Livestream Livestream Q&A: #AskDCUO - January 18, 2017

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Special #AskDCUO!

    Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, January 18) at 12PM PT on Twitch for a special Q&A with Daybreak Austin Studio CEO Jack Emmert. The game has A LOT going on as 2017 begins, and we want to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions or offer your feedback at the highest level.

    We won't be announcing new initiatives or release dates, so come with your questions, feedback, and thoughts about the game as it is now and about our ongoing projects. There are several ways you can ask a question:
    • Reply to this thread clearly starting your post with the word QUESTION
    • Tweet to us @DCUO using the hashtag #AskDCUO
    • Join us live on Twitch in chat during the stream
    • One question per person please
    The livestream starts at 12PM PT tomorrow!
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  2. ChillCat Loyal Player


    Question: What are the Devs plans for PVP in 2017?
  3. Jontay New Player

    Awesome I will be tuning in
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  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Inb4 "WATER WHEN?"
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  5. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

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  6. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Inb4 "What's this stream for?"
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  7. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    QUESTION: Are you still planning on giving us style unlocks / gear sharing across account?
    QUESTION: Are there any plans to make a rare weapon style vendor? (Vendor with Episodic weapons such as Prime Weapons, Mist Infused Retro-Futuristic, Synthium Braided etc.)
    QUESTION: Can we please have cross faction styles from T5+, please? I don't care even if they cost 100 marks of victory.
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  8. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    Would you say stats revamp is a failure, a complete failure, or an epic failure?
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  9. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    I bet people be like "why you monetized the game so much jack?"
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  10. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Would you prefer questions like, "What are the colors of the next Auras?"; or "What is the theme for the next Time Capsule Emblems?"
    Or harder questions like, "At what point, will you realize that the Revamp is not working as intended?" or "Is the Revamp working as Intended?"
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  11. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Question: Will we be able to get shiney/glowing lantern emblems like we have had in the last 2 TCs?
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  12. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Question: can I get a free void material?
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  13. Kayla El Committed Player

    QUESTION: Why can't you just release the cosmetic items from the time capsules without the feats attached to them as a direct purchase in the marketplace? (No sarcasm)
    QUESTION: Are you planning on keep driving players away from the game with these time capsules that have items with unacceptable low drop rates? (No sarcasm)
    QUESTION: Is this really the best way for the game to make a decent profit by hiding feats behind pay walls and using them as a monetize option? (No sarcasm)
    QUESTION: Is this really the best way for the game to make a decent profit by indirectly forcing us to use replay badges on events such as the anniversary one? (No sarcasm)

    Thank you!
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  14. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: Can we expect to see any Flash emblems or gear on the marketplace or in time capsules in the not to distant future?

    QUESTION: Can we please have a better balance in the economy of stabilisers / time capsules?
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  15. Here2Help Devoted Player

    QUESTION: What is your vision of feats heading into the future? They once used to be something you actually had to achieve. Now they are being hidden behind random paywalls or are incredibly easy and lack creativity (take a look at GoM for example, the feats in Elite are the exact same as the ones in Normal).

    QUESTION: Do you have plans to ever directly sell feats and SP on the Marketplace?

    QUESTION: Since SM came to the game and rewarded players with 0 point feats to give out titles, they could never be seen on the feat menu but that has changed with 2016 Trigon. The R10 and R20 feats can be seen under the Solo part of the feat menu. Is that intended? If so, will they be disappearing alongside SM or staying there forever (which in my opinion is an awful idea)?

    QUESTION: Why did you choose the feats you did to be given away with the CR 100 boost? Many players spent a lot of time on grinding 1000 Treasure Chests for example and now people who never did that grind are running around with a feat that they never truly achieved. Feats shouldn't just be handed out, they should be earned. If you haven't accomplished that feat, you should never have it. Or do you disagree with that?

    QUESTION: Are there any plans for a new version of SM? The same ones being rotated over and over again lack creativity and a sense of something new coming into the game. Part of the fun of SM is coming up with strategies for certain rounds and learning and dealing with boss mechanics. When they're the same ones over and over again, it's just not as fun.

    QUESTION: Legends PvE. What is your vision for this event in the future of the game? Will you just be leaving it as is? Will you be releasing new maps with new feats? Will you be changing the current feats (to finally put an end to those threads)?

    QUESTION: Are you aware that you are losing a lot of players because of Time Capsules? How do you feel about this?
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  16. not_again Dedicated Player

    QUESTION: Going forward, is it the new norm for player not to be able to finish feats in the allotted time frame of content? To further clarify, to be able to finish the anniversary event feats for 2017 you must use replay badges.

    QUESTION: We all know time capsules has put a nice new financial jolt into the game and are here to stay. At the same time it is causing some players to walk away. How do you balance the short term financial gain against possibly losing players and alienating others that takes away from the game play itself? Also, how do you balance when is the best time to release new time capsules?

    QUESTION: It has been stated several times previous time capsules will be returning. Will they have an exclusive time frame again or will they drop concurrently with a "new" time capsule?

    QUESTION: Where do you see the game going beyond stats matter? I have been playing this game for a long time and there was always something to look forward to, be it a new power, weapon, utility belt, etc. I know the water power will be here some point near/after stats matter, but do you envision any big new addition other than content releases?
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  17. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: With the stats matter revamp putting more emphasis on skill points what can/will y'all do about making feats that are many DLC's past reasonably obtainable?

    Examples: Throne of the Dead Raid... It is dang near impossible to find 7 people to go into the raid and if you finally do get to Q into it the DPS burn the place down in 5 seconds.

    Which means No feat for collecting vases because you never teleport and no putting together statues.

    It is not reasonable to ask people that have these feats .. like league or your friends if you even have enough to make a raid team.. Hey would you mind wasting your whole night Qing up Throne 18 times.
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  18. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: Can we get feats for spending hundreds of dollars..... on feats???
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  19. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    Going to hit up some questions I have had on my mind:

    "Is there any chance you could furthermore improve the current tutorial (not editing the Brainiac tutorial ship in any way) to include more advanced combat mechanics that will help the player understand what will become important after level 30? Even if it means a rundown on the roles, maybe some examples with some of the powers already in-game, if that's a good suggestion. People run into content and, if the community isn't going to help, maybe the game itself can."

    "Do you guys have any plans to improve Open World PvP? Right now, people aren't bothered with it because it's just there as an alternative way to PvP, but it would be nice if there were ways you can get rewards by being engaged."

    "Do you guys have plans to improve how combat currently works? Many members of the community want AM gone, many want it to stay, and many want it reworked so that it's easier to use whatever abilities you want and remain within the AM. As it stands, from personal opinion, people are forced into a common loadout for maximum efficiency when it's high time we played DCUO as a hero/villain that's unique from the rest."
  20. comrade sonya Committed Player


    What steps, if any, are being taken to implement player feedback regarding time capsules: drop rates of rare collections, feats being attached to collections, these items not being available for direct purchase in market place.

    Are there any plans to revamp the core mechanics of the controller role

    How is water being affected by the stats revamp, in particular the removal of AM? Have certain powers been replaced, or is water being left alone regardless of what is implemented.

    Core mechanics of the game have been changed over the past 3 years, how do the developers plan to introduce stability and avoid another update 1-2 years from now that undoes the changes you're considering right now?
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