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  1. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    We all know it won't be forever, it will be when psn is unplugged from ps3. But it's not today and as long as ps3 can play and handle dcuo, I will support it. We are not selfish, you are. I don't understand your mentally. There are ps4 players who support ps3 as long as it's there. Why can't you? You're not happy with a ps4?
    We can't get a ps4 right now but
    Understood? Now it's enough.
    Huge different between Atari and ps3. You don't know the video game history I guess.
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  2. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    No, you don't know sarcasm. The Atari quip was to show how far back you want old systems to play new stuff. Its an extreme example. I been playing consoles and pcs since Pong. If you don't known that go ask you father or grandfather.
  3. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    You are ignored so don't bother. I don't care what you have to say. We will get a hotfix and continue playing.
    I'm really tired of some ps4 players. I will be proud to support ps3 until psn is unplugged when I get a ps4.
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  4. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    You keep saying the system is dying, and that the ps3 is a dead horse. Well its such a dead horse that i was able to get to 233 sp on it (more than you im sure), and beat round 11 last 2 survival modes on it. Not bad for a dead horse.
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  5. Tiime_Lapse Well-Known Player

    Did they mention anything about a fix on the stream? I'd like to buy a cpl bundles but I am def not throwin any money at this game till this is fixed. I'm already wasting money on a sub for a game I cannot play. I'll b damned if I waste anymore money on this game till I can actually play it & I suggest anyone else experiencing this problem to do the same.
  6. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Yeah, they don't understand that some ps3 system can handle dcuo very well, we are just supporting the ones that it is worse. My ps3 doesn't have the player npc invisibility. Well I used the fix but my ps3 is working very amazing.
  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    DarkScarletx said:
    What is the fix you are referring to? I was perusing the thread and got tired of reading the PS4 haters so figured i'd ask another 'PS3 idiot' if you had luck with it already. My PS3 normally also runs very well...I replaced the HD with an SSD(pulled from a work laptop) and it made a huge difference, but anytime they roll out an update i's always a few days before things start running well again. If I can apply a fix myself, i'll give it a shot.

  8. CollKev Well-Known Player

    There are no news on fixing this and its been almost a week, but they are about to release a new booster bundle. Come on you cant be serious, if the title is the problem please gladly take it off from ps3 it looks stupid anyway i would do perfectly fine without it.
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  9. darkscarletx Loyal Player
    Here's the fix, hope it works for you too.
    And I have a HDD. lol I save up for a ps4 instead of a SSD. And it works very well. Maybe because I take care of my ps3 too.
  10. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    They are working on it. I think the problem might be about the overhead text you can have on your own toon. I'd prefer they don't remove it and find a hotfix asap. I like how it makes it look like dcuo and ps home together.
    But try this fix, maybe it might work for you too, i hope.
  11. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Here's what Mepps said this morning on another thread about the issues.

    At least they try to fix it. We will have a hotfix everyone and even new auras!
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I just found that thread and was about to post it as well. Thanks for the reply. I'll try it tonight and reply back to the 'fix' thread.

    And yes, if the SSD was not 'free' from work, I would not have spent the money on it. Also, if I do ever get the PS4, i'll migrate the SSD over to it to really superchage the thing.

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  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This issue remains our top priority. Thank you again for your patience as we work toward a solution.
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  14. CoolCee217 New Player

    Your character name :
    Charles Quester

    What specific instance(s) you were in when it happened, by name:
    Spark of Parallax, Patrol Catastrophe (couldnt finish because the whatever I needed to pick up in the Burnley Freightyard I couldnt see), Supply Lines, Port of Paradise, Black Dawn, Themyscira Divided, Zamaron Conversion Chamber, Intergang Crime Wave, Avarice Impurity

    Has it happened to you in any solo instance?
    Yes, Spark of Parallax

    Does it impact all of your characters or just one
    I havent run anything with my Alt besides the vault since the Mark change.

    US or EU :
    US PS3

    **Most of these instances are run mostly blind with only targeting showing that an enemy is nearby. There is no way to pick up KO'd teammates since they are invisible.**
  15. Dibrie Committed Player

    No it hurts that not every one is so fortunate that we all can buy a ps4, it hurts even more that after a few day's there still isnt a fix.

    GG devs.

  16. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    Would this be considered an oxymoron?
  17. The Valor Well-Known Player

    Tired of PS4 users shouting at us last gen console owners to upgrade already... Calling us bums and junk laughing... Like wow some of you guys are just real entitled ********....Well you see a shiny new console would be a really enjoyable thing to have right now but... You know you have other things like bills, family, schooling, work... You know... Priorities to take care of... Still saving up cash for one day when I get one though but till then hope they continue to support the PS3 I enjoy playing this game and when I get a PS4 I won't be that guy putting down others about owning inferior hardware because I know some day they'll get there too. I too will support PS3 even with owning a 4 knowing what it's like being them.
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  18. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Thank you for working on it, really appreciated.
  19. speedster1981 Committed Player

    happened to me twice .. this really needs to be fixed
  20. HLAssassin Well-Known Player

    I know exactly what it's like having a PS3. Didn't get one until over a year after it came out. That said, PS3 IS holding the game back from getting better. It's not me being insensitive or a jerk, it's just a fact. I would strongly suggest to anyone that they upgrade. Do what a lot of people that are tight like me have to. Set aside ten bucks a week or something. It's extremely worth it.
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