@DEVS Please Implement Cross Save

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Retire, Jul 27, 2022.

  1. Retire Well-Known Player

    Yes lol. Cross Progression is the word. It hasn't been done in this game yet but it should. If all we had was one GIANT server, cross progression would be ideal
  2. W1ck3d N1ghtm4re New Player

    Agreed! We need some serious upgrades to keep playing. I had a villain league that was big but because of all the issues playing it has died. I've paid upward of a thousand dollars to play and have this league and now it feels like I've wasted my money. DEVS need to do what they have done to the other servers and give us a place we can play without crashes and without hassle.
  3. Arctic Blades New Player

    Surely they see the revenue diminishing over time on the Switch servers. I’m 100% in support of this, as it seems like the easiest outcome, instead of trying to fix/upgrade the Switch servers. All it takes is a single group to shout in LFG “Bounty train in XXX episode, there is a full group here” and EVERYTHING bogs down and lags out.

    Go over to PS and there are 4 phases of ~100 people doing bounty spams…..and it’s totally flawless. Switch can’t even get more than 20-30 people in a single phase with the current population…..and it STILL lags like crazy. LOL

    But as someone has said before, I’d rather move onto another game, if I’m going to start over again. - 3 toons with 600+sp and who knows how many 200 artis. *shrug*

    @Charon Come on man - give some love here
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  4. DocElysian Active Player

    This is the clear and only solution to DCUO’s issues. All efforts should be going towards this goal. This dying community has been trying to save this game and Nintendo Switch server for years now. Please listen to us. We want to continue to play and support this game, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so, and justify it.
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    He left the company a while ago.
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  6. Arctic Blades New Player

    Word. You gotta remember that we’re on Switch. We get our episodes and information about 3 months after the rest of y’all.

    Am I right…..or am I right? @Mepps
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  7. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

  8. Retire Well-Known Player

    All my PS + PC people, imagine having the ability to play your toon everywhere you go. Rather than lugging around a PC or PS when you travel, all you'd need is a Switch. It's way more portable than a PS or PC. You could take DCUO with you anywhere there's wifi with cross progression. But ONLY with cross progression
  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Meh...I've played on the switch. I'll keep dragging my laptop and a PS when I go on camping trips or travel....worth the effort.

    Not to mention, there are a few options for playing PC/PS DCUO on a portable like an Iphone or tablet. Good luck for your sake though.
  10. Retire Well-Known Player

  11. Retire Well-Known Player

    Really would just like to know if this is a plan any time for the future. Cross Progression. I'd like to be able to play my character on all consoles
  12. Supreme Ruler New Player

    Give me cross progression please!
  13. GermanM Committed Player

    Give us cross progression please!
  14. rtxdc New Player

    This would be amazing! I stopped playing ever since I moved to PC from my PS4. I would definitely still play if it were cross progression. I occasionally log in to see what's new. It's amazing to see so much change my episode was probably JLD. I kind of want to start new on pc but it'd be such a grind to catch up to my ps4 character.
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  15. Retire Well-Known Player

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  16. Retire Well-Known Player

    If Cross Progression was an option where DCUO had only ONE server, PC could finally reset players on PS + trade money to them as well and vice versa. Imagine
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  17. Retire Well-Known Player

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  18. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    As much as I desire the larger population, I would not want Xbox to merge with PC because of all the cheaters/macro users/speed hackers and overall broken economy. Maybe with Switch (or even the freak chance they separate PS from PC and merge only the consoles, even though I heard PS has its own share of cheaters and macro users now lately as well), but not PC dear God no it's a disaster over there. Just look at these threads going off about it lately.
  19. Retire Well-Known Player

  20. GermanM Committed Player

    Bump Bump