DCUO Community Rant Vol. 1

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    Good job team and once again The Funhouse is safe.
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    The devs don't care so much about how the community talks to each other. If they did they would police the game. Just ignore those disrespectful players I do. I also wish it would ignore all toons fron those players accounts to. I never thought it was possible for players to be t5 and up with 50 sp. until I seen 1 of my league members cr 102 50sp. I won't kick him for it.Most players with low sp can be good. Sometimes all a group needs is a really good player or 2 and, that can make a big difference for a group. A t5 player with 50 might not be that valuable but I do like low sp players to. It makes my game play more challenging. I have to work harder to finish. I don't like running with always maxed players in everything. If I did I might not know how good I can be. I'm sure other players would agree. If you have bad luck with pigs and low so players being bad. I know how that is but, even the strongest players can look bad. When I shout for groups I never say cr or sp must be. Players do lie about it to and, I won't buy the dc app. When I get my groups I get what I get and, my success with groups is very good. When my groups fail I never blame low skill points because the real reason is as clear as day.
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    Congratulations on completely missing the point.
    I never mentioned hitting crits now did I? I meant UNLOCKING all crits, which is not possible through 100 SP.
    Unless you are paying for someone's sub, you have no right to tell them how much SP you think they should have. You have a choice on whether you want to run with them or not, no body is forcing you to stay anywhere. Think 54 SP is too low for you standard? Guess what! You don't have to run with them.
    Guess what? SP does not really matter Pre-T5. You can run all content fine with just 60 SP, if you want to do better, you can unlock SP . People have tanked T6 alerts without using any skill points.
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  4. TheWhiteFace New Player

    Not as long as I'm here! >: D
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  6. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    No, it's not a problem that you voiced it. Coming here to vent for something that sensitive is fine. I would've liked to have seen some constructive thoughts on how things could be restructured to keep people safe from things like this. But I'm sure it rattled you, and it's hard to go from venting/retelling/complaining mode to feedback/reporting/advising mode.

    For instance, with the people chasing you, it'd be nice if in PvE, there were a "Take me to any other Phase but this one" warp option, to escape people.

    No, I don't find that fun, personally. But I put people on my ignore list, and I have my profanity filter turned on. I also have custom chat tabs so I can easily stop paying attention to a particular channel if need be. I think this particular thing has ways of turning a blind eye built into the game.

    Also, I may not agree with it or participate, but I feel, like a few others have said, that these people have a right to be that way. I have kids, and I used to have the sound coming through the TV. I don't anymore, just in case. The leagues I've joined might talk about adult topics or be vulgar, but they usually keep the profanity to a minimum. There are two people in my current league that are kids. I said so-and-so is on, maybe we should watch our language. Another leaguemate said something that permanently changed my mind: he works all day ... he comes on to this game to play and let off steam ... he's not coming on to make other people happy, do what they say, and watch his language ... he has enough of that in real life.

    If someone is saying something that violates the TOS, there are steps you can take. Take a screenshot like you did, and use the report function to save a game log for support (/report "OffenderName" reason for reporting), and create a ticket on help.soe.com with the screenshot and telling them that you used the report function. Use the same method for name violations ... making sure to cite how that name violates the TOS (example: uses or alludes to gender anatomy).
    I don't think you're raising awareness. How does this go down? You're in the Wave group, someone has 50SP, and you tell them that they don't have enough to successfully complete the content. Are you expecting them to say, "oh, you've opened my eyes, go on without me while I try to work on lower-tier feats!" Are you trying to get them kicked, with the expectation that they decide its their own fault, and they'll go start grinding? I don't see either one of those scenarios going down as you're hoping: raising educational awareness.

    As far as whether you're right about SPs, that's a different story. 50SPs: for dps and troll, that'd cover WM combo and three trees worth of crits. For a tank and heal who don't necessarily need WM, it allows them to fill out even more than three trees. Yeah, generally you should stick to SPs more or equal to your CR, and SPs will improve their game ... but it doesn't make the content unbeatable because they didn't have the SPs.

    And, I didn't mention it before, but ability to hold aggro has nothing to do with skill points. Stats don't affect aggro.

    No, you didn't rub me the wrong way. Sorry if I came off terse; I was trying to distill what you said. Unfortunately, I don't hang out on my heroes that often nowadays. There's even one I've been thinking of deleting in favor of making a new Villain.
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    If I dress as a cop I expect people to think I'm a cop wanna dress like a wxxxx what u expect? Stop wearing a wxxxx's uniform :)
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    Welcome to funhouse, wow did you cause a stir

    You put up a good fight

    And fought some more

    Sometimes you went too far

    But you showed some humility

    Which is more than can be said for a lot of forums users (they mostly reside in Gotham)

    If you could just let go of some of that anger and hate

    You might find that Funhouse is a pretty cool place to be.....and there are far better threads, and far cooler stuff you could be posting on

    We weren't always the anarchic and irrelevant bunch we've become (save for a few....looking at you Whiteface), but after a little while here you learn. Logic is futile, Irrelevance is King, LONG LIVE DUMBLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    See this is why I am the king of the Funhouse. I am the embodiment of irrelevance. I tried to tell you guys that a long time ago. :p
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