhausted of the game?
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  7. canadameow New Player

    Question: Can we have a page to write our character's biographies? It would be incredibly good for role players.
    Question: Would you ever have a fan design contest for styles, furniture and so on?
    Question: Is there anything obstructing the water power from release? Any super vauge hints about release dates? Like... soon?
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  8. Azifer Level 30

    QUESTION: The combat counters in this game are too easily abused through clipping, will you guys make clipping tougher, or provide incentive to not rely on clipping?
  9. stärnbock Devoted Player

    the cooldowns of powers from the statsrevamp are making the game very slow. i think that this is an unnessesary obstacle, and it is lowering the fun and the superhero/villain feeling as a whole... can you deliver us a testserver version of the game that is without COOLDOWNS, so we players can decide wich version is better? at least following should have no cooldowns and power costs are enough for them to challenge you to play with self responsibility: PI setup powers and bursts! cooldowns make sense for DOTs and shields, however, only as long as theyr effects are active... pls devs: get rid of those cooldowns, so the game gets more faster again!
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  10. stärnbock Devoted Player

    can u make it so that playing alts is not just a huge time sink, but playing on multiple characters is beneficial again for your main and playing your main is benefisial to alts aswell? i mean: grinding everything with one chat is boring very fast. this game has so much to offer with its many powers, right now, i just cant bring me to play more than one char, using the same power everytime...
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  11. ghosts Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: Are you aware that having exobytes and crafting materials as time capsule drops basically ruined the most reliable way to make in game money? Was this made on purpose so it's impossible for most players to buy time capsule items in the broker and forcing them to buy stabilizers?
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  12. Roocck Committed Player

    QUESTION: If were already paying for everything else in DCUO including feats and styles in the TC's, than why aren't the feats in the market place?
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  13. Shredded Anarchy New Player

    QUESTION: Pay-To-Win - You can litterally buy gear "Increase CR", exobytes and complex, Feats.. through Time-Capsules that sounds P2W to me. Will it ever be fixed so that the styles are just styles, exo/complex are removed and the Feats only offer Titles instead of actual Feat Points?

    Question: Will the RNG on Time-Capsule drop rates ever be higher?

    Question: Can Booster Gold get lost in a Paradox somewhere or stuck in one of his Time-Capsule's away from DCUO as we know it for about 10 years? Time-Capsule's are ruining the game. :confused:

    Question: Can Exobyte's be removed from Time-Capsules they are litterally worth nothing anymore and this was a massive method used by just about all players to make cash.

    Question: The Game is highly leaning towards Pay-To-Win is this what you are going for?

    $75 bucks on stabalizers for ONE collection peice (Scar's Power Ring). I still didnt get this as a reward instead I was stuck with a ton of hands/feet/legs from the Quardian Fighter set, Mods that I will and nobody else will ever use.. I have so many Exobytes that I litterally just give stacks away to Leaguemates/Friends, You will never recieve money for another Stabalizer from me.
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  14. Furling Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: What would it take for you to decide to scrap the powers revamp portion of the stats matter revamp? If it's not possible (in your team's mind) to separate the two, what would it take for you to decide to scraps the stats matter revamp?
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  15. Lonn Jordan New Player

    Question: Any plans soon to clear inactive players names as you did a while back? There are lots of names just sitting there tied up and not being used.
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  16. street0018 New Player

    I already pay for the phoenix mat why It cant be unlock in my alts? and make it untradeable in the alts if u want. Same with the emblems and the mist auras. I just want to use them in my alts since I already pay real money.
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  17. light FX Steadfast Player

    Question Why does half or more then half of the server randomly disconnect like last night? Somewhere between 8-10pm central time last night a very large % of players all DCd and no1 knows why.

    Question Will server stability ever become a priority? Running through the WT/HoD is a stutter fest and freeze fest. Its been brought up time and time again on here. We were told devs came back from vacation to fix server stability issues over the holidays. And it did get better but eventually it goes back to the problems its had before. Because of this many players think u guys only do band-aid fixes. Meaning u do whatever quick fix u can do at that moment and dont fix it for the long term. Idk if that is true, but its certainly the way it appears when the same server stability problems keep happening.

    Question Is this game going the p2w route? It appears that way to many players.

    Question Ive seen the word transparency used by the devs multiple times. Yet during streams and announcements u guys repeatedly leave out very important details when it comes to changes and new features. How can that possibly be transparent? In all honestly some of us feel insulted when u guys use words like that but then your actions are the complete opposite. So the question is can u guys actually start being transparent? Or stop using that word if you're not going to be. And can u please give ALL the details when u do announcements.

    Question My 1st post had questions about dlcs and i see questions about when new dlcs will be released wont be answered. My main question about that topic is can u tell us how many dlcs per year and how long they are supposed to last. In the past we had quarterly dlcs that lasted 3-4 months. Currently we have no clue when how much content we are getting. And some of us are concerned that we will be getting only 2 dlcs per year and the space where the other 2 would be are going to be used for more event like the anti-monitor event.

    Question How can the anniversary event be labeled core progression but time capsules are not? It was stated time capsule gear and the feats associated with them are not core progression. Explain the difference please. Both the time capsules and anti-monitor event have gear that maxes out at the same item level and both have collections and feats. So how is one "core progression" and the other one isnt?

    Question Bug fixes, will they ever become priority? There are some bugs that have been in the game for over a year despite being reported by multiple people. For example the gotham wastelands tour feat. The consoles a player must click on to get the feat are bugged. U become frozen and cannot move and the cinematic does not play. I reported this myself over a year ago when i leveled a new toon and experienced this on more then 1 occasion while trying to do the feat. A thread was recently started in game play section of these forums about this feat. That is a feat which in turn gives sp which is progression that has been broken for longer then a year. Many players view bug fixes as not priority when stuff like that happens.

    Question As far as TCs go, in other games u have been associated with the boxes in those games also drop a currency that can be added together to then go buy the items u are missing from a vendor or the store (MP). Why do time capsules on dcuo not have this? There should be some kind of mark, call it capsules mark if u want, that drops in every capsule that is opened. And a vendor should exist that has all the TC items on it and people can use the capsule mark to purchase the items they cannot get.

    Last question With the revamp combat seems to be being slowed down which will make content take longer. Which will in turn cut into play time for many players. And with u guys seemingly pushing 2-2-2-2 many people have alt toons to tank, troll, heal because there are not enough of them in the community. I dont want to play dcuo like its my job. So what will be done for the people who play multiple alts, as far as being able to keep them current w/out spending crazy amount of hours playing or spending more money.
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  18. stärnbock Devoted Player

    what is the conclusion of the survey you did recently?
  19. recoil Committed Player

    question: will we ever see avatar of sin wings as a back style or trigon horns as a face style? or cross faction vendors for heroes and villains where it's just the styles?
  20. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    My question is, Why did yall have to mess with power regen, AM's, or anything just to make stats matter? You could have just removed the CR differential, adjusted NPC's to compensate, and made the changes to powerpoints and skill point allocations while leaving everything else alone.
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