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  1. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Fair point. I know of em but not much after lol. But tbf you could ask anyone about superman and they’d ad least have some idea lol.

    I was talking about the games they listed saying that if they have it why can’t dcuo. It’s easier to do as you wish when you own all intellectual properties within your game. Again. I don’t know/think it’s a major factor just that it could play some role in it.

    I did list that as a possibility. What I mean about the dc comics aspect is that it involves money around a major brand. When money is involved around this level of name recognition smart people turn dumb. Heck look what happened when auras were first introduced. Look how hard it was to get permission to even allow us to have a green aura and slim green. Look how long it took them allow us to use green lantern emblems. “Well they are already in the game” wasn’t enough of an excuse to allow us to use those aspects. Yes the games already on all platforms. But again, smart people become dumb around this type of issue all the time
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    7th largest video game company on the planet ;)

    I'll let you in on another secret, non secret - you know the unreal engine, this very game runs on ;) - it's made by them lol
  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Don’t get me wrong that’s awesome. But let’s not pretend more people know about them than dc comics lol

    I never said epic games wasn’t big or anything of that nature so not sure why that’s even an argument lol
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Well yeah one has been around since the 1930's~ and the other the 1990's~

    That being said, probably a miscommunication when you said the games/titles I listed weren't big brands compared to DC.

    It probably depends on ones definition of "big" - the titles I listed are all backed by Epic which of course is huge :)

    Given what Panderus said in BumblinB's screenshot I think we'll find the whole thing is more likely a back end resourcing issue that would involve them to develop the systems in place similar to that which Epic possess.

    Resources Dimensional Ink most likely just presently don't have given all the other going on's :)

    It's probably not a case of them not knowing how to do it then but rather having the time/resources or it being a priority.

    From my personal perspective I'd probably consider something like this a high priority, certainly so as a player, it would probably for me be far more appealing than even the recent attempt to update the On Duty UI.
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  5. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I see and I agree that it is easier if you own all the properties needed to make it happen, however I honestly doubt that WB/DC would have much of a problem allowing all the players of DCUO to play together.

    And nowadays there is a fair amount of games that allow for crossplay, here is a list I found; https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/all-cross-platform-games/

    Heck, there are indie games on that list that have crossplay between all platforms, that likely means that it really isn't that difficult to get permission to allow for crossplay.

    I honestly believe it is more to do with the time/resources needed to make it happen vs WB/DC, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft not allowing it.

    100%. I would definitely prefer at least crossplay, but would love to be able to play my toons on any platform I want.
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  6. Proxystar #Perception

    Worth noting also EpicGames also have DC/WB intellectual property in their games, not necessarily limited to but of course including Fortnite, one of the biggest games on the planet.
  7. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    It's not just a Daybreak issue.

    Playstation has a long history of hating cross-play, read this

    Even before that article, I remember the Borderlands 3 community really wanted cross-play and it turns out that it was being held up by both xbox & PS, to varying degrees.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Funny enough huh, it looks to be EpicGames that has forced their hand in the end.
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  9. Wolfbound hardy har har New Player

    I agree with Retire 100% , The community knoww The advantages of other systems, Yes we continue to play on the Nintendo Switch switch through major lag and content delays BUT we are loyal to the game and the hard earned play action we put into it. With that said it would make it easy for me / us to enjoy the game even more if we can play across the board on any platform with the toons we have built.. please consider cross play, it’s a win win. Wolfbound
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  10. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Yea I agree. After I saw bumbles post I do agree. It may still have a little to do with companies not playing nice since big companies tend to change their minds to often (look at Spider-Man lol) but that’s not as likely. As you said it’s looking more like to much work atm mixed in with them not being able to find a way to do it. I remember a recent post by one of the devs that there was something they couldn’t do because it was coded into the legacy coding or something like that. I’m not a programmer so not sure what that is and but I’ll assume it’s part of the original coding which makes it harder to change.

    I wasn’t saying that it was definitely intellectual properties that was the reason. I was mostly saying that it could be any reason. And more so that it was extremely unlikely that it was just because they didn’t want to.

    But regarding games ability to cross play, I know a lot of games have it. Even dcuo has cross play between Pc and ps. That’s why I said I doubt it’s because they don’t want to and more because there are actual reasons why they haven’t.
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  11. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Im not opposed to the idea and neither are the Devs. While those games have contracts wit hthe companies to allow it, Daybreak/DiG do not until hopefully a time contracts can be re-negotiated. This being a tech issue is one hand, the other is contracts. We've seen Mepps talk about this before when crossplay/progression was brought up last time. I certainly want it but I understand why its not here yet.

    Also, on the gameplay side, the economics needs to be fixed ASAP before we bring Xbox and Switch with PC/PS. #MoneyWipe #PokingTheBear
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  12. BumblingB I got better.

    In case anyone wanted to read some green name replies to a thread I made before.

    It will normalize, but I'm not against it. Some things are just out of reach because of the many money dupes we had.
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  13. Retire Well-Known Player

    On Switch, we get all content well after PS/PC + XBOX. I'm talking seasonal and episode content. It would be so much better to just have one server where all content for all players is available at the same. Games like Fortnite, Destiny 2 and Fall Guys have all been very successful with cross save/cross play.
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  14. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    The whole "If you are paying one platform, they don't want to lose your business" is a bit weird to me, because on Playstation (I don't know about Xbox and Switch) you are allowed to play free games such as DCUO online without a subscription to use their online services. I suppose they do get some cut from DBC and Legendary Memberships PS player purchase, but all the players not buying stuff and staying premium are contributing nothing to their business. They really don't wanna lose ANY profit do they?
  15. Hraesvelg Always Right

    It's that cut that's the crux of the issue when it comes to cross-platform issues, tech aside. They want their cut of what's going through their platform. I'd post a scene from Goodfellas here, but the language would probably get me another slap on the wrist. "Bought some Daybreak Cash?....Pay me."

    If you're hopping to another platform, THEY would get that cut. One might think it would even out, given time, with an influx of players from other systems...but they love their walled gardens.
  16. Retire Well-Known Player

    Switch server is in dire need of players and a system overhaul or something. I'm basically playing on a PS3. We can't jump cancel Suppressor Turret in content. We can't use stealth/invisibility without lag. We can't even play without lag! The ability to transfer my characters to PS/PC server would be amazing. The perfect time to work on implementing Cross Save is After SM @DEVS
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  17. Morrigam Level 30

    Would love to move to ps but after getting 3 toons with over 500 sp, around 10 or maybe more artifacts over 200 across toon, all the cap stuff, a few buster stuff and way more there's just no way I'll start from scratch. Cross save is simply needed and would benefit both players and the game.

    Edit: by "all the cap stuff" I meant everything I got so far. Not every single item in caps.
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  18. Retire Well-Known Player

    All my XBox players tap in.. tell the devs about how dead your server is too
  19. beardrive Committed Player

    Yep! Fall Guys. You know, when I play that, the queue of 60 people seems to fill up in less than 20 seconds. Imagine that!?

    Independent of that I think it's far better to gather players in a community, what an MMO is for, than disperse them across servers that will eventually fall silent because people cant agree on much money they are going to take from each other while players resent their lack of effort more and more. True, this game has seen twice as many players in the last 5 years, but split over multiple platforms.

    I can't wait until everyone can play together globally here on DCUO; you know, like an MMO.
  20. Wallachia Devoted Player

    I finally remembered the correct term for what is being asked here:


    I know, nobody cares. But my pride is finally fixed.
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