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  1. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry if it's a lot but I have had so many questions that I either couldn't ask at the time or were never answered.

    Question: Are you thinking about changing the amount of time it takes us to progress? Currently, the way the DLC are set up, they are set in a manner where it is assumed that you play every day and do ALL the instances. However, like most people, I have a life. Sometimes I may not be able to play for days at a time due to family issues, college, etc. So if the progression could be based on the assumption that you play for even 5 days out of the week instead of every day that'd be great.
    Question: Have you all thought about making changes to TC's? whether it be increasing drop rates of collections, putting the more exclusive things on the marketplace itself, giving members (or players in general) more stabilizers, etc etc?
    Question: Are you all acknowledging the feedback regarding stats matter? And if so, do you guys plan on making any significant changes or are you all dead set on keeping it the way it is and will only make minor adjustments. I'd rather you be straight with us than have us under the assumption that our feedback will actually make a significant difference.
    Question: Will there be any new movement variants? I've always wanted like a rocket boot variant for super speed, similar to shadow the hedgehog or something.
    Question: Will you guys create a way for us to solo old instances whether it be another generator mod for all instances so we can finally fill that 4th slot, or a "skip que" feature in the on duty menu that ques you in with whatever group size you have at that moment? It's a pain going for feats with pug groups as they either don't listen or are simply incapable. And it's hard to make a full group for something like black dawn these days you know.
    Question: Do you guys have any plans on reducing the dovetails (preferably to pre gu36 levels)? As of now, the game feels really sluggish, and with AM/WM damage going out of the window, it'd be nice to have a faster, smoother playstyle back in the game.
    Question: Will style unlocking ever be a thing? I'm not asking for a release date but based on you guys' current projects could you see it happening anytime in the NEAR future?
    Question: Same as the one above except swap style unlocking with gear unlocking.
    Question: Could you put an item on the marketplace that auto levels toons to whatever is the highest content at that moment? So say for instance I have a toon that is 189, instead of buying a useless cr100 booster, since I have already reached that cr on my own, I can use a booster to get me to 166 (entry level for this DLC) on my alts. This way, newcomers or people who are still in earlier tiers can't just skip ahead (because they haven't reached endgame on one of their toons similar to how the skip tutorial function only works if you've completed it at least once already), but those players that wanna have several alts in end can get them to the BARE MINIMUM requirement and work them up. It makes it so that players don't have to level characters over and over, but also doesn't put them at max cr so there is still a grind. This would also be a good alternative if gear unlocking never becomes a thing.
    Question: Are we going to see any new legends characters?
    Question: What are you guy's thoughts on having characters receive 2 armories instead of just 1?
    Question: Do you guys have any plans to "revitalize" legendary? As it stands, I feel that the legendary membership is okay, but I feel if we were given even a few minor extras it would make others want to become a member.
    Question: What are your thoughts on having members feel as though they need to spend a large amount of money on the game on top of their membership?
    Question: Is there any way that we can get away from replay badges while not hurting you all's profits? Don't get me wrong, I love replays, it allows me to get ahead if I know I'll be too busy to play every day, but when it feels as if you NEED to have them, it's a problem.
    Question: Should we expect any new powers after water? if so what are you guys thinking about, not necessarily working on, but what are some ideas for powers that are floating around in yall's heads? (Is blue lantern completely not an option? I really would like a heal since we have a troll n tank lantern lol. but hey water was once a "NO" so I guess I can dream.)
    Question: Do you plan on releasing water WITH the stats revamp, or shortly afterward?
    Question: Is there any way to work with sony to get a dcuo test server on ps, similar to how some games have open betas?
    Question: Can the contents of Promethean lockboxes be updated?
    Question: Will dlcs start coming with new character select screens again? I used to really look forward to those and was kinda disappointed when AF3 didn't have one considering it was a big DLC.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, thanks for reading! :)
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  2. Electrizzaro Loyal Player


    Do you see DCUO being around in 2018? (no sarcasm)
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  3. DC Urban Committed Player

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  4. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Why are we not getting cosmetic items directly in the marketplace (devoid of RNG) to go alongside Time Capsules and Booster Bundles (the last thing we got was the Aura Pack II way back in October)?

    [Mepps et al...just firgured i'd trun my post into a two for one, since I won't be cluttering up this thread with further unnecessary posts :D]
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  5. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player


    Do you see this past dlc as more of a success over the monthly ones?
    What made you guys wanna do a Q&A?
  6. Xibo Loyal Player

    QUESTION 1: Can we please have Cross Faction for all content including F2P and Operations?

    QUESTION 2: Can we please have an increase in PvP rewards?

    QUESTION 3: Can we please have the Promethium Lockboxes prices reduced?
  7. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I'm afraid I have way to many questions I'm going to need my own 45 segment lol
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  8. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    Bruh did you see my post? lol Have at it man, the more the merrier. This is the time to let it out, we need answers.
  9. spydergst1 New Player

    Can / will the devs ever create a new category when decorating lairs?
    I'd like to see a a category that lists all the holiday / event base items only. To make it easier to find and decorate our lairs with themes.
    Like a Christmas theme, Halloween theme. Decorating a lair for a theme is so time consuming because it not east to find all the decorations.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    QUESTION: can you please tell us why the first time capsules were easy to finish and why they're progressively becoming harder. Are you reducing drop rates?

    QUESTION: do you find it acceptable to leave your virtual marketplace in disaaray for the sake of quick money in the form of time capsules? Why are you so reluctant to release outright purchases?

    QUESTION: do to find it acceptable that someone can spend $40+ on time capsules and come out of it with nothing but complex materials and common collections?

    QUESTION: do you think it is fair to hide skill points behind an additional pay wall? And if so why?

