DCUO Community Rant Vol. 1

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    What will be expressed here are solely based on my experiences in the DC Universe Online game (for the US PS), the community, and my thoughts on the current topics lain. Please note that this thread may hit some sensitive skins and ask that you be civil.

    There are a few things I wish to address here in this first volume of my rant about this game. What you wont find here is me degrading the developers, any staff from SOE, or blacklisting players. As a huge fan of DCUO that contributed articles that expresses my thoughts and updates (most that you can find over here under the pen name Jin Lovelace), I've concluded that I won't retort to conjectural hypothesis without confirmed data to contest the claims. That is a common meme that I find evident recently in the forums and I wish to try my best to keep such topic on point.

    What you will find here, however, are some recent experiences that I've undergone in the MMO and the community that drew a lot of concern for myself and a few of my friends that log everyday in attempt a peaceful time. My concerns are as follow....


    There are several definitions that falls under this word but the one that stuck out overtime is the sexual harassment that I've been subjected to.


    This is an issue that's prevalent in a few of the gaming communities I serve, specifically in Playstation Home. Aside from the sexual eccentric characters that runs rampant across the Gotham and Metropolis maps i.e. names like "DELiCaTE Bottom" and "IEatBooTiie", it seems like the more skimpier your outfits are, the more immaturity arises. To be faced with a lot of teabaggers, emote animations that suggest sexual gestures, and lewd comments all over a character depiction based on a comic character (EmmaG Frost is this character's name) I found endearing to me. While the typical comment would be "if you wear it, you deserve it", I don't feel that I personally should submit to the vitriol due to lacking virtual wear that is consistent to the design intended. The ****-shaming and the slamming, along with the discrimination and the sexism, has been a growing issue and it's needs to be aware of now. If I can't hang at a place where I like the most (since my first time logging into the game) due to the players that want to act like fools "on the interWeBz"--regardless of the idiotic excuse--that is a problem with me and any younger player that logs into the game for legitimate experience.

    To add to this, I don't find following/stalking a player across the entire map and ignoring pleas for ceasing your actions to be funny to the person that desires to be left alone.

    Trade & Shout Chats

    There are times that the ignore option can only go so far to disregard the amount of licentious players. Granted, the shout chat is an open forum for players to discuss on community matters and to have a bit of fun. The offensive vulgarity and lewdness isn't my way of having a good time or to communicate with others.

    The Trade chat, on the other hand, has become a cesspool of craziness that purveyed me reason to create a custom chat channel to omit Trade from it. Like, I know it's there and available for me but my god, the flaming is ridiculous! If you desire to have a full conversation, why not use common sense to talk via Shout? And even then, why so much of the vulgarity? Why not just keep it in group chat?

    Low Skill Points Players

    I've spoke on this tidbit in my article here explaining the importance of Skill Points and why this needs to be aware in the community. I've been around too many players that would argue on how unimportant the feature is and give me exaggerated stories on how they've defeated players that have higher sp than them, which sounds absurd already.

    And when I say this, I'm talking about players that would have 54 skill points and are entering a high level Raid (Paradox Wave, for instance) where the points actually matter. Instead of being coherent to constructive criticism on how having low sp would crutch the entire team--mind you, it's 5 players out of 8 I've encountered in the instance this week that had a very low count (ranging from lowest 42 to highest being 57)--they all would purvey stories on how they could get through the instance with no issues at all.

    Let me remind you that if you're entering into T5 instances and sporting 50 or below skill points, I'm sorry to tell you but you're not going to be of any help to any team when they need efficient damage burn, proficient heals and power outs, let alone good aggro control. Feat hunting is tedious, I know and it's great that League leaders are helping players boost their CR and gear. Fine, I don't have an issue with that.

    But when you're in a League and you're not telling them the importance of this feature, that is a very big deal with me, especially when I'm kicked out of the instance by inexperienced players who don't know what the heck they are doing. Being impatient in an instance by rushing won't solace the whole ordeal; it worsens the situation at hand. This is coming from a player who is looking to play with like-minded individuals that desire to form a solid League and is queuing with randoms.

    I know this is a bit to absorb. I understand. But this is just part one. I assure if I find anything wrong I'll create a part 2 of it, should anyone be interested. This isn't to say "FIX IT OR I GO" type post; I'm opening up a forum to discuss the matters maturely and hopefully, as a community, we can come with some solutions.

    If you wish to add anything, feel free to post.
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  2. AlienNomad Well-Known Player

    You can't really take issue with those who have low skill points. It's a massive undertaking to get those SPs up and it sometimes requires doing a little research online to know what you're looking for and how to get it. I agree though that it shouldn't be overlooked. The difference between a cr108 guy with 182sp and a cr108 with100sp is staggering. As far as your issue with harrassment goes, I completely agree 100%. In fact there should be a moderator who is in charge of reviewing character name submissions.
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  3. Billy Sparks Committed Player

    I hate to break it to you...
    The world does not revolve around you.
    No one has the right to tell people how they should act or think. You don't like it? IGNORE and move on.
    Same for SP.

