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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Retire, Jul 27, 2022.

  1. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    The moment this happens... the rich whales on USPC and PS are going to go over there and buy everything worth anything and resell it back home. Better hide your wife and kids.
  2. GermanM Committed Player

    The moment this happens no one should sell anything in at least a weak.
  3. Retire Well-Known Player

    Don't even care about the economy lol. Jus want my toon to go from Switch to PS lol
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    Wat? The game no matter what you play it access a database, there is no such thing as "database" can connect to a device but cannot connect to another, database are 100% server sided, the client is what access it not the other way around.
  7. Trexlight Devoted Player

    I dont know where or why you had to explain how databases work but thanks? I think you may need to re-read my post as I was referring to Account access that yes, they are on a database which is on a Server and it does take a client to access it (again weird takeaway but okay). But the Accounts in question are tied to PS accounts and Xbox cannot access those because, as I said, Red Tape Red Tape nonsense. Those were the days of old as this was a PS owned and operated game. Now to allow Cross Progression, the game would need its own account setup system and then tie it to the other Consoles but again, Red Tape Red Tape, lawyer stuff.

    Im not against the idea and I hope one day it comes to fruition but I only give my statement on what Ive heard before and what I know on Cross Progression currently. Would certainly save me time when I play on the Switch when Im out and about.
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  9. Retire Well-Known Player

    Devs what's going on?? Any plans for cross save in the future?? If not, I'd like to request it. DC needs only one huge server. Have players make daybreak accounts that are linked to their characters.
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  11. Wallachia Devoted Player

    A cross save would allow me to play on switch on days where playing on the pc is impossible for me.

    CONTEXT: I use a laptop with a currenty damaged chipset, and I mount it and dismount it by plugging it with an ethernet cable daily. Due to the damaged chipset and the fact that a new one would cost A LOT for me (and I currently have no money to spare), I only play computer games when I have NOTHING else to do, which only happens once per 6 months. Conversely, I can play on switch more often, like once per week, so DCUO on switch would be 100% possible for me. I just wish I could have it on a physical cartridge.
  12. Retire Well-Known Player

    Here for the weekly bump :p
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  13. Retire Well-Known Player

    On Switch..
    • nobody can complete TSDe due to insane lag
    • Going to Atlantis instantly crashes the game
    • There's good players who are trapped on a mobile ps2 server
    • Good luck using stealth/invis
    • Good luck not rage crashing
    • players have to q instances from their bases to have minimal lag
    Devs, throw us a bone here
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  14. Retire Well-Known Player

    We also can't art swap!
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  15. Retire Well-Known Player

  16. Time Warped Level 30

    I can't really think of a downside for this. It would certainly require time and money, but I'm confident it would bring more players to the game.
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  17. GermanM Committed Player

    I will not get tired to say: "this is one of the thingĀ“s we need more here"
  18. myandria Item Storage


    Cross Save/Cross Play would be nice; however, it is up to both sides to negotiate a deal that will be beneficial overall. It isn't as if Daybreak and Sony can come to an agreement in a short amount of time; it could be "years" before we see this.

    Most games that are cross save/crossplay are multiplayer shooters, MOBA's, rogue-lite, party, platform brawlers, zombie, survival; MMORPG games that have cross save/cross play are few and far between. Platform brawlers (or "Smash Melee clones" as I like to call them) are the flavor of the month right now so those games will be accepted for crossplay/cross save across all platforms faster than any MMORPG. One would think that more MMORPG would be cross save/cross play by this time( WoW, Neverwinter) but they aren't.

    Final Fantasy XIV Online is a rare exception for the PS4/5; Sony does not have any access to any game accounts, subscriptions or microtransactions. The PS4/5 store only has the game(s) in digital format for sale. Also to note, Final Fantasy XIV Online is NOT a free to play game so it makes me wonder how much money was negotiated between Square Enix and Sony.
  19. Wallachia Devoted Player

    I have been seduced by the Switch Side.

    Cross-save when?
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  20. Retire Well-Known Player

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