Iconic Anomaly: The Hunt

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by TLantern, May 6, 2013.

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  1. commander jackel Active Player

    Found it fun but extremely hard tried it about 6 times and can't beat anyone of the bosses they are dealing more damage then what we can put out also the respawn between health barrels is long and each time you use a soda it gives you less and less energy back is that normal
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  2. Greenman_x Devoted Player

    This was one of the few things I got to run and its just great...The stealth factor of it makes it unlike any form of content we have

    You actually have to pay attention to things instead of going in guns-a-blazin' like in everything else...Had a lot of fun in this one, hope there is gonna be more like it in the future
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  3. Empowered Girl New Player

    Health Barrel should regenerate in the locked room
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  4. TLantern Developer

    What exactly is happening here? Are you dying to the final boss in Santo's room, and then the entire instance resets which makes you start from the very beginning? If this is the case, can you describe how you get it to happen?
    The only time you have to completely start over is if mobsters raise the alarm 3 times, but by the time you reach Santo there are no more alarms to be raised.
  5. Empowered Girl New Player

    yes the last room with santo it will just help thats all
  6. Twisted Titan Committed Player

    I got no credit for beating the Huntress challenge. It must be bugged because it still says "Hack Door Console" above "Exit Simulation"
  7. MooseDetective New Player

    I fought Santo yesterday and I didn't think he was too bad (a lot more forgiving than Bizarro's boss) but today I've got Bane and he's just as ridiculous if not more so than Bizarro's boss. I can block through 5 straight punches and Bane won't fall down. Repeatedly. The slightest timing delay with a block break will ensure I get lunge-stunned. Like I said with the Bizarro mission yesterday - you have to fix these systems if theyre going to be the focus of 1on1 battles.

    to make it worse there is an outright bug. Bane keeps Venoming up through multiple attempts and will actually stay super-size for every future fight. Which takes your slim chance and changes it to no chance.
  8. mgibson New Player

    I decided to fight Santo last night. I'll try the others tonight. Anyways, I was having issues with the countering system. I could only lunge him to counter the long range attacks about 50% of the time. Blocks did not counter at all. He didn't fall on his butt like I did. And I really don't use range often enough to say whether it was my brawling timing or poor player skill with range to offer constructive critism.
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  9. MooseDetective New Player

    I gave up on super-Bane and went out and back in and got Scarecrow. I got all the way up to Santo with "mobster level unaware" but I didnt pop the feat. Is there a trick I'm missing?
  10. Bishop New Player

    Is this for the feat? The feat is obtained by deactivating the three alarms, in that room before you drop down the shaft, without knocking out any of the foes in that room.

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  11. spclost New Player

    played yesterday and though a bit tedious not bad, i facd hush. Today I got santo and got to say I wish the rifle worked as good for me in game and legends as it does for the npc's. block breaking is a 50/50 and usually involves losing a fair amount of life and being block broke myself. Barrel regen is slower than slow. As for the gear damage i have noticed a drop in my damage out and increase in damage in as my gear worsens and why if you intended damage did you not allow repair? Gear drops being role specific and not your role is a joke( 8 pieces 1 i can use). Overall it's a great concept that needs tweaking. Giving me a legend character is cool but a junk soda and trinket for bosses that are T4 at least is insane. i will try it without the gear on to save money and hopefully devs will tweak some of it over the days to come. This pretty much goes for the test solo as well.
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  12. Mr Venom Active Player

    Same happened to me also. I went in 3 times with no luck.
  13. toast Well-Known Player

    while fighting the boss where you drop down the hole and he activates the fire through the grating and in the room with santo, the health barrels did not heal at first. once i came back after being downed the barrels worked. the animation of the orange rings was there but was not being healed.
  14. Little Sister New Player

    Love this solo, but I have a minor bug/suggestion.

    When hacking the first door and the boss shows up (Little Vinny? I think), he starts attacking you while you are still hacking and there's nothing you can do for those couple of seconds. Would love if he either waited, or if the timer on the cog would stop as soon as he shows up.
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  15. TLantern Developer

    The feat should fire if you managed to secure the three short out points without drawing aggro. If you managed to secure all three without getting in a fight you will get the feat "Silent Hunter." (after the cutscene)
  16. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    All the Feats for this instance and the Bizarro one work properly. I got them all today:). However, the Bizarro Scientist one is a pain in the rump. Woosah.
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  17. Bishop New Player

    Actually the only instance I struggled with, was the Commander. I couldn't figure out the trick to do it, other than patience. The main hall is pretty easy once you figure it out, I was on a high once I found it out! I concur however, all feats are working correctly at least for me.

  18. Ray New Player

    i found this really easy. i used huntress alot though before this,

    Tip: Clip Clip Clip....lol

    do a 4x hold to L2 circle.
    do a 2x hold to back flip to frontflip.

    Trick is to attack alot
  19. Motive New Player

    The sparing target and I think something outside the boss room are targetable through the walls/door, other than that its working fine.

    The bosses are not to hard if you use the PVP mechanics correctly and block/break at the right times.
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  20. Morich Well-Known Player

    The block/counter mechanics, especially for those of us who live in places such as Australia where lag is king, seem dodgy and unreliable. Lunging Santo, for instance, seems very hit and miss. Sometimes he'd be knocked over, sometimes he'd take damage but remain standing, other times he'd ignore it and keep attacking.

    Since Santo is capable of firing from one end of the room to the other in amounts greater than the healing rate of the barrel, I'd suggest having a barrel on either end of the room.
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