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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Batuba, Nov 2, 2018.

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  1. Batuba Developer

    Hey All,

    Please use this thread to provide feedback on the Eye of Gemini Artifact.

    Thank you!


    With the following changes, we are looking to promote synergy between the two fields, and address some of your concerns.

    The size of the field for Castor's Gaze seemed too small and too risky for people; the benefit of doing so did not out-weigh the risk. By increasing the field size, more people will benefit from the heal effect and supercharge regen while staying farther apart. Adding the 6 second cooldown is to prevent one player from stacking multiple fields during the same DPS window. Stacking damage and the benefits of the field one on top of the next from one player alone, made the artifact to be much more powerful than intended.

    The following changes to Eye of Gemini will be going on the next test server build.

    • Added a 6 second cooldown to dropping Castor's Watch or Pollux's Gaze fields.
    • Increased uptime of Gemini's Vision to 4 seconds at rank 80 (up from 3 seconds)
    • Castor's Watch - Field size increased from 5 yards to 10 yard radius.
    • Castor's Watch - Generates 2% Supercharge per second (up from 1%) at rank 120.
    • Pollux's Gaze - Removed Supercharge regen at rank 120.
    • Pollux's Gaze - Moved Power Regen from rank 80 to rank 120. Increased Power regen to 2% per second (up from 1%)

    On another note, the new field size to Castor's Watch is not reflected with the current animated field. This is a known issue that should be fixed for the first game-update after artifacts are released. The effects should still work with the new increased field size.

    Thank you for your testing and feedback, and please continue to post your experiences.
  2. Zneeak Loyal Player

    I noticed that these new artifacts seem way more restricted in the Main effect of said artifact in lower ranks, than previous artifacts. For example, Rank 120 gives you the most of all of the previous artifacts, with level 140/160 being extra fluff and a little extra to the Main effect of the artifact. With these new ones, you don't seem to be getting a whole lot of the Artifact's main effects until you reach Rank 140+.

    If I got the Rank information correctly, the Artifact's main effect (the field on the ground) you get from Eye of Gemini will net you only 3 seconds of runtime until you push it to Rank 160, which will give you the total of 6 seconds of runtime. That's some pretty insane restrictions considering the amount of EXP needed to max out an artifact.

    Only getting half of the full runtime effect of an Artifact until you max it to Rank 160 seem like a scary change to me as compared to previous artifacts. The requirements of the majority of these new artifacts make them feel pretty lackluster until you actually max them out, I feel like that's asking for a little too much in terms of requirements.
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  3. geoforcee100 Active Player

    if you guys look at 12:45 the green circle is way to small !! how are allies gonna get healed if tht circle is to tiny!

    if you look at 15:59 the damage circle dark brown colour is not large enough.. and it tick the add 6401 so not bad!

    also these 2 circles need to be made bigger!!! for it be even effective they are way to small
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  4. NotObsidianChill Well-Known Player

    The issue is if they are made bigger that increases the potential damage SIGNIFICANTLY. Just in my simple tests in crown of thorns I was getting 240,000 damage just from the artifact proc and that was with myself doing 0 damage and just standing around. The dps also weren't melee at all. If the way the artifact is right now and I had rage and earth dps and I used the artifact I could see it easily providing 1,000,000 damage + in 6 seconds. Increasing the damage radius would just add to that figure.
  5. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    On the Controller version of the artifact, the "Gemini's Vision" is restoring Supercharge to pets along with players. That is the first time I've ever seen a pet receive Supercharge in combat log.
  6. geoforcee100 Active Player

    haha yeh i saw tht too pets getting power :O thts something new let the crystel and fury pets go crazy!!
  7. Batuba Developer

    Hah! That is interesting. I will take a look at that. Thank you.
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  8. Penryn Loyal Player

    For the Damage/Controller version, what is the radius in meters for the nearby 20% damage tick?

