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Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Zamara, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Zamara Committed Player

    Since this bug has been out for 4 years (or at least that's how long it has been since it was originally reported) and hasn't been fixed yet (there was a hotfix that said it was suposed to have been fixed but it didn't do the trick), thought i'd go ahead and bring it up again now that the devs are changing this section.
    The issue was reported here: on 2015.
    From the many similar issues reported there I gathered the combos that it seems to affect:
    bow into dual pistols
    hand blasters into brawling
    dual wield into brawling
    dual pistols into martial arts
    bow into martial arts
    Could also affect other weapons that combo into those but didn't find any mention of that in there.
    Those mastery styles don't stick to the one you pick and imprint to your armories and instead go back to some odd style when you log back in, when you change it back to what you want they do stick to the style you had picked, until the moment you log out and then back in.
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  2. Mahd New Player

    Yeah, it really annoys me a lot, because every time I pick my Mastery Style and imprint it into my armoury it keeps changing to the old picked one every time I log out from the game. We need this to be solved vote people for this thread so that the Devs recognise the problem and solve it.
  3. Zamara Committed Player

    It has gotten to the point where I don't even spec onto the bugged mastery just to avoid the wrong style from showing up, so if i'm using dual wield i just spec onto bow's mastery or on bow i just go for martial arts and skip dual pistols. Or when i make new characters I skip collecting the styles i know it bugs onto just to keep it from happening.
  4. shadowhuke New Player

    Hello there this bug with weapon mastery style. The bug prevents u from saving ur weapon mastery styles this has me going on since weapon mastery launched. No matter what u do via saving it to ur armory nothing works please fix this
  5. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    For years now my Mastery 1&2 styles do not save. In that, every time I get on the game the weapon styles are not what they were when I logged out the previous day.
    With my shield armories, it's the Mastery 2 style that does not save. My staff armories, it's both the Mastery 1 and Mastery 2 styles that don't save.
    I have tried:
    -imprinting the traits and loadouts into each armory, after choosing the styles
    -imprinting the gear into each armory, after choosing the styles
    -I even tried imprinting all to every armory (after writing down the load outs and styles of the armories)

    None of those things worked. Even after I set the weapon styles to what I want, imprinted every armory to be exactly the same (even the costume) it still didn't work. The mastery 2 on shield always resets to machine guns (don't remember the exact title of the style). The mastery 1 on the staff always goes back to some kind of axe (don't remember the exact title of the style) and the mastery 2 always goes back to the Thanagarian rifle.
    If it is happening with these weapons, could it be happening with other weapon sets and can it be fixed?

    It's been going on at least a couple years, I just haven't mentioned it in this much detail because it didn't bother me enough. At least until now, since the retro weapons go well with more than one of my costumes.
  6. Isif Committed Player

    I too have the same issue with wonky armories. It has been unaddressed for a while now. Happens with my rifle/handgun/1hand combos.:(
  7. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Same. I have the same issue especially with mastery 2. Sucks cause I like using brawling but don’t like the brawling styles so i try to use the bare hands and it won’t save
  8. Radstark New Player

    Hey all, title pretty much sums it up. Bug is encountered on PC.

    After logging out then back in, Weapon Mastery 1 style is reset to default (bare hands). This is happening to me with dual pistols as primary weapon and having hand blasters weapon mastery, I haven't checked for other weapons.

    Saving the style in my armory works until I log out: if I save the style, switch to armory 1, then switch back to armory 2, the saved style is displayed when using my combo.

    However, when I log back in, the style reverts back to default. Even loading back the asset I saved in the armory displays the default style.

    Has anyone else encountered this same bug?
  9. Siramez Well-Known Player

    Every time I change the mastery weapon (dual wield > bow) style into something else, and I saved it on the armoury, then later on, I switch armoury and it went back into default weapon style (goes for all weapons). This ruins my fashion :(.

    Platform: PS4
    Server: EU
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  10. Ogreboy Active Player

    On my oldest toon the "Mastery One" weapon style is not saving on any armory after logging in and out, or switching characters. I use 2 handed and dual wield, with bow as the cross weapon that I combo into, and the style I pick for the bow, no matter how many times or ways I try imprinting onto an armory never persists after reloading the character.
  11. Orla Quester New Player

    Ok.. Shield mastery going into Two handed.. my style on Two handed is Amazon.. and the combo shows up as a shovel. I cannot get it right! Fix this! this is annoying as hell and completely removes the usefull ness of the Mastery Combo's.

    Side note! Is there any way to fix this on PC that it will work? The Shovel is not the default 'only' style. So it must have saved that somewhere?
  12. I2darkhero2I New Player

    Hi there Devs, I just wanted to report a thread which is: every time when I re-login my Mastery-weapon returns to the previous chosen Mastery-weapon style after I save my appearance in the Armory before I disconnect from DCUO. Thank you
  13. XBlue Well-Known Player

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