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  1. Icery_tank New Player

    This game is very frustrating right now. After the update on my healer I have like a 2 second lag spike sometimes on top of not seeing everyone. Running Bombshell people would say I am down and on my screen they have full health, course I can't pick them up anyways.

    Also PVP is fun too. I have a whole field in 8v8 all to my self except I keep taking red numbers and dying for some reason.

    I understand that most of the issues are related to the PS3, but I have PS4 people in my league that are having issues as well. I guess they should upgrade to a PC. I remember having issues in the game before PS4 was out, but people keep blaming the consoles. I also have an upgraded hard drive as well and that does not help.

    Should not matter if I play on a PS3 or 4 or heck even a 2. If DCUO supports that console and takes my money every month then I should be able to play period. If they can't then just say so and quit taking money from PS3 users for a broken game. I understand it's my choice to sub, but almost a week and no fix and not being able to play, makes me take my money elsewhere. I won't pay for a broken game.
  2. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Mepps said:

    This issue remains our top priority. Thank you again for your patience as we work toward a solution.
  3. dukegraybo New Player

    I put in a ticket and this is what I got,I'll try this when I get home..
    Greetings dukegraybo,

    This issue may be caused by a variety of different factors. Here are some steps to try to possibly address your issue:

    Delete Save Data Utility (temporary files)
    From the PS3 Start Menu (XMB):
    - scroll over to the “game” icon and select Saved Data Utility
    - locate the different DC Universe Online icons (usually 3: Chat Settings, Profile Settings / Audio/Video, Profile Settings / Audio/Video)
    - one by one press “triangle” and select delete (deleting these files will not delete your characters or delete your installed game)
    Disable Media Server Connection (Disables DLNA)
    From the PS3 Start Menu (XMB):
    - scroll over to Settings and select Network Settings
    - then select Media Server Connection > set it to disabled
    Console Software Version
    From the PS3 Start Menu (XMB):
    - scroll over to Settings and select System Settings
    - then select System Information to verify current version
    - if update required: back up 1 menu and scroll up to System Update
    - this will also list the hard drive free space
    Running a deep scan on DC Universe Online
    Log into DC Universe Online:
    - at the loading / updating screen, press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2
    - hold all bumper buttons until the "Checking Assets" screen appears and the progress bar starts scanning (scans for files and replaces/downloads files as needed)

    Please let us know if you encounter any additional issues and we will be happy to help.


    Sean F.
    Senior Technical Support Representative
    Daybreak Game Company
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  4. lukelucky Devoted Player

    progression is only gained in raids which we are close 2 losing a full weeks chances of. HUGE HUGE issue 4 sub carriers and ur new rewards program.
  5. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    I think some of us are already out of patience, and the number grows each passing day.
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  6. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Maybe they will give something for those it impact them, maybe I hope. But I understand, my ps3 isn't getting the invisible right now, thanks for the fix about delete the save data. I wouldn't like it is unplayable.
    I hope the hotfix come very soon too. But at least they did said they are working on it and it is on their top list.
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  7. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    Well, I'll admit your optimism is refreshing.
  8. DrPanther New Player

    Scratch that...shadows are back in full force. The temp fix, is extremely temporary.
  9. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    I deleted and reinstalled the game and it helped significantly.

    I hope this problem doesn't persist for more than half of my monthly subscription....
  10. Icery_tank New Player

    I am sure they working on it, but some invisibility issues have been around in PVP for a long time. There are feats I cannot get because I can't see anyone in some arenas in PVP. Submitted tickets, upgraded hard drive, nothing helped, but as long as I could do PVE raids I was fine. Now I can't do either.

    Also with the way marks and rewards are earned now in respect to having multiple toons, a week off does make a big difference.
  11. darkscarletx Loyal Player

  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Just to confirm, this is resolved. Please let us know if you continue to have similar problems.
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  13. Flowzonee New Player

    Yes I am having the same problem still... I can't see anyone anywhere... It seems as if it has gotten worse... I made thread without realising this was the same... Help me please! I am on EUPS
  14. Here2Help Devoted Player

    And what was the problem if you don't mind telling us?
  15. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    I turned back on my overhead text and title and had no issues about invisible npc and players. Thank you!
  16. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Uh-oh, not good. Maybe you could reinstall dcuo.(If you didn't since you first installed it, it will greatly help. It did for me.) Maybe delete again your save data and restart dcuo, and turn back on overhead text and title is you want them.
  17. Flowzonee New Player

    I think it was only temporary but I hope it doesn't keep on happening because it will be really annoying... It works tho now
  18. CoolCee217 New Player

    The hot fix worked as far as the Patrol Catastrophe and The Spark of Paralax.
  19. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    It worked for me. Thanks devs.
  20. dcummoplayer New Player

    Noticed that partner in Resource Recovery duo disappeared as soon as I picked what ability for Mantis to have and the gate opened to start the mission. Other than that, things have been looking good so far, thanks Devs and Mepps.
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