    This artifact seems to synergize pretty well with the Neo Venom Boost Supercharge. That Supercharge increases your Defense and Damage Output for a set period and is available to all powersets. The only issue is that Neo Venom Boost is the only Supercharge that doesn't have a Supercharged head mod. That ruins part of the synergy you would get from the Supercharged head mod, Extended Supercharge chest mod, and Scrap of the Soul Cloak for using any other Supercharge.
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  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report(?)
    I'm testing a level 160 Eye of Gemini in Controller role. According to the item description, Pollux's Gaze is supposed to restore 1% Supercharge every second. Here is what I'm seeing on my Supercharge tab:

    The Eye of Gemini healed my Battle Drone for 1 Supercharge. There were two ticks of 127 Supercharge for my character. I was expecting to see 6 ticks of 127 Supercharge.

    Is this working correctly?
  10. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    I think the power return on the level 160 Eye of Gemini is buggy too. According to the description, it returns 1% power every second for 6 seconds.

    Here is what I'm seeing though:

    I asked my teammate to empty their power bar. I then waited a few seconds and used Vacuum Bubble to activate the Eye of Gemini. According to combat log, my teammate only received 3 ticks of power. I was expecting to see 6 power healing ticks. The 1% per tick was correct, but not the tick count.

    So what's going on? My teammate certainly wasn't full on power.

    Also, I find it interesting that the damage from my activation supercharge was included in the 20% damage tick calculation.
  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    I tried using the level 120 and 160 Controller versions of the Eye of Gemini in the alert and raids last night. My general experience is that the artifact just wasn't worth slotting as a Controller. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Typically as a Controller, you will be using a group shielding supercharge. For Gadgets, that is Battle Drone. Group Shielding supercharges are typically used reactively. Here are some examples:
    • The tank is about to die. Throw a group shield.
    • The healers are almost out of power. Pop your group power heal.
    • The group is taking massive damage and is about to die. Pop your group shield.
    • Here comes the boss's OHKO skull attack. Pop a group shield.
    All of those are emergency situations and don't permit you much time to get the group together in a tight ball. If you try to use your group shield just to setup the Eye of Gemini, you won't be able to respond to the situations outlined above.

    2. There aren't a lot of place where you want to be grouped up in the Atlantis raid content. You generally want to stay spread out. There are a lot of mechanics that force the group to stay mobile. Some mechanics like the currents in the Crown of Thorns means the group is going to get pushed around.

    3. Controller group shielding/power healing supercharges typically don't inflict any damage. That means you (as the caster) are not going to get any 20% bonus damage from using your supercharge. Any bonus damage you get is going to be from your weapon attacks and tray abilities in the brief window the Eye is active. Considering the bonus damage is the best perk of the Controller version of the Eye of Gemini, the Controller won't get much out of using it themselves. That's compounded by the issues outlined in #1 where it is hard to get everyone into a group for a supercharge that is often used reactively.

    4. The duration period on the level 120 version of the Artifact is too brief. 3 seconds just isn't long enough to do much of anything as a Controller. At best you may cast a couple of debuffs and a power dump in that period. The power healing and supercharge healing is going to be minimal. It isn't until you get to 160 that you may get something that maybe mildly useful, but those aspects of the Eye of Gemini are bugged right now.

    5. The 20% damage tick bonus isn't very useful if you are fighting a mobile boss (King Shark) or if the tank keeps pulling the mobs/boss away from the Eye of Gemini. One tank in a raid group kept thinking the Eye of Gemini was a NPC boss damage mechanic because they had seen the Eye as an enemy NPC in the alert.

    6. Trying to coordinate this Artifact in a PUG is almost impossible. You might be able to coordinate it on voice chat in a full league team, but that is about it. Trying to type out "I'm going to use my Group Shielding Supercharge now! Everyone form on me!" wasn't working very well. People were either ignoring group chat, people were dying because I was taking too long to type that message, or the opportunity had passed for best using the Eye of Gemini.

    I'd recommend using the Scepter artifact, Manacles artifact, or really any other Controller artifact over the Eye of Gemini for the Controller role.
  12. Zneeak Loyal Player

    In regards to my previous, unanswered feedback, is there any way to make the Artifact's effects more beneficial in lower ranks to balance out the usefulness of the artifact throughout? Having only 3 seconds of runtime on the field effect up until Rank 160 is way too restrictive IMO and makes the the artifact seem rather lackluster until maxed out. That's a LOT of Experience needed for a new artifact in order to make it feel useful enough.
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  13. Batuba Developer

    First off, thank you everyone for your feedback so far. I will be looking into the power and supercharge ticks, see if I find an issue on our end.

