Bring weapons back to DCUO!!

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  1. L T Devoted Player

    I see a lot of history repeating itself in this thread.

    Hybrid was the best damage in all cases. That sort of ruined the feel of combo powers like hard light and Atomic. You could play them hybrid, but hard light at least didn't feel right. So combo powers got a buff, and better power regeneration. But then there was whining about not being able to play from the tray with other power sets. So combos got a Nerf, and everyone got a might buff.

    Some of the folks posting here were involved in revamp testing. I can't be the only one who remembers this.
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  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    To be honest I think people exaggerate the extent of impact that the suggestions will have on the game
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  3. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Well on first note you are talking to the wrong guy about that. I didn't like the idea of masteries in the first place. You want to play a certain play style a certain way, you pick the power keen to that. If the devs were to focus on the powers play style than making them work for all styles, then balance would be a lil different(important for later arguments). But thats an old rant.

    As far with going with your argument, it is a valid concern, but those powers are the type that should be taking advantage of PffT. Thats where the responsibility of the devs should be upheld, because those powers were born to be played tray style from their own hands (Hardlight, Celestial, Munitions, Atomic). Those powers shoild be the PftT version of bow into Smokebomb, dual wield into blah blah. So yes, I still fail to see why PftT deserve to be the top dawg play style vs hybrid.
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  4. Telos Usr Dedicated Player

    Yeah sorry not buying it, you might be aware of it but you definitely didnt factor it into the plan.

    So just to summarise, you dont want Weps to have a fix that will even it out with PFtT with the 1 fix that would do it (all your previous posts), and now you want WE players to try to control 1-7 people, and if they dont then PFtT gets absolutely no drawbacks while WE loses out on your solution to even it out with PFtT completely...

    Got it. I dont think your agenda in this thread has ever been more clear.
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  5. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i think that all powers (even those with combos) are indeed capable of being played as hybrid and yes,
    they can be played as WE. the question is only if you want to use theyr combos or not when you PFTT.
  6. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    I don't think people are flocking to respec their mods and weapons like they are repeccing to rage and earth, though.

    Is it teally that bad? Are DW users making people upset because they're 3mil over everyone on the scoreboard?
  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    no. everyone can switch weapons with no problem.
    it is just that not everyone likes to play with those.
    they have theyr faster WM's do more dps than the longer ones.
    thats a problem, because it should be the other way around.
    also: if you want to use a certain weapon, because it fits you,
    well, you will have no chance to compete.
    thats another problem.
    the thing is: if you want to play with weapons, you are tied to
    exactly one WM combo for two different weapons.
    take bow into smoke bomb for multiple targets,
    or dual wield into flurry shot for single target.
    it is obvious that those are way more powerfull than anything else.
    and that is the problem. weapons are not at all balanced.
  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Your post couldn't be more vapid.

    I want weapons to be buffed but not to the point where it trivializes combat mechanics. You say I have an agenda, yet clearly you have one too and that's to water down the combat mechanics to the point where its redundant just so you can ignore the game completely and just swing your weapon.

    As I pointed out perhaps the solution could be an artifact that allows a player to bypass the NPC's immunity.

    If you do what you're suggesting too where you increase damage to the point of trivilizing combat mechanics you'll destroy PVP even more than it has been already. The fact that you can't see that speaks volumes in terms of your vision.

    What I'm telling you is that I don't want your fix. It's that simple.
  9. Proxystar #Perception

    I appreciate what you're saying, however, my position is that all of them should be equally viable to all powers.

    You may or may not agree, which is your prerogative.
  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Just wanted to pop back in to remind you and others that they can't keep pve and pvp separate as far as combat mechanics go. If you duel someone in pve gear you'll see you don't hit them nearly as hard as you do an NPC. Stats and mechanics in general are nerfed for PvP and they have the tech to keep it separate.

    Ok, now carry on :)
  11. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I respect you Proxy, always have. But this seems odd, at least the way I'm understanding it. Before that though, let me say I agree that the buff to weapons shouldn't be as extreme as some are suggesting (someone said they should do double the damage, lol). Extreme things are always bad for balance.

    But then you say that this is supposed to somehow allow people to bypass combat mechanics completely (not sure how it would do that), and your solution is...get a trinket which allows you to bypass combat mechanics completely? Maybe I missed something.