    Do you pay people's sub fees for legendary every month? No? Well **** don't tell people how to play and spend their money. Do you have to raid with them? NOPE! Again ignore and move on.
    And with that!

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  4. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    For starters, I love having all of my female toons to be wearing skimpy outfits, why? It's just me personally, however, I do enjoy some of the styles that cover my toon's body. Honestly, I've never been harassed yet in game because of the way my toon dresses, if I do, I just ignore it. That's just who I am. It doesn't bother, some people are immature when it comes to that, and I do hope that hopefully they will grow up because it can become annoying. So it isn't DCUO fault or anything for harassment, it's just people that can't control themselves, it's not only males, females as well, I don't like putting the blame on one group. It can be anyone.

    When it comes to skill points...it's not easy to get 150+ I think getting to 100 is easy, getting to 106 is probably easy as well, but after that...to get 195 or so, is going to be hard, that requires hard work and dedication, it's not going to be easy to get that far, I applaud those that got so far in skill points. But who are you to say that someone isn't ready because of their skill points? :confused:

    Why do some SM groups fail yet people set all these requirements...but still fail? :confused: Not insulting or anything, but just let it sink in.
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  5. Alex Denton Dedicated Player

    Hello Solstice, I don't think we've ever corresponded before. Nice to meet you :)

    Harassment :

    I agree with you. It's sad that you've been subjected to this treatment. Personally the worst I get is other players turning around my toon for a very long time, as if trying to get screen prints from all angles. They might be saying stuff too, but I only pay attention to the chat window when friends are online or when I'm in a group. It's a little annoying.

    Now that I think about it, I've stopped paying attention to the chat window because I was reading too much crap there, and it was distracting.

    But you're right, this behavior needs to go. Not sure how you fight it in a mmorpg though ... I'm more of a multi-player gamer without the massively to be honest. DCUO is the only MMO I play, I prefer the multi-player system of Borderlands, Baldur's gate, Mass Effect. Having normal contacts with other players help, but I'm not sure how you stop idiots to ... be themselves.

    Trade & Shout Chats :

    Like I said, I don't pay attention to those anyway. But like I said, I agree with you again.

    Low Skill Points Players :

    I agree again. But I would like to know how much SP a player should have in each tier. Or at least in T5. I mean obviously the more you got, the better, but ... I don't know, how much should those players have had to not pop on you radar ?

    I don't really get how people can get in T5 with 50 SP. I only had to actually try after I reached 60 SP, and that was in T3. Just by playing the game you can already get plenty. How many feats are just : Gather exobytes 10 times, do 20 missions, beat some class in PVP, finish solo missions without being knocked out ... that's not hard. You do enough mission you get there easily. Seeing my progression, I expect I'll have between 90 and 100 SP by the time I reach T5, and I'm hardly trying.

    And I do understand when someone tells me I should get more, cuz it's true that the more the better. But it has to be reasonable too. So if you could tell us how much you expect people to have that would help get the conversation going.
  6. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    Well I believe 100sp is a great start for anyone who is feat hunting and busting their humps to at least be better in the game. I feel that is a great feat for me. However, I do agree on the large scale differences of 100 and 180sp.

    My thing is though is that it IS an issue at hand when someone is running around with just 54 skill points in T6 instances (T5 even). I've no problem carrying anyone because what they do afterwards is their responsibility but I just can't contribute to Raids with 6 players with very low Sp. I'm not saying for the Devs to nerf whatever or to fix this, but for the community to be fully aware of how this is a very big concern and League Leaders need to discuss this issue to players on how they can benefit them in the long run.
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  7. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    Hate to break it to you but....

    1. You don't make sense whatsoever.

    2. I don't have to like, you're right. If anything, this is why I brought it here to the forums. You don't like it, don't post in here and speak to me as though I have an issue or the world revolves around me. It won't make me stop posting my rants and, more so, I will do whatever I please within the guidelines of SOE and whatever rules to validate my points. Either be involved or simply move on and ignore me, but I won't stop. Which leads to...

    3. You wish to be a crass, sorry player, fine with me. In fact, I wish you well. All there is in that post is for you to be civil. Seems like you're just not having a good Thanksgiving, so I wish you well anyhow. But don't assume just you see the word "RANT" and you proclaim the world revolves around me. I'm an artist, a writer, and a spiritualist that loves God and have a wonderful, creative imagination; the world DOES revolves around me.

    Thank you for your input and VERY sorry if it offends you. My suggestion is if you have anymore insults to keep it in the PM. I may not respond but it'll keep the thread clear from unnecessary vitriol. :D
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    My response is in the quote. :)
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    Oh look, another 'look at me' thread.
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    Responses and answers in the quote.
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    If that's what you think, then HEY EVERYONE JUST LOOK AT ME! :D


    Just wow!!
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    I know what we need. A little bit of this:
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    Awesome! My favorite series of all-time!

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    This is what I meant to embed:
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    Thank you for your contribution to the thread.

    It is to note, however, after this quote and the rebuttal of it, proves my point and thus, I won't entertain anyone that feels they can come in to attempt to derail the thread anymore.

    Again, thank you.
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    This thread is now about Pizza Cat

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