DCUO Community Rant Vol. 1

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Solstice Vanguard, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Gotham is the area for game related threads (which yours seems to be).

    The Funhouse is for the discussion of anything else....usually kittens, redheads and bacon (real and faux). In any other section, thread derailment would be frowned upon...but the Funhouse is more anarchistic.

    No sarcasm there. Dick is a perfectly valid first name....and I see no reason as to why it shouldn't be able to be used in a characters name. If you came across a Dick in real life, would you be asking "why haven't you changed your name?" or "what were your parents thinking?".

    Now this is an offensive name.
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  2. TheWhiteFace New Player

    Looks like someone's using one of my old GIFs. :p
    Forgot to mention that not everything is under CC in the Funhouse. :p
    That and you'll probably bump into one of my many weapons of mass destruction. In fact he/she/it already has. :D
  3. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I written like an article for a reason. Geez, you've never read something like that before? If my "wall of text" was childish to you, my apologies. Then again, perhaps not.

    So my response:

    • Is it a problem if I were to state that I get this from people for unwanted reasons? Dang, it's a problem that I dislike and just wanted to voice my thoughts on it!!
    • Do you find it fun and exciting to see said vulgarity and immaturity in something like this? I mean, some of the things stated were outlandish. Do you wish for me to post pictures on it?
    • I play with PuGs, yes because I'm not in a League. If I'm in one, problem solved. I see this as somewhat of a community issue and thought I raise awareness by expressing my thoughts on it.
    • Sure will! If I rubbed you the wrong way, that's not my intention but that's also not my personal problem at all. Get to know me, and you'll see I'm pretty cool. Feel free to even join me right now as of this post in-game if you so desire to converse with me.
    And no worries: I've already started that said change.
  4. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    Then what are you implying? I really wish to know so maybe my mind can be open to this.
  5. TheWhiteFace New Player

    You really need a douse of:
  6. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

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  7. TheWhiteFace New Player

    Hey, but to make up for it you can easily just post videos of...
  8. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    *sighs* It is well.
  9. Billy Sparks Committed Player

    Aww someone has SSS

    A malady affecting a significant portion of the world's population wherein the afflicted will demand special treatment, conduct themselves with a ludicrous, unfounded sense of entitlement, and generally make the lives of everyone around them that much more miserable.

    The danger of this disease is that the sufferers rarely, if ever, know that they have contracted it, and continue about their merry way under the assumption that EVERYONE ELSE is the problem.

    This condition, if left untreated, can radically alter the carrier's demeanor, to include any of the following: a complete devolution to child-like behavior, temper tantrums, and/or fits of narcissistic rage.

    When confronted with an individual suspected of harboring Special Snowflake Syndrome, one's best course of action is to run away. Further attempts at educating the carrier on the reality of their condition (e.g., quoting Tyler Durden: "You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.") will likely prove futile, and potentially hazardous to the informer.
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  10. TheWhiteFace New Player

    See this is why we need...
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  11. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Sadly, you may not get as civil a response if you actually did post in Gotham.

    Ah, to be honest I simply saw "Dick Striker"....which easilly could be "Dick Stryker". But then I generally just take things at face value...so the name has to be blatantly offensive for me to notice.
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  12. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

  13. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

  14. Billy Sparks Committed Player

    Please god let this person post on Gotham.... If they think this is being berated I'm pretty sure the Gotham trolls would cause them to start cutting.
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  15. TheWhiteFace New Player

    Let's have a...
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  16. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Really hate to break it to you, but 100 SP not even close to enough for most elisits.
    I don't even think you can get all the Crits.
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  17. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

  18. TheWhiteFace New Player

    Ya I really gotta work on SP. I was actually just doing some feat hunting before I contacted you then left. Getting closer to 1000 paradox reapers killed. :p
  19. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I hit my crits just fine.

    You're right: I'm not an elitist and 100sp isn't enough for me. I didn't state how it was more enough but it is a great number to have better than 54 sp.

    If you wish for me to show you my crits, please find me in game right how. PM me and let me know.
  20. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    What does that have anything to do with the ToS, the people breaking them and how it's just a problem?

    I'm not asking for martial law--you know what? Never mind.

    This is seriously bogus! I'm moving on. Derail and berate me if you wish.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
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