Any role vs DPS at PVP

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by SasquaT, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. SasquaT Well-Known Player

    From start DPS was overpowered at pvp now its even more after skill tree changes .
    Any role againts DPS have no chance to win thats mean pvp is only for DPS.
    What you think about this? Did you try to win with any t4 DPS who got similar skill points as you ?
    I hate when fight looks like 3 hits from DPS and u death when to kill DPS i need to hit him over 20 times thats mean DPS must be sleeping to give me any chance to win .
    Imagine DCUO with only DPS role. Its already hard to find troler /healer/tank for pve/pvp raids becouse people dont want reset skill tree 10 times per day and no one want to play few months to get t4 gear and still cant win with DPS its better to be DPS.
    I saw ather post about pvp and someone said 95 % like pvp and 5 % dont i bet those 95 % are DPS and those 5 % will be DPS or will find ather game.
    To be honest i dont wanna play in DPS DCUO as well.
  2. Fourth New Player

    I eat DPS' like Cheetos. The puffy kind.
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  3. SasquaT Well-Known Player

    I bet u are DPS or u fight with naked (noob) DPS.
  4. KemistiOMG New Player

    well it needs to be pretty beast dps to beat me as my healer... its the player not the role
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  5. NexGen New Player

    Are you kidding me? As an ice tank, I'm not sure any dps ever in the history of our known universe has ever beaten me.

    Seriously though, whether they're good or bad, I do tend to win against dps just as if they were trollers. Healers are usually my only problem, as they should be.
  6. FeelsGood New Player

    Pop about 3 or 4 shields and no one breaks a ice tank unless it's a healer
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  7. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    I think the op is squishy, just sayin!
  8. Savage Mind New Player

    Are you talking about duels? o_O
  9. Fourth New Player

    After controller, DPS is the easiest role to beat when you're a tank.
    I am a fire tank, my friend is a fire tank and he will tell you the same.
    Maybe you should re-post this thread and have it be about ice tank + regenerative shield <3
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  10. NexGen New Player

    That still doesn't change my refuting of the initial post. He says you must dps to win, I disagree. Keep in mind, and this is the big point, as I increase defense, I greatly reduce offense. My counters do more damage than I do, so I tend to be good at them - weapon damage is secondary.
  11. SasquaT Well-Known Player

    I just wanna see those those fights you guys talking about .How u win with dps in t 4 set + over 150 skill points. 2000 dmg + per hit when yours max hit is like what 400- 500 critical and normal is like 200 witch is 10 times less no chance u must fight with noobs.
  12. NexGen New Player

    Lol, I agree. What's so wrong with my regenerative shield Mr. Fire tank? Added resto on new gear will heal me for even more now...awesome :p
  13. NexGen New Player

    Lmao, I've never been hit for 2k, and I don't care who's trying.

    I think you're dueling outside of bohemia in pve gear...that has nothing to do with real pvp.
  14. Fourth New Player

    You know what's wrong with regenerative shield you fiend!
    It completely destroys the point of being a fire tanks. And is there a regenerative breakout? I swear there is. Everyone is a fire tank now and it's annoying.
  15. KemistiOMG New Player

    i've been hit by 2k and over :eek: let my friend test mega smash on me:D
  16. SasquaT Well-Known Player

    Im talking about duels and pvp instance .
  17. TK PUSHA New Player

    last week i would have said- meh, but after the update there is definitely something to your point.

    also, since home turf it is obvious to some that pvp roles have been completely scewed in 1v1 balance from where they were before.
    for the most part role balance in pvp now resembles pve balance more.
    which means troll, heal, and tank have been all balanced out to be equal support roles damage wise, whereas dps just got stronger.
    most people dont understand or will disagree with this concept, but down the road the way things are going Yes, dps will be seriously op outside of group situations vs other roles.
    basically things are now being balanced for group play and not role vs role.

    on a side note i pretty much was undefeated in 1v1 as a troller vs dps in lair battles before the update.
    ...and then yesterday in a 2v2 i was with a healer friend in batcave and we literally could not take the dps coming from a fully geared/sp toon.
    not sure if the crit cap got ninja changed, but we were both getting one shot by his finisher. basically getting hit for 2000 -3000 easily with each cast... think it was photon blast.

    doesnt really matter in the end.
    balance is all over the place in arenas since home turf, then add in teh new skill trees and it will probably be a month or two before the s hits the fan and the devs have to do some balancing.
    seems like now they pretty much have a "let it play out" mentality and its not really a priority in the slightest.
  18. Fourth New Player

    You're over exaggerating and forgetting the defensive properties the tanks has to compensate for the trash damage out.
    Not everyone is a loser.
  19. Laff Riot New Player

    Actually its a hit or miss to beat a DPS while I am in troll stance. I have beaten DPS in the current PvP update here and I have gotten my butt handed to me as well. DPS can be beaten by all roles but they can also beat all roles as well.
  20. NexGen New Player

    Yeah, that exists too. I don't use it on ice though.

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