    Due to the nature of the artifact and it already doing so many different things, it's difficult to really make it be optimal for every play style without adding so much more to it; saturating the artifact. Right now it should be considered a DPS boost for the raid group by it's damage (because you are doing 20% of everyone else's dmg, even if you don't attack)

    There are definitely times where this artifact shines in raid content and there are times it most certainly spell doom for the group if gathered together. This is why team communication is important and timing, which is one of the goals behind the artifact. :)

    As I mentioned above, regardless of damage supercharge or beneficial supercharge, you will still accumulate 20% of all damage done by other player's within the field and thus doing a nuke afterwards. I've already seen videos online of player's doing 240k damage proc with out doing a single attack from a well placed field. When you choose to use a shielding supercharge over a damage supercharge, that is a play-choice decision you make as a player (aka do more damage or help party members).

    This is still test server and if there are any bugs, they will most likely be fixed before live.
    That is about communication. I can't begin to count the times where tanks have pulled bosses/monsters away from my damage fields in all the different games I've played. Also, as stated before, being optimal with your field is about timing and communication with your group.
    I've run into that issue myself. Unfortunately, not everyone listens but it's not so different from anything else in our game. When the group as a whole should be blocking an attack, that is generally communicated. However, while in a pug, most everyone will get hit by that ability :p My recommendation, or at least what I've done, is just run over a clump of people and drop my field on-top of them while in PUGs.
  14. Batuba Developer

    The initial proc at 80 is extremely powerful considering all the effects it does (particularly for DPS). The remaining breakthroughs are about uptime of artifact; getting you to cast another supercharge faster (aka supercharge regen) and later duration of artifact. I will however bring this concern over to the team for internal discussion! Thank you for your feedback!
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  15. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Agreed. NVB is an excellent supercharge for a lot of playstyles, and for many powersets it's the only one compatible with a Precision-based build. That means it's a major inconvenience that there is no Supercharged tactical mod for it. One should be added to the game so that NVB can be used with SC tech.

    On a related note, is there any way to make Water's Dehydrate compatible with supercharge tech? It's not classified as a supercharge but behaves like one.
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  16. Zneeak Loyal Player

    Thank you for replying, I appreciate it!

    Isn't it the uptime that makes this Artifact in particular, though? The longer the field is up, the more damage you can get off other players (or yourself), right? 3 seconds of runtime is not what I would call "extremely powerful", but 6 seconds makes the Artifact worth it and that's locked under the Rank 160 breakthrough. I just think that's too high of a requirement to ask for, in order for an artifact to feel useful enough.

    Hopefully this is something that could be balanced out throughout the ranks to make the new artifacts in general feel more useful throughout the entire leveling experience, more like the previous Artifacts have been and not just once you hit 140/160. Thank you again.
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    I agree this Artifact feels very backloaded and doesn't seem too useful until you get to Level 160. That makes for a very expensive investment.

    How would you feel if the progression was something like this?

    80: 3 seconds
    120: 4 or 4.5 seconds
    160: 6 seconds
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  18. Zneeak Loyal Player

    3 seconds for Rank 80 seems fair, definately not fair to keep it the same at rank 120 and 140 like it is now.

    I'd definately like to see something like this, perhaps give 5 seconds of runtime for Rank 120, because it's still quite some work required to reach 120 and the previous Artifacts have given you the most of its effect at Rank 120, with smaller boosts added up until you max out.
  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    I've seen some people asking about the range on Eye of Gemini. Here is a demonstration video:

    I use Dustoff to activate the Eye, land, and cast Stasis Field. The targets were just outside my weapon attack range at that point. The Eye of Gemini damage procs hits the two closest dummies while not hitting the one that is just a step away.

    The range on the damage proc is very generous.
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  20. Penryn Loyal Player

    This was an interesting result. Pets outside the Eye of Gemini will contribute to the 20% Eye of Gemini damage proc:

    I was under the impression that only damage done by the player while inside the field would count.
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