    Just like everything else that the devs factor in to determine damage, I agree with everyone in this thread that being countered should be factored in to the overall damage. It probably wouldn't be as huge a difference as everyone believes it would be, but the devs do need to buff them to take that into account. I don't want to say how much of a percentage, because PftT players can also be interrupted, but not nearly as often in so many ways.
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  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Did you mean to say they can or they can't? I honestly don't know.
  13. Proxystar #Perception

    To a degree they can keep it seperate, it's to a degree, general mechanics can affect PVP open world and dueling.

    Also I remember when combat mechanics weren't even in the game for PVE, they brought them in later during the end of Battle for Earth.

    If you're going to go down the track of what is being suggested here, then you may as well remove them completely again.

    You can't honestly expect everyone to agree to that, not you by the way, but that is what's being suggested.
  14. Proxystar #Perception

    Sorry I should have clarified, the artifact I was suggesting was to by pass the immunity, not the mechanic.

    So if other people in the group are feeding the NPC immunity if you have that artifact then you can continue to block break, lunge, block etc.

    You still have to counter to get the damage bonus.

    My idea is to encourage people to do the weapon combat mechanics, not completely ignore them, which is what some are suggesting.

    Some are suggesting that the weapons should be so OP it basically doesn't matter what they do, which I'm sorry is completely asinine.
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  15. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club


    Blame my phone for autocorrect lol
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  16. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Awesome, then we're on the same page. To be honest, I think a lot of the more reasonable people in this thread are on that same page. We don't need wildly unbalanced changes, just something to bring the other playstyles in line without losing their flavor or having to rely on the same stupid smokebomb eternally, lol.
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  17. DemiGodRick Active Player

    DPS is buns now period. Its way more limited. All these so called pros who only joined after wm will never understand. Back then using weapon had its uses. As a celestial user from the beginning you would think I would enjoy power back mechanic (am). Nah power back only made dpsing alot more easier and trolls alot more lazy. Real dpses had to manage their power colas were life. Clipping.... man if you couldn't clip the dmg board was going to expose. Real math went into dmg calculation before the dmg calculator was implemented. spent hours testing dots l/o, and what situation they would be more useful in. not oh this has a bigger number this must be the best. balke and kaiser i use 2 watched those 2 im not hiding. they were the dps go to guys for beginners until you learnt your power. being a dps back then you would feel a since of accomplishment winning. there wasnt really a define l/o, everyday you could have found a way to improve your l/o, or make an entire l/o for another armory for a different situation to better your dmg out. i cant say much about other roles.

    Tank became way to beefy. yes that can be a bad thing, y? just look at dox. tanks had to run from / kite bosses. now they can most likely sit in their aoe like nothing. as for healing well they heal way to much its like nothing was scaled. As a healer it would get boring its so bad that your hot does all the work while you afk especially nature. a troll well same thing as healers ,except worse .dpses has power regain. It use to take 2trolls for raid runs. trolls use to compete against each other.

    My point is current DCUO is BUNS. i login just to be greeted with a depressing wt vibe. im scared to go to the hod. I cant imagine anything that can spark some flare into this game i was really banging on the revamp and water, but those turn out trash aswell. My friend list is dry. use to have 20plus now only 1-3 online, and those few prolly only on to chat. Many players most likely hoping the drop of ps3 changes things which i highly doubt. If ps3 has such an effect. Y i enjoyed most of my time on dc on the ps3 than the ps4, seem goes for my friends? Ps3 cant be blamed for the sad state of the game. The game just progressed terribly for most parts for the majority. Making ps3 excluded only brings better graphics quality and performance nothing else nothing more. Then ps4 will get dropped xD.

    Im in need of a 2011- pre WM DCUO or DCUO2 based off the old system with abit of new fixes that arnt bad. not this hot monstrosity that is only made to milk the users pockets.

    this was a long comment. that turned to a rant xD, but who cares.
  18. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Hmm. Thought it was a typo but it's not. I must be way behind — whoa, total accidental pun — on my urban slang. Back in my day, buns had a totally different meaning. And I'm not talking about Princess Leia. Well, sort of. Eww. Never mind.
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  19. Controller Loyal Player

    Weapons never LEFT DCUO.

    Just change your power to GREEN LANTERN and feel / hear the FWEEM.
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  20. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Yea, and no one ever says the real truth:

    Bow is lame anyway. I wouldn't use bow smokebomb if i had better choices. I hate Legolas Greenleaf too!
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