    QUESTION: why is the stats matters revamp going to the extreme of modifying the game in its entirety when all we wanted was for our stats to matter?

    QUESTION: can the developers please post videos of themselves playing the revamp. I think it is critical that we see how they intend this revamp to work on a practical level.
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    QUESTION: what plans if any do you have to enhance membership? Why are lockboxes being left in a state of disarray? With so much in the lockbox loot table now why is the drop rate still 6 hours?

    QUESTION: member engagement is seemingly at an all time low and all promotions lately appear to be driven at new members what if anything can you say to members to get them re engaged. This game appears to be bleeding veterans.
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  12. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Question: Is the plan to keep having events were the basic vendor set of gear cannot be completed in the time frame without replay badges just looking at this anniversary event its up for less then a month it started on the 4th and ends on the 31 it's not really fair to the community to call this a gift or to continue the practice of doing events like this.
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  13. Scuzlbut Well-Known Player

    GG - Why are the EU servers so laggy into the last days?
    Why crashes the VC again and again?
  14. Proxystar #Perception

    QUESTION: the in game economy on us pc/ps is out of control. The cost of rare items are in excess of 100million dollars due to hacked money from time ago.

    What if anything do the devs have planned to fix the economy and if so when? In defense of time capsules you like to say "we can trade" but anyone playing the game knows how broken the economy is and how difficult it can be with people also pumping up the economy with real world trading of psn cards etc. That aren't policed.
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  15. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    these Questions a million times yes.

    Question: Even if you can't give us exact release dates what new dlcs are currently planned?
    Question:Will we be getting new seasonal events similar to the Anti Monitor Event?
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

    QUESTION: when are we getting proper access to cross faction styles in a way that includes all styles not just some?

    QUESTION: when are we getting style transfers to alts why is this so hard to implement?

    QUESTION: why does the luck limiter not work on new content given variance its possible to never complete the gorgon style with no limiter.

    QUESTION: when will the rare style vendor be updated next?
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  17. IamINC Dedicated Player

    QUESTION: Mr Emmert , you have a reputation among MMO players as a game killer and there are considerable concerns that now you are on board that DCUO will be milked for every penny and shut down just like Landmark was recently , can you alleviate these concerns?

    QUESTION: DBG has a questionable history in regard to failing to keep their games running , is there a future for DCUO past the next 6 months? (Please at least attempt some honesty here , we deserve that much)

    QUESTION: How big a failure has stat revamp been in your honest opinion so far?

    QUESTION: Considering the EPIC negative response to the TC's among the community and general dissapointment in DBG methods in turning DCUO pay to win , why have the company been silent?

    QUESTION: Why not put the cosmetic items from the TC's on the market place , it's pretty obvious that the community would pay to have them from that option rather than the terrible and blatant scam that the TC drop rates are.

    QUESTION: Can you understand the frustration and negativity of the players , especially the one who have supported DCUO from day 1?

    Thank you for this platform and allowing us to put things to you guys in as straight a way as we can , one thing we can agree on is that as a player base we love DCUO and want it to not just continue but to thrive , more transparency between us and you guys at DBG would also be a massive benefit , it's like you guys don't want/care about your customers.

    Hopefully we will all get some truthful and honest responses to the more concerning questions and points raised here today , I hope so.

    Long live DCUO

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  18. 01 Cantore Level 30

    QUESTION 1: Questions about time capsules:

    1. They realize that the vast majority of players hate the time capsules.

    2. They promote the game as free pero they force you to buy items in the market to get the prowess because they have a minimal chance of falling.

    3. They realized that although there was to pay for the booster boxes there was never any problem.

    4. I see many negative comments about the time capsules. Will they make any changes so that it is not so? Could remove the prowess for the next time capsules or increase the percentage of obtaining for all the articles; To avoid high prices and having to open millions of boxes without getting anything and so to avoid losing players.

    5.They realize that each time capsule contains a lot of stuff, too many articles and feats that are impossible to achieve all.

    6. Do you really think that adding more time capsules will attract and retain more players?

    QUESTION 2: It is possible to add better reward in pvp and SM for players to want to participate. Collections maybe in pvp and trinkets with stats in SM. Also in elite content, Since the players do their feats and never come back again.
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  19. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Question: Why is the stats revamp changing the game play drastically.
    Question: Why couldn't the mods from the time capsules be added to the base vendor.
    Question: Why isn't their a repair bot in the league hall.
    Question: Why can't there be a teleporter to my base in the league hall.
    Question: Why is there a limit on the league hall prestige (now there is less people playing).
    Question: Why can't the league hall buffs be changed like the base generator to 30 or 60 days.
    Question: Gear sharing why was that put off.
    Question: Why the wasted time on stats revamp when everyone wants more powers.
    Question: What will you do when stats revamp hits and no one will stick around.
    Question: Why are you treating Subbed Members like black sheep and F2P like the golden goose.
    Question: Why can't we get more slots in the shared bank, league hall banks and inventory slots.
    Question: What benefit do I have being a paid member.
    Question: Why aren't the devs more involved like they used to be and more engaging with the players.
    Question: Why was the ability for me to unlock the feats for movement taken away with the vault purple items like ss boots
    Question: Why can't the drop rate for lockboxes be increased for members instead of every 6 hours.
    Question: Why give out cr100 when the game has become a grind.
    Question: Why can't I trade Monsterious Essence, yet I can buy the mods of the broker or trade them.
    Question: When will you actually listen to loyal long time fans / players.
    Question: Why can't lower level content generator mods be account bound.
    Question: Why isn't there more styles geared towards female characters.
    Question: Why can't there be more interactive items or things for my base.
    Question: Will you really be reading all our questions?
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  20. scottwjb New Player

    Question: is stats revamp the fix in place to fix last boss room glitching? Nerfing powers there I can understand
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